Tatlong miyembro ng Duterte family, tatakbo sa senatorial elections

Three members of the Duterte family were planning to run for the senatorial elections in 2024.

The news was confirmed by Vice President Sara Duterte during an interview at an event she attended on Tuesday.


“Lahat sila gustong tumakbo eh. Si PRRD senator, ‘yung kuya ko si Paolo Duterte, ‘yung congressman ngayon, senator. Si Sebastian Duterte,” she stated.

“Tatlo ang Duterte next year… yes, confirmed ‘yan,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sara Duterte said that her brother, Baste, would run for the presidential elections.

The law states that even it would be legal if the three Dutertes ran for the senatorial elections.


When asked about her plans for 2025, Sara said that she planned to leave her post and run for Davao City Mayor.

The news came amid the reported new opposition formed by the Duterte family against President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr’s administration.

As of this writing, Malacanang has yet to give its opinion on the former president’s plan.

Family members running for the senatorial elections at the same time already happened in the past, notably, the decision of Jinggoy Estrada and JV Ejercito to run simultaneously.


Currently, three pairs of senators are close family members in the Senate.

It was also rumored that Raffy Tulfo’s brother, Erwin Tulfo, would also eye a senatorial seat next year.

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