Babae ilang linggo nang nawawala matapos pumunta sa Paresan ni Diwata

A 36-year-old woman has been missing for weeks after visiting the viral stall of internet sensation Deo Balbuena, a.k.a. Diwata.

According to the reports, Dina Ancheta left their house on April 16 after being fetched by a man she met online.


Ancheta told her relatives that she would visit Diwata Pares Overload in Pasay City; however, the woman stopped responding to text messages and online chats after leaving their house.

She also said she would just leave the stall due to the long lines and go home.


The last text sent by Ancheta was about her experience while lining up at Diwata’s stall.

The authorities said that the vehicle used by Ancheta was a Toyota Vios sedan with plate number BAA-2196.


They’re now trying to identify the man as even the relatives of Ancheta didn’t even know that she would meet someone during the day she went missing.

As of writing, Diwata has yet to say if he could help the authorities from trying to identify the man.

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