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Content creator convinces a ‘rugby boy’ to throw the solvent and stop using it

An influencer has gone viral on social media after convincing a so-called ‘rugby boy’ to stop using the solvent and throw it away.

In his Facebook post, Impatzu shared his short interview with the said young man who was spotted using rugby along the sidewalk.

The influencer talked to the stranger and told him to stop using rugby.

Even the teenager admitted that he’s not happy with being hooked to the said solvent which is popular with street children.

After several minutes of convincing, Impatzu successfully convinced the young man to throw his solvent into the drainage.

He then gave random pieces of advice to the young man, telling him not to use the said solvent next time.

While most of the netizens praised Impatzu for what he did, some didn’t like how the influencer used the young man for his content without even giving him money.

The video already received 800,000 views as of writing.

“Lods para San yon Ang ginawa mo kahit 100 Piso Indi mopa na bigyan kawawa naman cya tapos nag humingi kapa nang share mahiya ka naman kawawa naman yon tapos tatawa kapa ano yon jowk,” netizen Marc said.

Some also didn’t like the advice of Impatzu, saying that the young man might take it seriously.

“This is not funny the boy needs help both physically and emotionally. We should be sensitive in our advice. Although we can say that your advice is reverse psychology, sir, it should not be advised to people of that age. They need proper guidance from us adults. We should make them feel how concerned we are about what they are doing that is not good.” netizen Edosan commented.

Jim Paredes at Boboy Garrovillo inaming nagpaparamdam sa kanila ang dating kasamahan na si Danny Javier

  • OPM legends Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo of the APO Hiking Society feel the presence of their late bandmate Danny Javier.
  • Jim Paredes experienced a dream in which Danny appeared and sang a song.
  • Boboy Garrovillo believes that Danny’s spirit is watching over him and guarded him during a recent car crash.

Remaining members of the legendary OPM group APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo admitted that they sometimes felt the presence of their former bandmate Danny Javier.

Javier passed away last year because of multiple health problems. However, Paredes and Boboy believed that their colleague’s spirit was still there and guiding them.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal published on February 2, 2023, the two shared their experience since Javier’s passing.

According to Paredes, Javier appeared in his dream and sang a song for him.

Paredes said that Javier told him to memorize the said song, however, he couldn’t remember the song when he woke up.

He’s also expecting Javier to appear again in his dreams to remind him again to memorize the said song.

Garrovillo also narrated his experience after Javier’s passing, saying that he believed that the latter’s spirit was guarding him.

“Feeling ko binabantayan niya ko. Infact something happened to me recently at nakalusot ako doon,” Garrovillo shared.

It can be recalled that Garrovillo survived a car crash last year on Christmas eve.

Paredes and Garrovillo were set to hold a Valentine Concert on February 14, the first time that they’re performing a major event without Javier.

Several artists were also expected to perform during the said event including Ito Rapadas, Wency Cornejo, Roselle Nava, and Raymond Lauchengco.

Jinkee Pacquiao hints filing charges against people spreading that she’s already separated with Manny Pacquiao

  • Jinkee Pacquiao, the wife of former Sen. Manny Pacquiao, denies rumors of an annulment with her husband.
  • In an interview with Boy Abunda, Jinkee confirmed that there is no problem between her and her husband and that they are “very much in love with each other.”
  • The Pacquiaos are currently investigating the source of the false rumors, which were spread on a Youtube channel, and might pursue legal action against those responsible.

Jinkee Pacquiao denied that she filed an annulment for her husband former Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

It can be recalled that a Youtube channel published a made-up story about the rumored separation of Jinkee and Manny.

However, in an interview with Boy Abunda, Pacquiao denied the news saying that there’s no problem between her and her husband.

“Hindi ako buntis. Hindi kami magkahiwalay. We are very much in love with each other,” Jinkee told the host.

She’s also said that they’re already investigating the said Youtube channel, a hint that they might push legal action against the people behind it.

“I am not pregnant. Pinapaimbestigahan na namin sino nagkakalat ng fake news na yan! We are very much in love with each other and going stronger everyday,” she said.

Some netizens were happy to hear that the rumors were not true.

They also urged Jinkee to find the people behind the said channel.

“Yes do it sir and jinkee para maparusahan ang bad na mga taong yon,” netizen Sanny said.

“Tama lang yan makulong para madala yung mga maretes,” netizen Ed remarked.

“Dapat pag nahuli ipakulong ng di pamarisan.. hanggat walang nakukulong ,magpapatuloy lang ang mga ganyang tao na walang magawa sa buhay kundi manira.” netizen Phickaju Ghq commented.

As of writing, the people behind the said Youtube channel have yet to identify.


Mon Tulfo reportedly removed from Philippine Star after writing an article about First Lady Liza Marcos

  • Mon Tulfo, a well-known columnist, has been allegedly removed from the Philippine Star due to his recent article about First Lady Liza Marcos.
  • Rigoberto Tiglao, another columnist, claims that Tulfo was removed from Philstar because of an article accusing the First Lady’s brother of illegal activities.
  • Tulfo has not yet confirmed the news.

It seems that Mon Tulfo’s career as a columnist for Philippine Star was over after being reportedly removed from the said publication due to his recent article about First Lady Liza Marcos.

Another columnist, Rigoberto Tiglao claimed that Philstar already removed Tulfo because of the alleged article of the latter accusing the brother of the first lady, Martin Araneta of being involved in illegal activities.

“First lady Liza Araneta reportedly blew her top because of a post in Tulfo’s Facebook page that alleged that her brother, Martin Araneta, is ‘involved in smuggling in the piers,’, particularly of onions, the price of which has made it the most expensive in the world last month,” Tiglao revealed in his article.

Tiglao said that the CEO of Philstar already told Tulfo that his column will not be published anymore, saying that his claims were already a liability for the publication.

The columnist also asked Tulfo about his thoughts, saying that the latter was not planning to come back after what happened.

“Belmonte claimed that Tulfo was merely on “an extended leave” and that “it is not impossible for him to return.” Tulfo however texted me: “Do you think I’ll still return after being shooed away like a pest?” the columnist wrote.

It can be recalled that Tulfo was critical of the current administration’s officials, especially Vice President Sara Duterte.

Tulfo has yet to confirm the news.


John Regala says that he almost refuses medical treatment before: “Gusto ko na pong sumunod sa mama ko”

Veteran actor John Regala said that he almost gave up living and refused to receive medical treatment because he already wanted to see his late mother Ruby Regala in the afterlife.

In an interview with journalist Raffy Tulfo, he revealed that his doctor told him that he’s suffering from liver cirrhosis and he needed to be treated immediately.

However, he refused to undergo an operation.

“Meron po akong liver cirrhosis at may tubig na po ang aking tiyan. Kailangan matanggal na po sabi ng doktor eh ayaw ko na pong ipatanggal dahil sa totoo lang po gusto ko na pong sumunod sa mama ko,” said Regala.

Regala also said that his financial problems forced his wife to leave him.

“Hindi ko po alam kung papano po ako magsisimula. Iniwan pa po ako ng aking asawa dahil wala na nga po akong pera,” the actor said.

The veteran actor also didn’t waste the opportunity to address his adopted children who left him also.

“Sana man lang matuto na humingi o magpasalamat sa nagpalaki sa inyo dahil hindi ko naman kayo kaano-ano pero ang pagmamahal na binigay ko sa inyo ay tulad ng isang tunay na anak. I don’t need material things from you. I can survive all the storm that will come. Basta yun mga tinuro ko sa inyo na magpakabuti kayo na anak, alam niyo mahal ko kayo,” the actor said.

After John Regala has gone viral after being discovered in a frail condition by a food delivery rider, celebrities and concerned citizens sent their help to the veteran actor who appeared in more than 50 movies and even won a best-supporting actor award.

Actor Chuckie Dreyfus gave an update to Regala, saying that the actor couldn’t eat properly for two weeks already because of his swollen liver and spleen.


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An afternoon well spent with Mr. John Regala. I got a call from kuya Reb Belleza to ask me to see Mr. John Regala so yesterday I visited him at his place to check on his condition and extend our support. Since 2015, he has been under the care of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) where he is a member and up to now, they have been looking after his well-being. I was met by his dear friends, actress Ate Nadia Montenegro Pla and Celebrity Journalist/ talent manager Aster A. Amoyo who were also there to reach out and provide him with the assistance that he might need. I was also told that Chuckie Dreyfus helped in gathering support for kuya John. It’s so incredible to see industry people come together to help one another in times like these. Kahit may kanya-kanyang priorities, basta sa panahon ng krisis, nandyan tayo para sa isa’t isa. I am happy to share that Kuya John is ok. He requires medical assistance, and Doc Poch, our ever-reliable doctor from Volunteer Corps PH was there to give him a check-up and assess his medical condition. Arrangements were made to address his immediate needs, which includes regular visits by the doctor to provide him with IV fluids to keep him hydrated and nourished since his liver problem makes him lose his appetite. There was an outpour of support coming from fellow actors in the industry to make sure he is well taken care of. Being a witness to all these, I can’t help but say to myself, “there’s hope.” This experience has been truly humbling. I’m almost four years in as head of FDCP, and since day one, we never stopped working to serve the film industry and the country. But while the agency has done so much as it is, it’s still not enough. Ang dami pa ring kailangang gawin at sistema na dapat iimplement para matulungan ang LAHAT ng sector at workers. Ang daming kailangan ayusin. Sanay pa rin ang lahat sa kanya-kanya at paghihilahan pababa. Despite the divisiveness, I hope we can find common ground so we can work together. The film industry is an ecosystem, and we need all the sectors working together to thrive. Sa lahat ng tumulong at patuloy na tumutulong kay Mr. John Regala, maraming salamat.

A post shared by Liza Diño-Seguerra (@lizadino) on

Aside from Dreyfus, Liza Diño, Nadia Montenegro and Aster Amoyo also visited the veteran actor.

This article was originally posted in 2020

Old video of Dina Bonnevie praising Alex Gonzaga caused confusion: “I feel like she’s my daughter”

  • A viral video featuring Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga has resurfaced on social media after the veteran actress’s recent revelation against the latter.
  • The video, taken in 2011 during the defunct noontime show, ‘Wowowillie,’ shows Dina complimenting Alex and treating her like a daughter.
  • However, Dina has since talked about Alex’s unprofessionalism, including being consistently late and showing poor treatment towards co-actress Nadine Lustre. She only recently admitted she was referring to Alex in her previous comments.

An old video featuring Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga resurfaced on social media after the recent revelation of the veteran actress against the latter.

In the video taken during the defunct noontime show, ‘Wowowillie,’ Dina couldn’t say anything wrong against Alex and even said that she treated the young actress like a daughter.

TV5’s 2011 Soap soap ‘PS I Love You’ cast, including Dina and Alex, appeared in the said noontime show to promote their program to the public.

“I feel like she’s [Alex] my daughter talaga,” the actress said.

Some netizens called the incident a ‘plastikan’ between Alex and Dina.

“Very professional sumagot si Dina. Hindi niya hinayaang idown si AG kahit may saltik na.” a netizen said.

“Deserve naman ni Alex if plastikin sya lol,” another netizen commented.

However, if people recall, the alleged feud between Alex and Dina only started during the show when the former allegedly showed unprofessionalism by showing up late.

Dina talked about Alex’s unprofessionalism several times over the past 12 years, and only when asked by ‘King of Talk’ Boy Abunda admit that she was referring to the young actress.

Aside from being consistently late, Dina also revealed that Alex showed bad treatment towards her co-actress Nadine Lustre who was starting her career during that time.

As of writing, Alex has yet to discuss the issue.

Pokwang reportedly spends millions of pesos during her relationship with her former husband Lee O’Brian

  • Comedian Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang, accused her former husband Lee O’Brian of not providing financial support for their family for nearly six years.
  • Talent manager Ogie Diaz provided more details about Pokwang’s revelation, stating that she alone shouldered the expenses for her pregnancy, their child’s needs, and even Lee’s travels to the US.
  • Lee has not yet responded to the claims made by Pokwang and the public discussion on social media continues. 

The revelation of Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang against her former husband Lee O’Brian became a hot discussion on social media after she claimed that the latter didn’t provide for their family for almost six years.

Talent manager Ogie Diaz gave more information about the revelation of Pokwang, saying that the comedian spent too much money to provide for her needs and her ex-partner.

According to Diaz, Pokwang spent her own money on her hospitalization during her childbirth and also the basic needs of their child Malia while Lee was allegedly not doing anything to contribute.

“As per Mamang Pokie ay lahat siya na ang gumastos. Mula sa kanyang pagbubuntis, mula sa mga vitamins na iniinom niya habang siya ay nagbubuntis kay Malia, sa pagpapa-ospital, sa binyag, sa unang kaarawan ni Malia, sa lahat ng kaarawan na nagdaan kay Malia, siya na lahat.” Ogie said.

Aside from Malia, Pokwang also shouldered the travel expenses of Lee if her ex-husband wanted to travel back to America.

“Hindi naman din niya sinabi kung kani-kanino na siya lahat ang gumagastos sa lahat. Literal. Kumbaga sa kanya nakatira raw itong si Papang at siya lahat ang gumagastos.” the talent manager stated.

“Kahit na raw yung mga pagpunta sa US ni Papang, ni Malia para dalawin yung parents ni Papang, siya pa rin daw. Business class pa yun, binawas sa talent fee niya. Ultimo yun mga panggatas ni Malia, school ni Malia, siya rin daw yun. Wala raw ano si Papang doon. Kaya lang, nakuha niyang ipagtanggol dahil tatay pa rin ito ng anak niya,” he added.

Pokwang possibly already spent millions of pesos during her six-year relationship with Lee.

As of writing, Lee has yet to give any statement about the claims of Pokwang.

It can be recalled that Pokwang started to criticize Lee after she revealed that the American actor was already dating another woman.

Netizens cautions Pokwang from making statements against her husband: ‘Baka mabasa ng anak mo’

Netizens expressed concern over the statements of comedian Marietta Subong popularly known as Pokwang against her former husband Lee O’Brian.

It can be recalled that Pokwang criticized her former husband several times and even claimed that the latter was being a freeloader in their house for almost six years.

“Nagising lang ako sa katotohanan na anim na taon kona pala sya palamunin at limang taon walang child support! Wag kana baka madamay ka sa demandahan namin,” Pokwang said.

“Hindi ko siya iniwan tanungin mo siya bakit ko siya pinalayas! Tanungin mo now na!” she added.

Several netizens urged Pokwang to stop making public comments against Lee for the sake of their children.

“If I were pokwang para hindi pinagpistahan ng mga basher niya tumahimik focus getting better yourself getting better your career kept yourself busy, don’t be a loser naging ampalaya ka pag you’re destroying your ex always remember he’s also your daughter’s dad stay cool, all youre actions it reflects who you are,” netizen Mallows Gabales said.

“Move on k n lng,mabuti at nagising k din s ka22hanan,,concentrate s iyong anak,,ganyan ang pag ibig minsan bulag,,baka yun pana n kupido e syo dibdib lng 2mma at yun s husband m e s ulo 2mama kya naging ganon hndi pgmmahal kundi pananamantala ang asa isip nya,” netizen Chel Caspillo commented.


Rapper Youngone receives mix reaction from netizens after sharing that he treat dinner for his family

A Filipino rapper had gone viral on social media after his post about treating his family to a big dinner.

In a Facebook post, Youngone shared a photo of his family together with the food he bought for them.

It can be seen that the food he bought from a popular fast-food restaurant was more than enough for four of them.

The photo received 62,000 reactions as of writing and mostly positive comments from the netizens.

“Mahirap kame pero nanlilibre pag meron,” the rapper said.

However, the rapper didn’t evade the criticisms from some netizens who reminded him that it’s his responsibility to buy food for his family and he should stop flexing it on social media.

“Nilibre mo pamilya mo, wow amazing ako ay napabilib sa iyong kahusayan dapat kang bigyan ng award ang galing,” a netizen sarcastically commented.

“Goods yan boss keep it up ikaw ang unang rapper sa kasaysayan na nanglibre ng pamilya,” another netizen said.

Youngone also received support from some netizens who defended him from criticisms.

“I feel like hindi naman pamilya niya ang tinutukoy niya diyan sa nililibre nila pag meron. kasi in the first place, ginamit niya yung word na KAMI na ibig sabihin mahirap sila pero sila yung nanlilibre pag meron, hindi yung mahirap sila pero nililibre niya yung family niya (na obligasyon naman dapat at hindi panlilibre tawag don). makikita rin sa picture na andaming pagkain ilang bucket meal at yum burger yun. di naman siguro sila bibili ng ganiyan kung para sa kanila lang kasi andami niyan masyado. which supports my assumption na ang tinutukoy niya sa nililibre niya/nila kapag merong pera ay ang ibang tao at hindi ang family niya na responsibilidad naman talaga,” netizen Kenth Vidallo said.

Photo from Youngone’s comment section/FB

“Ewan ko kung out-of-touch lang ba kayo sa struggles ng mga mahihirap, o trigger-happy kayong kagalitan ang mga mahihirap sa internet. Samantalang pag may sumira sa trip niyo, kayo pa ’yung unang nagsasabi ng “Let people enjoy things.” Nakakapagod kayo. Sa totoo lang.” netizen Toni Panagu wrote.

After becoming viral, Youngone addressed the netizens thanking them for support.

“Salamat sa suporta ke meron o wala,” he said.

Family of OFW Jullebee Ranara to receive a house and lot from Villar group: “Pangarap niyang magkaroon ng sariling bahay”

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) chief Arnell Ignacio revealed that Senators Cynthia and Mark Villar pledged to give a new home to the family of OFW Jullebee Ranara.

According to Ignacio, the family of Ranara was landless so the two senators decided to pledge a house and lot for them.

“Binigyan nga pala sila ng bahay nila Senators Cynthia and Mark Villar,” said Ignacio. “Kasi etong lupa na ito sa boss ni Tatay [ni Jullebee] kaya sabi bibigyan na sila ng sarili nila,”

Ignacio also shared that Jullebee wanted to work abroad because she wanted to buy a house for her family.

“Bago siya namatay ang sabi ni Jullebee sa nanay niya hindi na ako mag-a-abroad basta ang gusto ko lang ay matupad ang pangarap ko sa inyo na mabigyan kayo ko kayo ng bahay,” Ignacio shared.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte, who was listening to the message of Ignacio was thankful for the generosity of the two senators.

“Salamat naman, we would like to thank Villar, the senator and the businessman now, wala na sa politika, ganoon sila Manny at pati narin si Cynthia… si Cynthia istrikta lang ‘yan pero malambot ang loob niyan,” the former president said.

The two senators have yet to confirm the information shared by Ignacio.

The Villar family owned the real estate giant Vista Land & Landscapes Inc. which owns mass housing communities in the country.

Villar personally visited the Ranara family during the wake of the OFW.

“Bilang isang ina, hindi madaling makita at maramdaman ang sakit at pagdadalamhati ng pamilya. Panalangin para sa’yo Jullebee at sa iyong mga naiwan,” Villar statement reads.