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MTRCB, hindi pinagbigyan ang mosyon ng It’s Showtime para hindi sila masuspinde

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) denied the Motion for Reconsideration filed by It’s Showtime to appeal the suspension imposed against their show.

It can be recalled that MTRCB gave a 12-day suspension against It’s Showtime, but it was delayed because of the appeal made by the Kapamilya show.

However, on September 28, MTRCB said there was no reason for them to approve the appeal of It’s Showtime.

“The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) released a resolution dated 28 September 2023, denying the Motion for Reconsideration (MR) filed by GMA Network Inc. and ABS-CBN Corporation,” the agency headed by Lala Sotto wrote.

“Said MRs sought relief from the Board’s ruling dated August 17, 2023, regarding the July 25, 2023, episode of the live noontime television program “It’s Showtime!” Specifically, during the show’s “Isip Bata” segment, in which hosts Ryan Bang, Vice Ganda, and Ion Perez allegedly acted indecently or inappropriately in the presence of children, which is alleged to have violated Section 3 (c) of Presidential Decree No. 1986 and it’s Implementing Rules and Regulation,” they added.

Because of the decision, It’s Showtime would be suspended from airing starting tomorrow.

As of writing, Vice and Ion have yet to give any comment on the decision made by MTRCB.

Meanwhile, Kapamilya fans couldn’t hide their disappointment over the decision made by MTRCB and accused the head of the agency of favoring her father’s show E.A.T., a competitor of It’s Showtime.


Rendon Labador expresses support to the group who file charges against Toni Fowler: “Sobrang bastos talaga”

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador, who was currently banned from several social media platforms, expressed support to the Social Media Broadcaster ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KSMBPI), which just recently filed charges against Toni Fowler.

KSMBPI filed several charges against Toni for publishing her video ‘KPL,’ saying that the acts done by the influencer were indecent and should not be consumed by the public.

“Kasi when you say freedom of press or freedom of expression, hindi absolute ‘yan. May mga limitation ang freedom of press… the second limitation is Article 201 of the RPC. Ito ‘yung nagbibigay ng indecent publication,” KSMBPI’s legal counsel, Atty. Mark Tolentino said.

“Like in this case of Ms. Toni Fowler, may nagpakita siya, kumakanta siya ng mga bastos,” he added.

Meanwhile, Labador believed that the group was right to file charges against Toni.

“Sobrang bastos talaga at nakakawalang respeto sa mga kababaihan ang content ni Toni, dapat pigilan bago pa tuluyang malason ang pag iisip ng mga kabataan. ITIGIL ANG MGA KAHAYUPAN SA INTERNET. SOCMED BROADCASTERS na ba and MTRCB ng internet???” Labador wrote.

It can be recalled that Toni previously called Rendon ‘plastik,’ saying that the latter was only acting as the bad guy to gain attention on social media.

“Para sa akin, hindi ikaw yan. Yung pinapakita mong pangit na ikaw. Plastic ka, pinapakita mo yun para lang kumita ka.Kasi hindi ko siya ganun nakilala, ninang ako ng baby niya. He’s portraying an image na hindi siya for the sake of fame and money, which is a flop and a fail.” Toni said in a past interview.


Pagkain nila Rosmar Tan kasama ang kanyang grupo sa Boracay, umabot ng mahigit 63,000 pesos

Influencer and businesswoman Rosmar Tan went to Boracay with her group for a vacation.

In her Facebook post, the ‘CEO’ shared several photos of her with ‘Team Rosmar’ while eating at a seafood restaurant in Boracay.

The photos showed that Rosmar ordered scallops, prawns, lapu-lapu, crabs, squid, and lobsters.

Photo from Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin/FB

However, netizens couldn’t stop being surprised when Rosmar showed the bill for the food they ordered at Sugba De Boracay restaurant.

The bill reached 63,973, and the netizens couldn’t stop saying ‘Sana All’ because Rosmar could easily afford to spend so much on food.

Photo from Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin/FB

“Isang taon na sahod na Yan Ng aking jusawa,” netizen Majo said.


“Nakakalula ang Presyohan Madam,” netizen Annie remarked.

Rosmar was one of the most successful entrepreneurs and social media personalities who used the internet to promote her beauty products.

Her skincare line, ‘Rosmar Skin Essentials,’ became one of the top beauty products in the Philippines.

She was also known for her competition with another entrepreneur Glenda Dela Cruz.


MTRCB head Lala Sotto says that many people asks them to cancel It’s Showtime

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) chairperson, Lala Sotto, claimed that many people were asking them to suspend the Kapamilya show ‘It’s Showtime’ permanently.

During a senate hearing, Sotto said that the agency received many requests from people that the 12-day suspension they imposed against It’s Showtime was insufficient.

“There are also a lot of people suggesting to cancel the show. We consider other peoples’ comments too,” said Sotto.

“That is not the only comment that we receive, saying that a 12-day suspension is too much. There are also a lot [of those] saying that the show should be canceled or that the number of days should be extended,” she added.

It can be recalled that MTRCB imposed a suspension against It’s Showtime following Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s cake-eating scene during one of its segments, Isip Bata.

Sotto clarified that she was present when the board decided on the fate of It’s Showtime, but she didn’t vote.

The MTRCB chair was the daughter of Tito Sotto, the host of one of It’s Showtime’s competitors, E.A.T, that’s why many critics believed that the public official was favoring her father by suspending the Kapamilya show and lessen the competition.

Marco Gumabao nagbigay ng reaksyon sa post ng Amerikanong singer na hinahanap si Christine Reyes

American singer David DiMuzio went viral on social media after he tried to look for the girl he posed a photo with, who turned out to be actress Christine Reyes.

In the said post, David, who became a celebrity in the Philippines for covering Filipino songs, posted a photo of him together with Christine.

“Does anyone know this girl’s name? I remember she was really nice when we met years ago, and she’s an actress, but I can’t remember her name,” David said.

Christine’s boyfriend, Marco Gumabao, couldn’t stop reacting to David’s post.

This year, Marco and Christine confirmed that they’re in a relationship.

Despite the six-year age gap, Christine and Marco described their relationship as ‘perfect.’

Despite the reaction made by Marco, David still kept posting photos of him together with Christine, which was why some fans believed that the foreigner was using the actress for clout.

As of writing, Christine has yet to give any reaction to David’s post.


E.A.T management apologizes to MTRCB for Joey de Leon’s remarks: “We are regretful and apologetic”

The people behind E.A.T. sent an apology letter to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after one of their hosts, Joey de Leon, went viral on social media after his ‘lubid’ remarks.

It can be recalled that Joey made the controversial remark during one of the segments of E.A.T, ‘Gimme 5: Laro ng mga Henyo’, where a contestant was being asked to guess five things that could be hanged around the neck.

“Lubid lubid, nakakalimutan niyo,” said Joey.

In the letter sent on September 25, Jeny Ferre, the head of E.A.T creatives and production operations, admitted that the televiewers misunderstood Joey’s joke as the veteran host didn’t elaborate on his remarks.

“In this regard, the whole E.A.T. management is regretful and apologetic to those who were offended by the said utterance. Rest assured that we are one with MTRCB in advocating a responsible viewing experience for the public,” Ferre wrote.

The letter was sent following the announcement made by MTRCB that they were planning to investigate the remarks made by Joey.

“Taking cognizance of the complaints from the viewing public in relation to E.A.T. Gimme 5 segment aired last 23 September 2023, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) shall determine if the same are valid and presumably violative of Presidential Decree No. 1986 and/or its Implementing Rules and Regulations,” MTRCB wrote.

As of writing, Joey has yet to speak directly about the issue.

Toni Fowler, kinasuhan ng isang grupo dahil umano sa imoralidad na ipinapakita nito sa social media

Toni Fowler was facing charges from the Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KSMBP) for alleged immorality being promoted by the influencer to the public.

On September 27, 2023, Atty. Mark Tolentino, the legal counsel of the group, said that they’re filing three counts of violation of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) in relation to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Tolentino showed some parts of Toni’s controversial music video ‘KPL’ where they pointed out that one of the casts of the production was a minor.

“This is a minor, tingin ko pamangkin niya to, minor child, 17 pa siya sa video na ito. Habang naliligo sila, may sabon, umiinom ng alak and then ginagawa nilang dekorasyon is yung organ ng lalake,” Tolentino said.

The lawyer pointed out that there’s some limit to the freedom of expression.

“Kasi when you say freedom of press or freedom of expression, hindi absolute ‘yan. May mga limitation ang freedom of press… the second limitation is Article 201 of the RPC. Ito ‘yung nagbibigay ng indecent publication,” he said.

“Like in this case of Ms. Toni Fowler, may nagpakita siya, kumakanta siya ng mga bastos,” he added.

As of writing, Toni has yet to give any response to the charges she was facing.

It can be recalled that the same group also filed charges against It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda for allegedly performing indecent acts on Isip Bata segment of the noontime show.

Cristy Fermin talks about wardrobe malfunction experiences by Robin Padilla: ‘Kinantyawan siya ng kapwa niya senador’

Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin talked about the wardrobe malfunction incident featuring Senator Robin Padilla during his live video with his wife, Mariel Padilla.

It can be recalled that several netizens noticed that ‘something’ appeared when Padilla looked down during the online selling session of Mariel.

It turned out that the senator was not wearing shorts during the livestream.

Fortunately, Mariel quickly deleted the video, but many netizens already saw it, including the colleagues of Padilla in the senate.

According to Fermin, the news had already reached the senate, but some senators didn’t take it seriously and just made a joke about the incident.

“Kahit sa senado, aliw na aliw, kinaaliwan ang ‘junjun,'” said Fermin. “Mas sumikat pa si ‘junjun’ kaysa sa iba diyan na naghahangad na sumikat,”

“Lalo na’t junjun ito ni Senador Robin Padilla, sino bang hindi magiging interesado?” Fermin’s co-host Rommel Chika responded.

Fermin said she would not blame Padilla for going viral on social media because of the incident since the action star was a popular figure.

“Pinagku-kwentuhan siya sa senado,” she revealed. “Pinagpipistahan doon [si Padilla], aliw na aliw ang mga senador, nagkaka-kantyawan,”

As of writing, Robin has yet to give any statement on the incident.

Ilang influencers, humingi ng paumanhin kay Maggie Wilson at inamin na binayaran sila para siraan ang model

Several influencers apologized to Maggie Wilson after the model was swarmed by negative messages on social media in the past few days.

It can be recalled that several influencers on TikTok posted videos on the same day to talk about Maggie’s lifestyle company, Acasa.

Maggie noticed that what the said influencers were talking about was the same, so she suspected that someone was only giving ‘scripts’ to the said influencers.

However, she admitted that her company faced a problem after some of her stops allegedly stole money from the business.

“Over the past several weeks, we have discovered that members of Acasa’s staff have stolen large amounts of money from the company, which we are now taking legal action on,” she said.

Maggie then said that she would file legal charges against the said influencers.

After declaring her desire to pursue legal charges, several influencers criticizing Acasa admitted that they were only ‘paid’ to criticize Maggie and her company.

“Kung napanood niyo po ‘yung mga content creators tungkol kay Maggie Wilson, yes po scripted po talaga siya ay mayroon po kaming iisang script,” Rolyn Jay Battad said.

“Isa po ako sa mga nag upload non, hindi ko po na-realize agad na mali po ‘yung nagawa ko,” he added.

The model also urged the said influencers to contact her if they ever receive a payment from Mystee Ramirez, Kathy Villar, or Sendrijas Jeff if they wanted to be safe from charges.

Some screencaps showed that some influencers were paid 8,000 pesos to criticize Maggie.

Carla Abellana says that she’s not planning to be friends with ex-husband Tom Rodriguez: “Ayoko po!”

Carla Abella said she was not planning to befriend her ex-partner Tom Rodriguez if they ever crossed paths because of being on the same network.

In an interview with the press, Carla, who recently signed a contract with Triple-A Management, was asked about her thoughts on Tom.

According to her, she expected she would still meet Tom someday since they’re staying on the same channel.

“Inevitable po yon. Of course, matagal ko na pong naisip yon. Na-prepare ko yung sarili ko. Parang wala na po. Wala na akong mararamdaman kung sakali man pong mangyari yon or kung mangyari man na po yun. Pag dumating na yung araw na iyon, hindi na po. Wala na po. At least, kumbaga, kilala ko po ang sarili ko, parang ganon po,” said Carla.

“Confident na po ako na hindi naman po ako parang magpa-panic or matatakot o malulungkot, parang ganon. Ako naman po ay napaka-professional na tao. So, kung sakaling nasa studio po siya, o kunwari ay may show po, kung nandun po siya, wala pong problema. Kumbaga, trabaho lang po,” she added.

Carla clarified that she already moved on from her relationship with Tom, which she described earlier as full of betrayal.

When asked if she would greet Tom if they ever met, Carla quickly said ‘no.’

“Ayoko po! Ayoko po because andami ko pong inaatupag, kailangang isipin. Hindi naman po. I don’t see the need. I don’t think it’s necessary na magkaroon pa na ganong initiative, attempt, o reach out,” she said.