Orange and Lemons, nag-walk out matapos sumingit si Francis Diaz sa gitna ng kanilang performance

OPM band Orange and Lemons went viral on social media after they suddenly left the stage amid their performance.

During an event in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, the band was preparing to perform when actress Francine Diaz suddenly appeared on stage to greet the audience after the host called her.


The band, who felt that the limelight was stolen from them by Francine, left the stage.

Several moments later, Orange and Lemons vocalist Clem Castro addressed the audience and other artists to learn how to respect other performers.

“Gusto ko lang manghingi ng paumanhin pero kailangan ko lang sabihin ‘to… Para sa mga artist, sana naman walang sumisingit… Respeto lang ba?” Clem said.

The audience at the venue was left speechless after Clem’s statement.


Meanwhile, several netizens believed that the incident must be blamed on the host and the organizers.

According to them, Francine was only called to appear on stage and there was a possibility that she was not aware that Orange and Lemons was already preparing for their performance during that time.

“Wlang mali sa orange @lemon at ky francine,ang mali un mga organizer,dapat mga 10pm pinalabas na c francine at un banda na ang mag perform hangang sa cong.nene dati bawat artista 3 song ang peniperform,” netizen Maria said.

“Masyado naman kase minadaling tawagin si ganda.. oras kase ang binabayaran sa mga banda… aalis talaga agad sila yan basta nakapagperformed na,” netizen Butch remarked.


As of writing, Francine has yet to respond to the band’s statement against her.

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