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Matthew Navarro, hindi nangingialam sa pambabatikos ni Izzy Trazona sa kanilang anak na si Sophia

Matthew Navarro said that while he was supporting his child Andrei Trazona who outed as drag queen ‘Sophia’, he clarified that he was not trying to interfere with the opinions made by his former partner former Sexbomb dancer Izzy.

In an interview with Von Belinario, Matthew confirmed that he was not talking with Izzy anymore about Andrei.

“Wala na talaga, as in wala na talaga,” said Matthew. “Simula nung nagkaroon na siya ng partner, ng asawa, wala na kaming communication. Ayoko namang makigulo pa doon sa tao,”

According to him, he would accept the decisions of Andrei as long as his son was not doing bad things to other people.

“As long as hindi siya gumagawa ng masama sa kapwa niya, tuloy niya lang ‘yung pangarap niya kasi siya lang ‘yung makakagawa non… Syempre malaki na siya, at hindi naman kami nagkulang sa pagpapalaki sa kanya,” said Matthew.

“Masaya ako sa ginagawa niya as long as hindi siya nakakasakit ng tao and wala siyang inaagrabyado andiyan lang ako sa kanya,” he added.

Matthew even joked that he was a little upset that Andrei didn’t tell him about her plans to become a drag queen.

“Dapat ako ‘yung nag-isip ng pangalan niya,” he said.

Jose Manalo receives attention from netizens after he made a stop at Eat Bulaga studio

Jose Manalo gained the attention of some Eat Bulaga fans after he was spotted while making a stop-over at APT Studios of Eat Bulaga in Rizal.

On September 15, Bes Phils 2, a fan page dedicated to supporting the rebranded version of Eat Bulaga posted a photo of Jose while making a stop at the studio where he worked for many years.

Jose could be seen taking a photo of the studio and greeting some bystanders there before leaving the area.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Facebook page urged Jose to just return to Eat Bulaga instead of staying with Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon on TV5.

“Jose Manalo, nag stop-over sa APT Studio, namimis siguro ang mga dating katrabaho sa EB. Kung ako sayo Jose, wag mo ipilit sarili mo kung di ka happy halata kase sa mukha mo, balik ka nalang sa EB sa Tahanang Pinakamasaya,” the admin of the page wrote.

However, the post received criticism from netizens, saying that there was no chance that Jose would side with Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc.

“Tinatawanan nga lang kayo ni jose e anong namiss hahaha,” said netizen Reymar.

“Wag gnun admin dpat kung ano desisyon respituhin nyo kasi ako wla nmn ako pinapanigan sa tvj at jalosjos pero new eb pinapanood ko kasi bagong mukha na hosts,” netizen Jesus wrote.

As of writing, Jose has yet to give any statement on why he made to stop at the Eat Bulaga studio.

Izzy Trazona, may mensahe matapos ulanin ng batikos sa social media: “Lord is my shield!”

Former dancer Izzy Aragon-Trazona made a post after criticisms were thrown against her by the netizens after she publicly criticized her son Andrei Trazona who decided to out herself as a drag queen.

On September 14, Izzy showed that she was not affected by the negative comments against her, saying that she was being protected by the Lord.

In her post, she highlighted the support she received from some of her fans instead of addressing the negative comments against her.

“Thank you Lord for another day! For all the messages, sobrang daming nag pm, thank you will all my heart sa concern and prayers! And even testimonies of how the Lord worked and changed your lives! Sobrang daming encouraging messages,” said Izzy.

“I’am amazingly at peace, the Lord is my shield! I am continuously praying and full of hope [Praying emoji]” she added.

It can be recalled that Izzy went viral on social media after she publicly opposed the decision of her child who outed herself as drag queen Sophia.

“Andrei anak, I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. I am always here for you…your mama, mahal na mahal kita,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s father, Matthew Navarro contradicted the reaction made by Izzy and expressed support to his child.

“Dalaga na ang anak ko!” said Matthew.

Tito, Vic, and Joey, promotes EAT Panalo tumbler to his fans: “Basta panalo ‘to!’

Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon announced the first merchandise being offered by their noontime show E.A.T.

In his social media post, Joey posted the ‘Panalo Cup’ that would be available on the grocery chain sponsor of the TV5 program.

“Panalo Cup from Aling Puring available starting tomorrow! Basta Puregold panalo!” said Joey.



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In another post, Joey said that the Limited Edition TVJ Panalo Cup will be sold at P125.

A portion of the sales will go to Hospicio de San Jose, one of the biggest homeless shelters in the country.



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A post shared by Joey de Leon (@angpoetnyo)

TVJ fans vowed to support the said product and they would do their best to get the limited edition cup.

It can be recalled that Puregold was one of the major sponsors of Eat Bulaga that quickly expressed their support to TVJ amid the issue between the veteran hosts and their former production company TAPE Inc.


Sophia Trazona, receives support from her father Michael Navarro: “Dalaga na ang anak ko!”

Sophia Trazona received heartwarming support from her father, Michael Navarro after she decided to come out as a ‘drag queen’

In a Facebook post, Michael posted a photo of Sophia, greeting her newly outed child and praising her beauty.

“Dalaga na ang anak ko pwede ng ilaban sa Miss Gay International hahahahaha.. sinung pupusta?” said Michael.

Sophia who’s Andrei Trazona in real life, couldn’t hide her happiness after reading the post of her father.

“Papa ko super supportive,” she said.

Michael’s reaction was far from Sophia’s mother, Izzy Trazona’s response to the decision of the drag queen to out herself as a transgender.

It can be recalled that Izzy criticized her child publicly and said that she wanted to save the soul of Sophia.

“Andrei anak, I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. Putting my hope on what Jesus did on the cross for me, paid the consequence of my sin. Instead of me paying it. Sin will bring me to eternal death, hell. But He saved me. By believing and surrendering my life to that truth,” said Izzy.

Izzy received thousands of criticism from the LGBT community, while Sophia received support from the netizens even encouraged her to pursue her dreams.


Sharon Cuneta speaks up about KC Concepcion’s decision to unfollow Kiko and Frankie Pangilinan

Sharon Cuneta admitted that she was saddened after her eldest daughter KC Concepcion unfollowed her stepfather Kiko Pangilinan and half-sister Frankie.

During the press conference for her upcoming concert ‘Dear Heart’ together with her former husband Gabby Concepcion, the megastar said that she would refuse to elaborate on some information about the alleged feud between KC, Kiko, and Frankie.

“Some things have to stay within the family, so you cannot expect me na siraan ko ang anak ko. I will never do that,” said Sharon.

“Lahat ng tao nagkakamali. As long as an apology is sincere and you take accountability for it, whatever it is – this is for all my children – I will always forgive and I will always embrace you with open arms,” she added.

Despite what happened, Sharon said that she respected the decision of KC and vowed to protect her.

It can be remembered that KC admitted that she unfollowed Frankie and Kiko because she wanted to have peace of mind.

“So, wala naman po akong gustong ikuwento pa apart from the fact na, ako, I just want peace of mind, I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy. Ang gusto ko lang maging light, masaya, ayoko ng maraming drama, ayoko ng maraming hindi… yung forgiveness kasi sa family, important din yun siguro para maging okay yung takbo ng relationship ng lahat.” said KC.

200 students in Bohol allegedly experienced ‘Sapi’ or mass hysteria

200 students in Bohol were allegedly affected by a mass hysteria during a mass held at the San Jose National High School Friday.

According to Talibon Bohol Mayor Janette Aurestila-Garcia, the said students were rushed to the Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital (GMPH) after some of them showed signs of hysteria and fainted.

In a video posted by Atty. Lenard Querubin who witnessed the said situation, narrated the story on his social media followers.

“I personally witnessed this “Mass Hysteria” as they say, just this morning in San Jose National High School, Talibon, Bohol where a huge number of students exhibited unusual behaviors and fainted while attending the Holy Mass,” said Querubin.

Most netizens assumed that the said students were influenced by bad spirit during the mass.

Mass Hysteria was a phenomenon that took place in large groups and mostly showed signs of fainting and anxiety at the same time.

Several factors could have contributed to the said incident, including stress and social pressure.

As of writing, experts have yet to give any explanation on the cause of the mass hysteria in Bohol.

Neri Naig apologizes for her P1000 meal plan post: “Di ko nabigyan ng buong detalye’

Content creator Neri Naig apologized to the netizens after she gained criticism over her P1000 meal plan, which she shared with her fans online.

In a Facebook post, Neri admitted that she really made a mistake when she posted the said meal plan without elaborating the information about why she shared it.

According to her, she was only following the requests of her followers who were asking her for a meal plan, but some netizens mistakenly thought that she was trying to downplay the rising prices of goods.

She said that her followers were aware that she was known for sharing meal plans to help them to budget.

“Kasalanan ko talaga yan kase di ko nabigyan ng buong detalye yung caption ko like sa ibang mga captions ko. Sobrang antok na kase ako nyan at past 2 am na yun,” sabi niya.

“May nabasa kase ako na namimiss na nila yung meal plan post ko. Kaya bago matulog, gumawa ako. Nagalit tuloy ibang tao, hehe! Pero all good! I accepted na mali ako dito. Pasensya na po, bawi ako sa inyo next time. Gagawin ko na to ng di madaling araw at di antok, haha!” she added.

She also thanked her fans who kept defending her from her critics.

“Sa lahat ng nagtatanggol sa akin at alam talaga ang mga old postings ko at kilala ako. Salamat po sa pagmamahal! Palagi po namin kayong kasama sa prayers namin ni Chito everynight. Nagpapasalamat kase kami palagi sa mga taong palaging andyan at nagmamahal sa amin. Isang mahigpit na yakaaaaaaaaaaap! Sana maging maganda ang araw nyo po,” she stated.

Atty. Ferdinand Topacio calls Vice Ganda movies ‘worthless’: ‘Walang naitulong sa pagtaas ng antas ng pelikulang Pilipino’

Lawyer and producer Atty. Ferdinand Topacio couldn’t hide his disappointment at how Filipino moviegoers patronized the movies led by comedian Vice Ganda.

In a press conference, Topacio the producer of the movie ‘Mamasapano’ said that they spent millions of pesos to create a film that would remind the public about the sacrifice made by the SAF44 during the Mamasapano clash.

The said movie was one of the entries during the last Metro Manila Film Festival, but it didn’t perform well at the box office.

“Gumastos kami ng 33 million para sa ‘Mamasapano’ ang hirap bawiin because of the climate of the local film industry. Dominated kasi ‘yung local industry ng foreign films. Yon ang number one,” said Topacio who owns Borracho films.

“Number two, ‘yung mga movies na walang katuturan. Katulad ng mga movie ni Vice Ganda. ‘Yon ang namamayagpag e,” he added.

According to Topacio, most in-demand movies didn’t contribute to the improvement of the quality of Philippine cinema.

“Ano ba ang naitulong ng mga pelikulang iyon sa pagtaas ng antas ng pelikulang Pilipino? Wala naman e!” he stated.

As of writing, Vice has yet to give any response to the rants made by Topacio.

Vice made several box-office hits including Praybeyt Benjamin, Sisterakas, The Super Parental Guardians, and Fantastica.

All movies earned more than P100-M pesos, compared to the film produced by Topacio, which only achieved P5-M ticket sales.

Chito Miranda saddened by criticism receive by his wife Neri Naig’s P1000 meal plan: “What a cruel world”

Chito Miranda couldn’t hide his disappointment towards the netizens who criticized the P1000 weekly meal plan made by his wife Neri Naig to help parents survive the rising prices of goods.

In a Facebook post, Chito said that Neri only wanted to help her followers and not deny that there was a problem with the increasing prices of goods.

According to him, most of the people who criticized Neri were not really her followers and do not know the whole story behind it.

“Grabe diba? Naisip lang naman ng asawa ko na ba ka sakaling makatulong ‘yung meal plan nya sa mga tao that might find it useful, na-bash pa sya ng mga taong hindi naman nakasubaybay kung bakit ginagawa nya yung meal plan,” said Chito.

“For those who got angry and threw stones without knowing the details of what she was doing, good job sa inyo… Your comment say more about your character than the person you are commenting on. Peace and good vibes to you too,” he added.

It can be recalled that Neri received criticism from netizens after she posted a photo showing the plan that parents may follow if they want only to spend P1000 per week.

However, several netizens said that Neri’s meal plan was almost impossible to follow for long term.