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Tricycle driver in Manila went viral after asking a foreigner to pay P550 for a ride

A tricycle driver in Manila went viral on social media after he allegedly misled a foreign tourist who was only expected to pay P50 for a ride.

In a Facebook post, the said foreigner was vlogging when a tricycle driver approached him to transport him to his hotel, which is within walking distance.

Even if it’s only a two-minute walk, the foreigner still agrees with the request of the tricycle driver, who said that he only needed to pay 50 pesos.

However, when they arrived at the hotel, the tricycle driver suddenly demanded the tourist pay P550.

The driver argued that he asked for P550 because of the high gasoline price.

He even made an alibi that he was working for a company, so the price was different compared to other drivers.

The tourist tried to bargain the price to P100, but the tricycle driver insisted on paying him P550.

In the end, the tourist was forced to pay P550.

As of writing, the Manila City LGU has yet to give a statement for the overpricing committed by the driver.

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment to the netizens and disgraced by what their countryman did.

Joey de Leon, pinag iinitan parin ng mga netizens, mga diumano’y tsansing na ginawa nito sa Eat Bulaga, binalikan

The netizens were still criticizing Joey de Leon after he made a joke about ‘lubid’ during one of the episodes of their new noontime show ‘E.A.T.’

Because of the issue, some netizens also brought up Joey’s past issues, including his unusual behavior and remarks towards ladies who appeared on his former noontime show Eat Bulaga.

A video posted by Malacanan Stories showed a compilation of some of Joey’s controversial acts during his career as a host of Eat Bulaga.

The first video showed Joey hugging one of the members of an EB Babe, Saida, during the ‘Juan for All, All for Juan’ segment of Eat Bulaga.

The second clip showed Joey in 2020 telling a Miss Millenial 2018 candidate who shared that she was working now as a flight attendant, that he wished to ride her someday.

Sana masakyan kita isang araw,” said Joey.

Joey was considered one of the most controversial hosts in the country, but netizens expected that the issue being thrown against the veteran comedian would only be ignored like the issues he faced in the past.

Jelai Andres’ ex-boyfriend Jon Gutierrez and rumored girlfriend Yumi Garcia receive greetings: “It’s a girl!”

Jelai Andres’ ex-boyfriend Jon Gutierrez, popularly known as ‘King Badger’ and his rumored girlfriend Yumi Garcia received a cryptic greeting from the netizens.

In a Facebook post written by Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa, he congratulated Jon and Yumi for allegedly having a child already.

“Congratulations King Badger and Yumi its a Girl,” said Mark.

It can be recalled that Yumi was suspected as the third party in the well-publicized relationship between Jelai and Jon who wed each other in 2018.

Last year, Jon received concubinage charges from Jelai for his alleged relationship with Yumi even if they’re still married.

“Ang kasal ay isang sakramento, ‘wag nating gawing normal ang pakikiapid. Nawa’y maging isang leksyon ito sa mga may mister na pasaway at sa mga babaeng walang pakundangan makipag-relasyon sa mga lalaking alam naman nilang may asawa at mas matatapang pa sa tunay na asawa.” the camp of Jelai said.

“Nararapat lamang lang na makamit ni Jelai ang hustisya’t katarungan, sapagkat hindi naging madali ang pinagdaanan niya. Tunay ngang siya ay nahirapan at matinding ang naranasan niya dahil sa sakit na dulot ng pagtataksil ni King Badger at Yumi,” they added.

Jon and Yumi have yet to confirm if they already had a child, which may put them in more trouble as the case was still reportedly ongoing.



Netizens asks Lala Sotto to suspend E.A.T after Joey de Leon’s remarks

Several netizens asked the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to also suspend TV5’s noontime show E.A.T after the remarks made by Joey de Leon during one of its segments.

It can be recalled that De Leon received criticism on social media after he made a joke about things that may be hung around the neck of a person during the Gimme 5: Laro ng mga Henyo segment of E.A.T.

“Lubid lubid, nakakalimutan niyo,” said Joey.

For several days, MTRCB and its chair Lala Sotto received hundreds of messages from the netizens asking them to review Joey’s joke.

They even compared how MTRCB quickly acted against the ‘icing scene’ between Vice Ganda and Ion Perez of It’s Showtime, while allegedly turning a blind eye to Joey’s remarks.

“If a child were to watch a couple eating icing using their fingers, I’m sure he/she would enjoy doing it too. Pero kung marinig nila na ang “lubid” ay isa sa mga bagay na sinasabit sa leeg, what do you think would happen if the child tried it, Lala Sotto?” netizen @_bryt said.

“Joey De Leon really thinks his ‘jokes’ about mental health is cool. c’mon old hag, aren’t you inform what’s the difference between dark humor and insensitive joke? mtrcb anuena? blind pa rin?” netizen @mnesoirs commented.

“Ang tagal-tagal na ho namin kayong tina-tag pero hindi lumalabas sa TV na nagrereklamo kamo. Puro ho Showtine ang pinupuntirya nyo. Ito ho ang mali. Umaksyon naman kayo!!!” netizen @ickoallday remarked.

As of writing, MTRCB has yet to give any statement on Joey’s statement.

Medal of Valor awardee, itinaboy sa ‘Heroes’ Lounge’ ng isang airport dahil sa okupado na ito ng ‘Chinese-looking’ na mga kalalakihan

A retired official of the Philippine Navy couldn’t hide his disappointment after he was not allowed to use the Heroes’ Lounge at the Tuguegarao Airport.

To make things worse, the complainant was one of the few alive Medal of Valor awardees in the Philippines, Ret. Col. Ariel Querubin.

He said he was not allowed to use the lounge with other retired generals because it was already reserved for some ‘Chinese-looking’ individuals.

“After a very fruitful trip in Isabela and Tuguegarao the past few days, I was very disappointed to find that myself and a handful of retired generals were not allowed to use the Heroes Lounge of the Tuguegarao Airport because it was reserved for these chinese looking individuals,” said Queriubin.

“Are the Chinese the new heroes in this country? Definitely NOT! Attention to CAAP Airport Manager Mary Sulyn Sogorsor. Please take accountability for this,” he added.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Heroes Lounge was built for the members of the police and military and their families for free.

It also includes Medal of Valor Awardees like Querubin.

There were only 41 members of the AFP who received the said honor because of their exceptional bravery.

However, it seems that even foreigners were now allowed to use it.



MTRCB launches an investigation about Joey de Leon’s ‘lubid’ joke on E.A.T

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) released a statement following the remarks made by Joey de Leon on E.A.T.

On September 23, 2023, Joey made a joke during one of E.A.T’s segments, ‘Gimme 5: Laro ng mga Henyo’ while a contestant was asked to mention five things that could be hung around an individual’s neck.

“Lubid, lubid. Nakakalimutan n’yo,” said Joey.

Following Joey’s joke, which received criticism on social media, MTRCB said they would review the episode to determine if the veteran host broke a rule.

“Taking cognizance of the complaints from the viewing public in relation to E.A.T. Gimme 5 segment aired last 23 September 2023, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) shall determine if the same are valid and presumably violative of Presidential Decree No. 1986 and/or its Implementing Rules and Regulations,” MTRCB wrote.

If proven, E.A.T may be suspended for several days like what MTRCB imposed to It’s Showtime.

However, several fans were not convinced that MTRCB would impose a penalty against E.A.T since the agency was being headed by Lala Sotto, who’s also very close to Joey.

Meanwhile, supporters of MTRCB praised the agency, saying that its chair was fair for also launching an investigation against E.A.T.


Biro ni Joey de Leon noong 2017 binalikan ng mga netizens: ““Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao ‘yan”

Joey de Leon was facing criticisms from netizens after he made a joke during one of the segments of their noontime show E.A.T.

During the Gimme 5: Laro ng mga Henyo, a contestant was asked to give five things that could be hung around an individual’s neck.

Joey then joked, saying that a ‘lubid’ could also be hanged around the neck.

“Lubid lubid, nakakalimutan niyo,” said Joey.

Many mental health advocates couldn’t hide their disappointment due to Joey’s remark and reminded him about his public apology in 2017 after he joked about mental health.

On the October 5, 2017 episode of Eat Bulaga, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza hosted one of its segments, ‘Juan for All, All for Juan’ when the contest winner talked about his mental health problem.

Joey, one of the studio hosts during that time, tried to convince the contestant that his problem was non-existent.

‘Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao ‘yan, gawa nila sa sarili nila,” said Joey.

However, Maine couldn’t stop herself from opposing the opinion of the veteran host.

“Uy pero hindi biro ‘yan ah, ‘yang depression. Kasi syempre maraming nakakaranas ng gano’n, lalo na sa mga kabataan, kaya dapat kapag may nakakaranas ng ganon, bigyan natin ng suporta,” she said.

Joey reiterated that depression was only a term created by rich people.

“Hindi, wag n’yong suportahan, gawa-gawa lang niya ‘yun. Pag mayaman depression, pag mahirap, wala nang pag-asa sa buhay. Ganon ‘yun eh,” he stated.

Thousands of netizens even the government during that time criticized the remark made by Joey.

The veteran host then apologized publicly and admitted that he was wrong.

“Nagkamali po ako. Pinagalitan ako ng misis ko. Pinaliwanang nya at ng mga anak namin,” he said.

“Ako’y humihingi ng paumanhin sa mga napaitan sa mga nabanggit ko, at humihingi ng inyong pang-unawa,” he added.

‘Time is the ultimate truth teller?’ Ricci Rivero and Leren Bautista spotted while holding each other’s hands

Andrea Brillantes’ ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero was spotted having sweet moments with former beauty queen and Los Baños, Laguna Councilor Leren Bautista.

In several photos uploaded on social media, Ricci and Leren were seen exploring an amusement park in the said municipality.

The two were accommodating to the fans and even accepted having photos with them.

It can be recalled that Ricci was already accused of cheating on Andrea during their relationship and the netizens suspected Leren as the third party.

Ricci denied that Leren was why Andrea decided to end her relationship with him.

Leren also released a statement denying the accusations.

“We would like to address the disinformation that has been circulating across social media platforms regarding Councilor Leren and her alleged romantic involvement with basketball player Ricci Rivero. We want to make it clear that these claims are entirely false and have no basis in reality,” the camp of the councilor wrote.

“Councilor Leren Mae Bautista has dedicated herself to serving the community of Los Baños with utmost sincerity and integrity. Her commitment to public service has been shaped by the support and trust of the people she represents,” they added.

However, some netizens believed that the photos circulating on social media told a different story.

Some netizens even joked and called Ricci Leren’s aunt because of their 5-year age gap. The councilor was older than the newly-drafted PBA player.

As of writing, Andrea has yet to state the issue.


Eat Bulaga reportedly reducing their host per day as part of ‘cost-cutting’ measures

Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. was reportedly planning to reduce the number of their daily hosts on Eat Bulaga as part of their cost-cutting measures.

According to the report released by Abante, TAPE was planning to have an alternate schedule for all its hosts to avoid removing any of them from the show.

TAPE was reportedly only planning to give regular schedule for Paolo Contis and Isko Moreno who would stay from Monday to Saturday.

There were also rumors that the rescheduling was part of TAPE’s decision because some of their hosts were planning to be part of other projects by GMA Network.

Critics of Eat Bulaga believed that the show was already facing financial difficulties as they were allegedly not receiving enough advertisers to fund their program, which was denied by TAPE’s camp.

On the other side, supporters of TAPE believed that it was only standard for some businesses to take cost-cutting measures to maximize their profit without losing their talents.

They pointed out that even the Eat Bulaga during the time of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon was also rescheduling some of their hosts.

Meanwhile, Eat Bulaga’s number one competitor, E.A.T introduced Atasha Mulach as one of their new hosts.

As of writing, TAPE has yet to confirm the reports.

Sass Rogando Sasot to Thinking Pinoy: ‘Akala mo hindi makakarating sa akin ang mga pang-tsitsismis mo sakin’

International Relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot is not yet done criticizing her former close friend RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto.

In a Facebook post, Sasot told Nieto that she was already aware of the rumor the latter allegedly spread against her.

Sasot accused Nieto of spreading rumors that she received help from him, but the expert said there was only one time she asked the latter for a favor.

According to her, at that time, she asked Nieto to help her to reach some of the officials of Meralco so her mother could get an extension for her electricity dues.

“Nakakaloka yang pinagsasabi nya sa iba about helping me daw. There is only one time I went to you desperately pleading help, like I was desperate. And that was in the last quarter of 2020. I asked your help if you can ask your friend in high place na kakilala ang may ari ng Meralco to not cut the electricity of my mother because of the unpaid bills during the first year of the pandemic and a request na let them wait until December so that I can pay it in full or installments dahil nga umabot na ng 90,000 bill nila,” said Sasot.

“What did you do? You did NOT help me,” she added.

It can be recalled that Sasot even called Nieto ‘patabaing baboy’ in her last post.

As of writing, Nieto has yet to give any direct response to Sasot’s posts.