Sa Bilibid ang bagsak? Francis Leo Marcos faces another case that may put him in cell for life

Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos may lose his freedom for good as the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) revealed that the self-proclaimed businessman and philanthropist is facing a very serious accusation.

Yesterday, journalist Erwin Tulfo read the email sent to him by NBI, telling him that Marcos was also being accused of illegal recruitment, land grabbing, and [email protected]

During Tulfo’s interview with Vic Lorenzo of the NBI Cybercrime Division, the latter denied that Marcos already gained his freedom.

According to him, Marcos was still detained at the NBI office because they already confirmed that the latter was facing human trafficking charges, which made it impossible for him to post bail.

Lorenzo also gave more details about the said illegal activity of Marcos who allegedly promised a job in Europe to his victims.

“Ang naging modus nila, magre-recruit sila ng mga babae, tapos aabusuhin nila, paghuhubarin nila to the point na ano na.. [email protected] na sir, tapos papadala nila doon sa ibang bansa, akala noong mga na recruit nila sir na magta-trabaho sila pero gagawin lang silang slave,” Lorenzo said.

“Kaya siya na file-an sir ay dahil nakatakas ‘yung mga babae, nakauwi ng Pilipinas, so nag file sila nag complaint dito, so nakasuhan si Norman Mangusin kaya lumabas ‘yung warrant,” he added.

He said that six people filed a complaint against Marcos for human trafficking.

Marcos is also facing charges for spreading ‘fake news’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“May mga fake news niya, ‘yung sinasabi niya sa mga blogs niya, sa mga videos niya na ang mga mayayaman, ang mga instutition, hindi tumutulong in this time of pandemic, lockdown pero hindi naman totoo ‘yun sir diba,” Lorenzo said.

On May 19, Marcos was put under the custody of NBI because of a violation against Optometry Law, he was expected to post bail during that day.

However, NBI found multiple cases under his name Norman Mangusin, and also to his alias Francis Leo Marcos, including human trafficking which is a non-bailable case.

They also discovered that the properties flaunted by Marcos in his vlogs were not owned by him.




Sen. Dela Rosa defends his ‘sarap ng buhay’ remark: “Bakit kailangan nilang i-take it out of context?”

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa defended his ‘sarap ng buhay’ remark on May 26, saying that he couldn’t understand why it was taken out of context.

In an interview with Radyo Pilipinas, Dela Rosa asked if there’s no right for them to be happy in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, he’s just happy that their session was finished earlier.

“Kapag tayo ba ay nasa krisis ay wala na tayong karapatan pagaanin ‘yung buhay natin? Na puro pahirap nalang? Kaya lang ako nag comment ng ganoon ay dahil masaya ako dahil nga ‘yung aming session ay mabilis, at maagang natapos ang aming session kaya sinabi ko ‘ang sarap ng buhay’,” Dela Rosa said.

“Kasi ‘yung ibang session namin diyan aabot ng alas otso, alas nuebe o alas dose ng gabi eh, minsan aabutin kami ng madaling araw, pero kahapon mabilis na tinalakay ‘yung mga bills,” he added.

Dela Rosa denied that he’s comparing his life to the normal people affected by the pandemic.

“Ang layo masyado, ‘yung mga tao diyan na nag-rereact, mga bitter ‘yan gusto lang maghanap ng sama ng buhay, sarap nga ng buhay, natapos kami ng maaga, bakit kailangan nilang i taken out of context?” he stated.

He also clarified that he made the ‘sarap ng buhay’ remark after the session as personal greetings.

Dela Rosa also gave advice to the people who criticized him.

“Eto ang advice ko doon sa mga nega, sa mga taong bitter, ang buhay natin sa mundo ay napakaiksi, kahit na nasa pandemic tayo ay mag hanap tayo ng paraan para lumigaya, dahil hindi natin alam kung hanggang saan ang buhay natin,” he said.

“Hanap ka ng paraan, kung pwede nating pasayahin ang sarili natin ang ating buhay dahil sa mababaw na bagay lang, edi pasayahin natin, hindi yung magmukmuk lang tayo at masama ang loob,” he added.

The Senator insisted that he’s not insensitive, and only those people waiting for him to say something controversial are trying to push the issue.

“Yan ang gusto nilang mangyari, ang gawan ka lang ng issue, hindi naman ‘yun para sa kanila, para ‘yun sa aking mga kasama, hindi naman ‘yan kailangan ibalita, wala na ba silang ibang mabalita?” he said.

As a repercussion to what Dela Rosa said, Senate President Tito Sotto ordered the former to attend the Senate session physically starting June 1.


Proud to be contractual! DJ Chacha says that she’s not a regular employee of ABS-CBN for 12 years but receiving benefits

Czarina Balba who’s better known as ‘DJ Chacha’ defended her company ABS-CBN saying that contractual employees of the Kapamilya network are still receiving benefits like regular workers.

Chacha was reacting to the speech of Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta on Tuesday who claimed that ABS-CBN ignored the rights of its workers, saying that 8,500 out of 11,000 people serving the Kapamilya network are contractual or talents.

“ABS-CBN has not regularized its contractual workers and talents despite performing the functions of regular workers,” he said.

Hindi po maikakaila sa publiko na napakarami ng labor cases na hinarap at haharapin pa ng ABS-CBN. Ang masaklap pa dito, ni hindi nagbibigay ang ABS-CBN ng contribution sa benefits,” he added.

However, Chacha called the claims of Marcoleta as ‘fake news’ and proudly announced that she’s working as a contractual employee in ABS-CBN for 12 years, but receiving SSS and Philhealth.

“Hay. Fake news ng sobra. Sana nag-research. Mag-12 years na akong Talent/Contractual sa ABSCBN at may SSS, Philhealth, etc. May health card rin pati pamilya ko libre. Pinagsasabi mo, Ser?” Chacha tweeted.

In another tweet, Chacha said that she’s receiving Christmas and midyear bonus unlike other companies hiring contractual employees.

“Hindi ko need ipaglaban kasi kumpleto benepisyo ko. Talent kasi kami, three hours lang nagstay sa opisina. Hindi kami walong oras. Pero kumpleto benepisyo with Christmas & Midyear bonus. Oh ayan may pang-lunch ka na troll!” she said.

The DJ also pointed out that there’s a benefit of being contractual than being a regular DJ like some of her colleagues.

“Bakit ko ilalaban eh kapag talent ka after ng program mo libre ka na rumaket sa labas! Diba ang bongga? Contractual pero kumpleto benefits. Kayo bang mga troll may SSS, Pag ibig, etc?” Chacha remarked.

She also made fun of Marcoleta and compared his speech to a ‘school presentation’.

“Si Marcoleta, naalala ko yung Tito kong pag lasing na kung anu-ano tinatalak makapagpa-bida lang,” she said.

“Ano ba to’ school presentation? Susko! Kadiri. Ganito pinapasweldo ng tax natin?” she added.


Mas malaki pa binayaran ng GMA? Lawmaker reveals alleged tax avoidance scheme ng ABS-CBN

Deputy Speaker Rondate Marcoleta accused ABS-CBN of tax evasion during the house hearing on the franchise issue of the television network giant.

Marcoleta who has gone viral on social media because of his revelations claimed that GMA-7, a media company smaller than ABS-CBN paid a bigger tax in 2018, while ABS-CBN declared a negative income tax.

According to him, that Kapamilya network allegedly evaded tax by using its subsidiary, Big Dipper Inc as a tax shield, because it enjoyed the benefit of being a company registered at the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

“ABS-CBN also violated the terms and conditions of its franchise by engaging in tax avoidance schemes which deprived the government of the much-needed revenue,” said Marcoleta.

Marcoleta comparing the tax paid by GMA-7 and ABS-CBN in the past three years.

“It used its fully owned subsidiary, Big Deeper Digital Content and Design Inc., a PEZA registered company as a tax shield. Its main customer is ABS-CBN Hungary. And because of this tax avoidance scheme, ABS-CBN alleged effective tax rate in 2018 was at a negative 5 percent. This means that ABS-CBN manages to avoid paying taxes in 2018, ” he added.

He then compared GMA-7 to ABS-CBN, asking why a bigger company like ABS-CBN is paying less tax than its rival network.

Marcoleta said that it turned out that the government owes ABS-CBN in 2018 because it declared a negative 84-M income tax.

“Bakit ang GMA 7 na hindi kasing laki o kasing yaman ng ABS-CBN ay nakapagbayad ng buwis sa pamahalaan ng P1.6 billion noong 2018. Samanatalang ang ABS-CBN ay walang binayarang buwis. Bakit naman nakalibre ang ABS-CBN noong 2018 sa negative income tax nila na 84 million. Ibig sabihin nito ay may tax credit ang ABS-CBN at gobyerno pa ang lumalabas na may utang dito. Wala po itong pagkakaiba sa isang taong umutang sa tindahan at binigyan pa ng sukli,”

This is not the first time that someone mentioned the alleged tax evasion activities of ABS-CBN.

Two weeks ago, Willie Ramasola posted several documents showing ABS-CBN allegedly paid negative income tax in 2018.

One of GMA-7 top official Anette Gozon-Valdes even commented on Ramasola’s post, joking if their company could copy the technique of ABS-CBN.

“Oh baka GMA can copy this too to avoid paying taxes hehe,” Gozon said.

“Seriously though. Maybe you have some auditor fb friends that can give their opinion? Pasado naman kasi ang scheme na ito sa auditor nila,” she added.

Meanwhile, a tax expert said that the tax evasion accusation against ABS-CBN is unfair.

“Whether this subsidiary is legitimate or not, we have the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Whether ABS-CBN paid all the taxes or not, (The Bureau of Internal Revenue) BIR is checking on ABS-CBN every year,” Founding chairman of the Asian Consulting Group Mon Abrea said.

He also called the post of Ramasola as misleading.

“None of these large taxpayers can ever have a negative tax rate, because they are all subject to withholding taxes. It’s like the situation of the employee (wherein) before they receive their salaries it’s already net of taxes,” he said.

He also has a reminder to people accusing ABS-CBN of evading tax.

“Tax avoidance is not illegal. Having a foreign subsidiary is not illegal. And there’s nothing immoral about it other than us putting malice or crucifying (ABS-CBN) just because we don’t like these people.” he also said.

Netizen says that Congressman Marcoleta’s speech against ABS-CBN is one of the ‘greatest moments’ in Congress’ history

A netizen praised the congressman who claimed that ABS-CBN did not comply with the terms and conditions of its franchise and even used the ‘Bawal Lumabas’ line of Kim Chiu in his speech.

Jun Abines, in a Facebook post, expressed amazement over the speech of House of the Representatives Deputy Speaker Dante Marcoleta against the Kapamilya network, calling the speech of the lawmaker as “probably the greatest moments that happened inside the halls of Congress in the last 30 years”.

According to him, he already lost interest in watching the ABS-CBN franchise house hearing at first after he saw that the officials of ABS-CBN played a video to point out the contribution of the Kapamilya network to the country.

Abines called the said part as a ‘circus’ but he suddenly became interested again in watching the hearing after Marcoleta started to talk about the alleged violations of ABS-CBN.

“After few minutes, I was again being led by facebook to watch a live broadcast of the hearing. I reluctantly watched again knowing that a circus is still on going. I was wrong! What I saw was probably the greatest moments that happened inside the halls of Congress in the last 30 years. Congressman Marcoleta narrated the sins of ABS-CBN for several minutes. He did it like an eye witness of a crime telling how it all happened. I watched sitting on the edge of my seat!” Abines said.

“I was caught off guard. I never expected some good souls still exists among our congressmen. Deputy speaker Dante Marcoleta spoke with conviction, with clarity and with the heart of a true nationalist. It was like having a dream. It’s like seeing a very bright light shine inside the hall and expose the true faces of every congressmen. The few goods and majority of evils,” he added.

“ABS-CBN was dismantled, destroyed and obliterated in just about 10 minutes! Hard facts and truths delivered right on their faces!” he also said.

Abines’ amazement even reached to the point that he believes that Marcoleta would win a senatorial election.

“Its like seeing Mayor Duterte back in 2013 when he got interviewed by the media after Yolanda. It was the day when Duterte’s star shined for all the world to see,” he said.

On Monday, the lawmakers started to discuss the franchise issue of ABS-CBN.

Marcoleta claimed that ABS-CBN allegedly ignored the rights of their 11,000 employees, claiming that only 2,661 of them are receiving government-mandated benefits.

He also criticized ABS-CBN for its use of ‘multiple channels’ using the same franchise via TV Plus.

The lawmaker also alleged that ABS-CBN didn’t follow the constitutional restrictions on foreign ownership and even pointed out that the Chairman Emeritus of Kapamilya network, Eugenio Lopez III only got his Filipino citizenship in 2002.

Totoo ba o haka haka? President Duterte talks about the couple selling ‘overpriced’ COVID-19 equipment

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed the couple who kept being mentioned by public officials for allegedly selling overpriced equipment for COVID-19.

During the IATF-EID meeting on Monday, Duterte asked Health Secretary Francisco Duque III if the rumors about the ‘couple’ who owns a company are selling overpriced equipment to the government.

Former Health Secretary and now Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin exposed the couple and asked the President to investigate them for selling automated coronavirus testing machines for three times the manufacturers’ price. She also accused a couple of hoarding.

Budget Undersecretary Lloyd Lao informed the President that the Co couple owned the Omnibus Bio-Medical Systems Incorporated.

According to Lao, Omnibus Corporation approached them and offered equipment manufactured by Sansure Biotech for more than 4-M pesos.

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that if you bought the same equipment straight to the manufacturer, it would only cost 1.7-M pesos.

Lao said that Omnibus lost the bidding against a foreign corporation offering the same equipment from Sansure.

He claimed that after losing the bid, Omnibus complained about why the government would not get equipment from them despite being the ‘exclusive’ distributor of Sansure equipment in the Philippines.

Sansure officials went to the Philippines after hearing the issue which gave the government a chance to ask them to buy directly from them instead of having transactions with Omnibus.

“They’re willing to forego of Omnibus, they’re actually negotiating that because they have a relationship with Omnibus, can they use it as distributor, and they’re willing to reduce the price,” Lao said.

“But I made a statement, that we are no longer willing to discuss with Sansure if they go through Omnibus because they were given a chance before when the government really needed it and they gave us a very high price,” he added.

Lao said that they’re going to ‘reward’ Omnibus if the government decide to deal with them despite what happened in the past.

“They should have paid for what they have done before, kasi gipit na gipit tayo, hindi tayo makalipad kasi mayroon tayong mga restrictions and all, they’re the only ones who are connected with Sansure and they’re selling at least not less than double the price, and you cannot get it unless you pass throught them,” he said.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque then said that there’s a law against profiteering and taking advantage of a national emergency.

“Baka po talagang may basis para imbestigahan itong Co couple ng NBI for profiteering and hoarding under the special law on anti-profiteering and under Bayanihan act,” Roque said.

Duterte then advised the NBI to investigate the Co couple “very carefully”.

“Alam mo itong mga p****** *nang negosyante na ito, whether it is really an issue of humanity and the greed, ‘yung hoarding na ‘yan you cannot… it’s part of the business practices which you may call not even obnoxious it’s repulsive to the human mind, when you start to think about it,” Duterte said.

“But let’s look at it what it is legally sans the maybe ‘yung mga suspicion after all, its not easy to charge a person… if NBI finds a probably cause then go ahead,” he added.


Richard Gomez criticizes ‘Balik Probinsya program’: “What happened to all the protocols that we’ve been working on?”

Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez criticized several government agencies for allegedly disregarding protocols for the people who participated in the ‘Balik Probinsiya’ program.

In a Facebook post, Gomez couldn’t hide his frustration after he was informed that they should not apply health protocols against COVID-19 to the beneficiaries of the said program.

“DILG, NHA, OWWA, what happened to all the protocols that you guys are trying to formulate for returning residents?!!!” Gomez said.

“I just would like to share what is happening right now about this Balik Probinsya program. This morning the DILG regional office and OWWA texted, “texted”, us informing us that there are 3 planes arriving in Tacloban and telling us to receive them without following COVID protocols, undocumented and untested,” he added.

The actor-turned-politician said that they did their best to maintain Ormoc free from the virus for more than two months only to be told that they need to accept the beneficiaries of the Balik Probinsya program without any conditions.

“We have kept our city Covid-free for more than 70 days bec of strict border controls and implementation of health protocols. Then here comes a TEXT from the National government agencies telling us that there are repatriates coming in our city and telling us to accept them?!” he stated.

“What happened to all the protocols that we’ve been working on? What happened their protocols that they have been telling us to do if they themselves are not doing the right thing?!” he added.

According to him, “it only takes one infected person” to spread COVID-19 in the city and affect hundreds of innocent people.

The post of Gomez reached 6,100 shares on social media.

Aside from the Balik Probinsiya program, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) released a circular asking the LGU officials to accept 24,000 OFWs who were forced to quarantine in Metro Manila.

According to DILG, if the OFW was incomplete with documents, the LGUs should quarantine him/her and have him tested for COVID-19.

The memorandum was released after President Duterte ordered the government agencies to send home the 24,000 OFWs staying in Metro Manila.


Councilor berates health workers for doing rapid testing inside the session hall of Pasay City: “Tignan mo kung gaano kaikli ang isip ng mga ito!”

A councilor of Pasay City has gone infamous on social media after a video of him while angrily criticizing health workers circulated on the internet.

Councilor Arnel “Moti” Arceo has been accused of shaming the health workers doing rapid testing inside Pasay City hall session hall.

Arceo who’s videoed himself quickly scolded the health workers asking them why they’re doing COVID-19 test inside the session hall.

“P******a kung hindi delikado tanggalin niyo, p********g yan. Araw-araw namin dinidisinfect yan eh, ang session hall namin ginawang rapid testing center… tignan mo kung gaano kailki pag iisip ng mga to,” Arceo said.

 “Tapos ang sabi wag daw akong magalit… eh kung hindi delikado ito bakit may balot ng plastik ito, bakit kayo naka PPE? (Personal protective equipment) Kung hindi delikado bakit kayo naka PPE?!” the angry councilor asked the health workers.

According to him, COVID-19 testing should be done outside the city hall because it might endanger the lives of the Pasay City employees.

The councilor then approached the health workers and asked them again why they’re wearing PPE if they believe that what they’re doing inside the city hall is safe.

“Delikado ba o hindi? Bakit kayo naka PPE lahat? Bakit hindi niyo sa opisina ginawa ‘yan? Diyos ko naman,” he said.

“Session hall namin ‘yan eh, nag paalam ba kayo sa aming lahat e lahat kami gumagamit niyan, bakit hindi sa mga opisina ni’yo ginawa ‘yan kung nag iisip kayo?” he added.

While Arceo was shouting at them,  some of the health workers removed their PPE inside the session hall where the rapid testing was done.

The uploader of the video Alexia Guevarra said that the health workers only followed the order from Pasay City Human Resource Management.

“Nakakagalit lang na habang ang buong bansa nagsa-struggle pa sa public health at econ effects ng COVID-19, yung mga politician and people in position like Moti Arceo manage to get away with things like this. Yung #1 frontliners–healthworkers–ang minumura-mura niya when in fact, service yung ginagawa nila. Something that will benefit everyone. Kapag common people nagsabi ng isang bad thing or isang criticism re: gov’t response sa pandemic, huli agad and magdedemand pa ng public apology. Pero pag powerful ka, go lang. Speak your mind, ganun,” Guevarra wrote.

Guevarra also claimed that the said health workers attempted to file a complaint against Arceo but was pressured to back out.

In another interview, Arceo said that he didn’t curse any health workers during that time and he only said those words because of anger and fear.

“Sino ba naman ang hindi matatakot, ginawang testing center ‘yung aming session hall? Nilagay nila sa panganib ang buhay ng mga empleyado ng buong city hall, hindi lang ng city council, hindi lang ng session hall,” Arceo said.

“‘Yung pag iingat na hinihingi sa atin ng gobyerno natin, lahat tayo may kanya kanyang role, sabi nga ni Presidente, lahat tayo ay sundalo sa role na ito,” he added.

Arceo called the actions of the Pasay City health department as ‘careless’ and ‘reckless’


Sen. Win Gatchalian slams Francis Leo Marcos: “Dapat ikulong na yan at huwag pakawalan!”

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian couldn’t say anything good about the self-proclaimed businessman and philanthropist Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos.

On May 19, Gatchalian said that he was hoping that the National Bureau of Investigation would lock up Marcos, believing that the latter victimized many people in the past.

“Walang hiya talaga yan. Manloloko at sinungaling. Dapat ikulong na yan at huwag pakawalan. Maraming na loko yan,” Gatchalian tweeted.

He repeated his statement against Marcos while talking to one of his friends on Twitter.

“Walang hiya yan Boss Ron,” he told PDP Laban Executive Director Ron Munsayac.

Munsayac claimed that Marcos was being backed by money from the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

“Sobra dami na scam nyan, boss Win! Pogo money din backer nyan! Dami ko narinig kwento about his various scams, kesyo may gold reserves pa daw sa Switzerland atbp,” Munsayac said.

Photo: Jack Patty Facebook page

The self-proclaimed businessman was accused in the past of selling ‘fake gold bars’ and even former first lady Imelda Marcos confirmed it on the document she sent to NBI in 2019.

“I have received continued disturbing reports about the above-mentioned persons using my name and my family’s name to collect unauthorized campaign donations, selling of fake gold certificates and using photographs and films/video coverage to associate themselves with me and my family for unauthorized and unscrupulous business practices,” Imelda wrote on the document.

“Mr. Francis Leo Marcos has claimed that he is the son of Dr. Pacifico Marcos, the brother of my late husband and that he has been chosen by the Marcos family as the custodian of alleged wealth which we are not in possession of; he uses my photographs on social media after a photo opportunities and has produced a film positioning him as a signatory to the world’s wealth; he targets wealthy Chinese businessmen who want to do business in the Philippines and attracts them thru charitable causes,” she added.

Photo: Facebook

NBI cybercrime chief Vic Lorenzo in an interview with journalist Erwin Tulfo confirmed that Imelda wrote to them.

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Marcos who’s under the custody of NBI since May 19 would face multiple charges, some are non-bailable.

Arnell Ignacio files charges against Mystica: “Hindi mo pwedeng mura murahin si presidente!”

Former Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Deputy Administrator Arnell Ignacio has filed three charges against Ruby Villanueva better known as Mystica for her previous vlogs addressed against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Ignacio, who’s a known supporter of President Duterte went personally to the court to sue Mystica for cyber libel, violation of Bayanihan To Heal as One Act, and inciting to sedition.

According to Ignacio, Mystica became too personal with her statements against President Duterte.

“Kapag seryoso ang issue e file na ko ng case. Hindi talakan lang sa fb. Hindi mo puede muramurahin si presidente nang ganun ganun lang at aatungal ka pagkatapos ..mas malala nagyaya ka pa na pabagsakin ang gobyerno imbis na tumulong ka na lang,” Ignacio said.

“Yung pagmumura mo naman e parang PERSONAL ang kasalanan sa iyo e. Kahit man lang sana sa edad nung tao e binigay mo na kahit katiting na pag galang,” he added.

Mystica captured the attention of the netizens, especially the supporters of Duterte after the former actress called for the resignation of President Duterte.

“We don’t need a President with no common sense and who never treats the Filipinos with equal rights in times of crisis!” Mystica said.

“It is time to support Vice President Leni Robredo in order to fight for our survival, hintayin pa ba nating tuluyan ng magutom? The time to act is right now!” she added.

READ MORE: Mystica urges people to support VP Leni: “Hindi natin Kailangan si Duterte, Ginagawa tayong g*go!”

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles said that Mystica may be held liable for inciting to sedition because she allegedly urged the people to overthrow a democratically elected government official like President Duterte.

Here’s the possible seditious statement of Mystica according to the lawyer.

“Sumasang-ayon na talaga ako kung ano yung mga prinsipyo ni Vice President Leni (Robredo). Dati rati, never ako nagbanggit about Leni Robredo. But right now sumusuporta na ako sa kanila. All the way. Sumusuporta ako sa kanila,” Mystica said.

“Kaya kung sino ang sumusuporta kay Vice President Leni Robredo, let’s get out there and be in full foce, labanan natin itong gobyerno na ito, lalong lalo na ang ating Presidente,” she added.

READ MORE: Lawyer says that Mystica could face ‘inciting to sedition’ charges because of her post against Duterte

Later on, Mystica apologized to Duterte, believing that the President would understand that she’s only frustrated with what’s happening in the country.

“I’m sure na mapapatawad ako ni Presidente, dahil alam niya na ang isang tao kapag frustrated masasabi niya lahat, katulad din niya nasasabi niya rin kung ano yung frustration niya,” she said.

READ MORE: Mystica apologizes ‘again’ to President Rodrigo Duterte: “Alam ko na ang Pangulo ay may puso”

A few days after Mystica’s apology, Malacanang warned Mystica that she could face charges because of her vlogs.

READ MORE: Spokesperson Harry Roque to Mystica: “May batas po na pwedeng gamitin para parusahan ka”

“Hindi po absolute ang freedom of expression, meron pong hangganan po yan, at nakasaad po sa international covenant on civil and political rights na a state can derogate among others dito po sa freedom of expression kapag mayroon pong national emergency,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said.