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Matapos himukin na umiwas sa kanin, Miel Pangilinan inamin na nakaranas siya ng ‘eating disorder’

Sharon Cuneta’s daughter, Miel Pangilinan admitted that she suffered from having an eating disorder, which she already overcome.

In a video she posted on social media, Miel said that her eating disorder caused her to avoid nutritious foods during her teenage years, which badly affected her health.

Miel said that her experience made her disappointed about the comments being written by random people who were acting like they knew her situation.

“One of the things I’ve been trying to relearn is the fact that I have to stop eliminating important nutrients from my diet. Part of my eating disorder was a very obsessive focus on carbs and avoiding it, which caused me to lose a lot of nutrition at a very early teenage,” said Miel.

“And I’m just sharing this so I hope you understand why comments like this really do affect me. I know you’re looking out for me, and I know you’re probably a very sweet person, but there needs to be a little bit more of awareness of boundaries, because this is not a comment you should be saying to a random stranger.” she added.

It can be recalled that a netizen asked Miel to reduce her intake of rice.

However, Miel said that she would not accept advice from random people.

“It feels condescending. And I’m very, very tired of it. I’m sorry. I don’t need this kind of concern from you because I have my own parents, my own siblings, and my own nutritionist who are properly looking out for me and my health,” she stated.

‘Worst Vacation’ Bakasyunista, siningil ng mahigit P10,000 para sa kanilang pagkain sa Boracay

A Filipina who’s having a vacation with her foreign boyfriend in Boracay couldn’t hide her disappointment after being charged P10,257 for the seafood they ordered.

In a Facebook post, the tourist said that they ordered several kinds of seafood at ‘D’Talipapa’ a famous market in Boracay where fresh different kinds of seafood were being sold.

According to her, they ordered lobster, squid, sea urchins, crabs, rice, and drinks. They also paid the restaurant to cook the kinds of seafood for them.

They were surprised when the bill arrived, believing that they were overcharged by the restaurant.

“Posting this to make people aware that people who offer food in Bora should be careful. This is the worst vacation because it’s only our first day and this is our bill for just one meal,” the netizen said.

Malay, Aklan Sangguniang Bayan Member Alan Parma Sr. stated that while he respected the opinion made by the tourist, he believed that the problem might have been prevented if the latter only asked the restaurant for its pricing before ordering.

He suggested that tourists should research carefully before buying or eating at any establishments in Boracay so they could plan ahead based on their budget.

Palma said that he was worried that the post of the tourist would leave a bad impression on the tourism industry of Boracay.

It can be recalled in 2022, Panglao, Bohol went viral on social media after a group of tourists who were visiting one of its popular tourist spots, the Virgin Islands, complained about the overcharging they experienced when they ordered several seafood dishes.

As a result, Panglao LGU banned the seafood selling in the Virgin Islands.


Oops! Sen. Robin Padilla viral matapos makitaan diumano sa gitna ng live ng asawang si Mariel Padilla

Senator Robin Padilla went viral on social media after several netizens noticed that the actor-turned-public official had a wardrobe malfunction during the live-selling session of his wife Mariel Padilla.

In the said live video which was now nowhere to be seen on social media, Padilla was accompanying his wife while showing the products they were selling.

When the camera was focused on Padilla, netizens noticed something when the senator looked downwards.

Thousands of netizens were surprised by the scene, but fortunately, the actress quickly deleted the video.

As of writing, the senator has yet to give any statement on the said incident.

It can be recalled that aside from being an actress and lawmaker, the Padilla family was also busy with their businesses online including selling and promoting products.

Currently, they’re also promoting a food supplement product to their followers online.

The actress started their business last year, saying that online selling was her ‘true calling’.


Netizens calls the attention of MTRCB after Joey de Leon’s ‘lubig’ comment: “Wala talagang pinagkatandaan”

Netizens called the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after E.A.T host Joey de Leon made another remark during the Gimme 5: Laro ng Mga Henyo segment.

In the said segment, the contestant was asked to guess five things that could be hanged to someone’s neck.

When the contestant started to guess the answers, Joey could be heard trying to assist by saying that he should try answering ‘rope’.

“Lubid lubid, nakakalimutan niyo,” said Joey.

The said remarks weren’t received well by the netizens who called the joke from Joey ‘insensitive’ to the people experiencing mental health problems.

“The world is a better place if only Joey de Leon knows how to keep his mouth shut. ANUNA MTRCB?!!! ANUNA LALA SOTTO??!!!” netizen @ALTKapamilyaCH said.

“Anu na lala sotto. Pustahan tayo wlang statement iyan. Sasabihin na napaka-snowflakes namn namin. MY goodness! Resign na ka na Lala Sotto!” netizen @alterkyahkyah commented.

“As someone who’s seeing a psychiatrist, it is infuriating to see this old hag man repeatedly make jokes about such a topic. Hope you rot in hell, Joey De Leon,” netizen @phenomenaJiaLy stated.

As of writing, E.A.T and MTRCB have yet to speak about the said incident.

In 2017, Joey also received criticism on social media after he made a statement saying that ‘depression’ was only an imagination of some people.

The veteran host was forced to make a public apology for his statement.


Friendship over! Sass Rogando Sasot calls her former close friend Thinking Pinoy: ‘Patabaing Baboy’

‘In politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent interest’

DDS Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot couldn’t contain her secrets against her former colleague and friend RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto.

In the past few months, Sasot took several swipes against Nieto, and on September 23, the international relations expert who was currently taking a doctorate degree in China already directly mentioned the latter.

“I told you RJ…you should have asked me how to execute “plausible deniability” masterfully… TP ka pa rin naman: TSISMOSONG PINOY,” said Sasot.

In another post, Sasot asked Nieto if he really accused her of receiving an allowance from First Lady Liza Marcos.

Sasot denied that the P100,000 monthly she received from Marcos was an allowance and insisted that it was a payment for her consultancy services.

“Thinking Pinoy, can you confirm na you told Bettinna, your buddy in London, that Liza Marcos was giving me 100K monthly ALLOWANCE, when in fact it was payment for the foreign policy consultancy work that she hired me for, which, by the way, happened because of your recommendation. Is PAYMENT FOR WORK the same as ALLOWANCE? A work that I did quite okay. Of course 100K pesos per month is NOT the standard consultancy fee in the Netherlands, my dear. It was a bargain,” Sasot asked.

She even called Nieto ‘patabaing baboy’ and even posted several screencaps of their messages to prove that she was right.

As of writing, Nieto who’s currently studying in Europe has yet to give any direct response to Sasot.

It can be recalled that Sasot and Nieto collaborated many times in the past to promote and defend former President Rodrigo Duterte before and after the 2016 presidential elections.

However, after the Duterte administration ended and was replaced by the new leadership under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. they were noticeably distanced from each other.


GMA News receive criticism after revealing their ‘AI’ Sportscaster: “here are countless skilled humans capable of performing brilliantly in those tasks.”

Instead of astonishing the netizens, GMA Network received thousands of criticisms on social media after they revealed their newest sportscasters that are made of artificial intelligence.

In a Facebook post, GMA introduced the first ‘AI Sportscasters’ in the Philippines, Maia and Marco who will deliver the latest sports updates to the fans.

According to the report, Maia and Marco were products of a collaboration between GMA Integrated News, GMA News Media, and GMA Synergy.

They were set to appear in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 99.

“The introduction of the first AI sportscasters by GMA Integrated News is a groundbreaking initiative that significantly impacts our objective of ‘Mas malaking misyon, mas malawak na paglilingkod sa bayan.’ It aligns with our mission to serve all communities within the nation and promote inclusivity in our reporting,” GMA executive Oliver Victor Amoroso said.

“GMAIN’s adoption of AI technology also demonstrates our commitment to innovation in journalism. We embrace emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of the media industry by providing our audience with a modern and engaging sports news experience. Through this initiative, we continue to fulfill our commitment to providing valuable information and enriching the lives of Filipinos worldwide,” he added.

However, several netizens expressed disappointment as GMA prefered to build an AI instead of hiring real people for the job.

“This is unsettling. There are countless skilled humans capable of performing brilliantly in those tasks. Also, sports are heavily driven by passion, excitement, and human drama. An AI might lack the ability to convey the emotional highs and lows of a game, reducing viewer engagement,” netizen Derf Maiz said.

“I dont think this is something that the human race will be happy & enthusiastic about it. This is in fact a sad day for all of us. Technology are slowly replacing humans in all fields,” netizen Caesar Distrito commented.

“Nothing to be happy about here. It’s actually alarming, scary, and sad. This isn’t even worth praising and I stand my ground. Technology should always be “just” an assistance to humans, not replacement to humans,” netizen Omar Lacsamana remarked.

As of writing, GMA has yet to give any statement on the criticism they receive from netizens.


Agot Isidro, tila may patama sa confidential funds ni VP Sara Duterte

Agot Isidro took a swipe against the government after several months of not talking about issues.

During the 51st anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, Agot talked about the alleged legalizing of corruption in the country.

“We not only normalize stealing, we even legalize it,” said Agot.

Netizens quickly guessed that Agot was referring to the P500-M confidential funds of the Department of Education (DepEd) which is being led by Vice President Sara Duterte.

Unlike normal funds, confidential funds have limited visibility to the eye of the Commission on Audit (COA) which is tasked to know if an agency was using the budget properly or not.

Confidential funds were often used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to make sure that the enemy of the state would never have access to projects related to the country’s security.

That’s why many critics questioned why the DepEd asked for a P500-M confidential fund despite not being an agency handling the security of the country.

However, Duterte said that DepEd should also be given confidential fund because several schools were being used by the enemy of the state to recruit potential rebels.

Screening officer sa NAIA, sinabing tsokolate ang kanyang isinusubo sa CCTV footage

The employee of the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) who went viral on social media after being accused of stealing $300 from a Chinese tourist denied that she tried to swallow the evidence that could be used against her.

A Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed the officer trying to swallow something believed to be the money she grabbed from the wallet of the victim.

According to OTS Administration Mao Aplasca, the suspect insisted that she was only eating a chocolate bar when the CCTV footage was taken.

“Nagsubmit siya ng supplemental affidavit niya sa ating investigation team na parang may kinain lang daw siyang tsokolate,” said Aplasca.

But according to Aplasca, they didn’t buy the alibi made by the officer.

“Hindi naman normal na ganun kumain ng tsokolate, na hirap na hirap at tinutulak pa niya, atsaka hindi mo kailangan ng tubig,” he stated.

The victim, Mr. Cai narrated that he was crossing the security screening when he noticed that there was missing in his wallet.

Authorities failed to convince Cai to file charges against the security personnel and left the country.

The suspect was currently suspended from her duties as a security officer as the investigation was still ongoing.

Lalake, viral matapos makipagtalo dahil ayaw maging taga abot ng pamasahe sa Jeep

A man went viral on social media after was seen refusing to help other passengers by passing the fare to the driver of the jeepney they were riding on.

In a Facebook post, the uploader of the video could be heard arguing with the man who asked them why he should feel obligated to pass the fare to the driver.

“Kayo napakaingay n’yo! Mura kayo nang mura. Bakit sino kayo para murahin kami?” the uploader said.

“Sino ako para abutan n’yo (ng pamasahe)?” the man responded.

“E di huwag kayong sumakay sa public!” the uploader answered back.

The man also told the uploader not to record him as he would file charges against them.

The said video sparked a heated discussion about jeepney courtesy.

While most of them believed that the man should help the passenger, some said that he also had the right to refuse the request.

Some netizens who defended the man noticed that there was a big gap between the man and the uploader.

“Lumapit ka nakikisuyo ka galit kapa.. Hahaha.. Kung ayaw ni Tatang ikaw mag abot sa driver,” said Jeffrey Jamito.

“Tamad tawag dyan te..luwag2 pa ng jeep bat hindi k n lng mismo mag abot,” netizen Mhark Lovenino remarked.

Super Sireyna winner Francine Garcia apologizes to Chavit Singson’s family after being linked to Luis Christian

Super Sireyna 2013 winner Francine Garcia apologized to the Singson family after she was linked to Luis Christian Singson.

Christian was the son of former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson that’s why Francine got so much attention from the netizens.

It can be recalled that Francine posted several photos of her together with Christian and many people assumed that she had a relationship with the latter.

However, Francine denied that she had a relationship with Christian and apologized for the confusion she started.

According to her, she only collaborated with Christian to promote a product and nothing else.

“Para matapos ang issue samen ni Luis Christian Singson, it just so happen na I was in Laoag to fix some important things, and nag drop by sa Vigan over night para sa endorsement the following day. Luis happened to be in Vigan aswell and normal sa FRIENDS na pag nagkataon na nasa iisang lugar eh magkita and kwentuhan.
“That’s why when Luis invited me and QUEEN DURA sa Sulvec to do a content and vlog, nag LIVE pa kame and dun palang kitang kita naman na wala naman something samen. Initially it was just Luis and QD, since naalala ko na meron kame episode nung May, I asked if okay kaya na gawan ng part 2, since yung 1st episode naman eh hindi nabigyan ng malisya. Tho I must admit that the “caption” was too much and hindi masyado na gets na it was for clout lang.
“Nakakatuwa na madami nagshshare, ang HINDI MAGANDA eh yung BINIGYAN NG KULAY AT GINAWANG PARANG TOTOO sa mga pinagtagpi tagping kwento ng ibang pages, na kesyo nung Sept 1 eh nag announce ng ‘In a new relationship’ nakakahiya sa GF nung tao, na hindi naman showbiz to understand yung mga nangyayari and YES TAKEN NA SYA!
So my apologies to the family, especially kay Luis na nagugulo sa issue which was taken out of context and purely just for the CONTENT.” she wrote.
As of writing, Christian has yet to give any response to the issue.