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Darla Sauler, binatikos dahil sa pagpapa-unlak niya ng panayam kay Toni Gonzaga

Television writer and former staff member of Kris Aquino, Darla Sauler, went viral on social media after she was granted an interview invitation by Toni Gonzaga.

In the interview, Darla and Toni talked about the lessons they learned and how they started forgiving people to achieve peace.

The video gained the attention of the netizens, receiving 15,000 views as of writing.

However, the interview left a bad taste among Kapamilya fans, who were still disappointed in Toni’s decision to leave ABS-CBN and even supported a candidate who was unpopular among ABS-CBN followers.

“Talk about delicadeza kasi mukhang wala kayo nyan,” netizen AC Nixon said.

“ABS CBN deserve more than this person. Please naman, I can still see her face on stage when she’s campaigning. Forgiveness yes, but for a Solid Kapamilya like me, my clan, colleagues and friends – No po,” netizen @Guinevere stated.

“Mahiya ka sa pinagtatrabahuan mo darla,” netizen Mr. Commis remarked.

As of writing, Darla has yet to give any response to the criticism she received from the netizens.

Kyla announces fifth miscarriage: “It’s really hard”

Singer Kyla announced her fifth miscarriage since her attempt to have a second child with her husband Rich Alvarez.

In an interview with ‘Magandang Buhay,’ Kyla said that the miscarriage happened around December before Christmas.

“We’ve been struggling for years and years and years. It’s been really hard, especially very recent lang ‘yung sa amin eh. Just before Christmas actually, I suffered another one (miscarriage). ‘Yun ‘yung biggest challenge,” he said.

It can be recalled that in 2022, Kyla also announced her fourth miscarriage and even left a message for her unborn child.

“Losing you. again..for the fourth time is unimaginable. I can’t even put my feelings into words. I am screaming and crying in my head and I couldn’t tell anyone,” she stated.

Rich and Kyla had a child already, Toby, who was born in 2013.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their sympathy for Kyla.

It’s not yet known why Kyla was having difficulties with her pregnancy.

Cristy Fermin, pumalag kay Dominic Roque: “Napakaselan at sensitibo mo!”

Cristy Fermin couldn’t hide her disappointment at the extreme reaction launched by Dominic Roque against her.

It can be recalled that Dominic acquired the services of Fernandez & Singson Law Services to debunk the alleged rumors released by Cristy against the model-actor.

However, Cristy denied that she was the one who linked Dominic to several male politicians.

She even criticized Dominic’s sensitivity over her statements.

Cristy argued that Dominic was a public figure who should be ready to face issues.

“Ngayon, Dominic Roque, napakaselan mo, napaka-sensitibo mo. Public figure ka pero lumalabas dito sa iyong pinalabas na opisyal na pahayag sa pamamagitan ng iyong mga abogado, na ayaw mong may naririnig at nababasa na para sa iyo ay hindi kagandahan na kwento,” she said.

“Unang-una, public figures kayo, wag na natin gamitin yun public property dahil may sarili rin kayong buhay na dapat itira kahit kudlit lang para sa sarili niyo. Pero pigura kayo ng showbiz, public figures kayo, anumang nangyayari sa buhay niyo ay para kayong isda sa aquarium. Tinititigan kayo,” she added.

She even reminded Dominic that he only became famous because of his ex-girlfriend, Bea Alonzo.

“Ikaw Dominic, hindi ka pa nga gaanong sikat. Ang totoo, kuminang ang pangalan mo dahil kay Bea Alonzo. Kuminang ang pangalan mo dahil kay Bea Alonzo tapos ikaw pa ang magiging ganto kaselan? Ganito kainosente? Ganto kapili ng gustong marinig at mabasa.” she stated.

Michael Cinco, may patama sa mga artista at influencer na gustong makalibre sa mga local brands

International fashion designer Michael Cinco couldn’t hide his disappointment over the unfair treatment being received by local fashion brands from some celebrities and influencers.

In his now-deleted Instagram story, Cinco took a swipe against the said popular figures, who spent a lot of money to buy luxury brands created from other countries, while asking for free products from local designers.

“So Filipino celebrities and famous influencers are often seen wearing European
designer clothes? It seems like they spend a fortune on these items just to keep up with the latest fashion trends… But have you ever stopped to think about why they choose to spend their money on these expensive European brands, rather than supporting our very own Filipino designers?” said Cinco.

“It’s quite ironic how these celebrities proudly wear these designer clothes, but when it comes to Filipino designers, they suddenly want everything custom-
made for them for FREE… It’s a sad reality that many talented and hardworking FILIPINO DESIGNERS have to face. They pour their hearts and souls into their creations, but are often undervalued and underpaid,” he added.

According to the designer, Filipinos should start supporting local brands instead of asking for free products.

He even admitted that he experienced the same thing many times, but hinted that he rejected those proposals.

“Every time some influencers and starlets ask me if I wanna do their wedding dress or red carpet dresses for collaboration or for FREE,” he stated.

Bakit ako? Cristy Fermin nagtataka kung bakit siya ang pinag-initan ng abogado ni Dominic Roque

Talent manager Cristy Fermin was clueless why she was being blamed by Dominic Roque’s camp on the rumors circulated about the model-actor amid his breakup with Bea Alonzo.

In her online show, Cristy questioned why she was being tagged by Dominic’s lawyer and accused her of spreading the rumor about the latter and TAPE Inc. President Seth Jalosjos.

Cristy insisted that she never mentioned any names on her show.

“Mula nang salatin ko po ang isyu ng breakup ni Bea Alonzo at Dominic Roque, ni isang banggit po ng pangalan nitong si Mayor Bullet Jalosjos ay hindi ko binitiwan. Kahit po initials, kahit po clue, tungkol sa kanya ay wala po kayong nalaman mula sa akin,”  she said.

The columnist then told Dominic’s camp to blame internet influencer Xian Gaza over the spread of rumors about Jalosjos.

“Si Xian Gaza po, isang vlogger, diniretso po niya na si MayorBullet Jalosjos talaga ‘yung nagbabahay dito kay Dominic Roque. Sa akin n’yo po ba ‘yun narinig? Yung kay Xian Gaza na nga lang diretsong diretso e. Bakit hindi ‘yun ang inyong habulin? E siya yung nagsalita sa inyo na kayo ‘yan,” she said.

Cristy even challenged Dominic’s camp to provide evidence against her.


Nagiging propeta na? Ogie Diaz, napanaginipan ang pagbabalikan ni Bea Alonzo at Dominic Roque

Talent manager and showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz disclosed the possibility of reconciliation between Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque.

It can be recalled that Ogie was among the showbiz reporters who reported the breakup between the two celebritiess and even mentioned the possible reasons why the two decided to cancel their wedding.

However, Ogie shared a bizarre revelation on his online show, saying that he dreamed that Bea and Dominic were trying to fix their differences.

“Si Dominic at si Bea, napanaginipan ko, ayon sa panaginip ko, na inaayos, na inaayos nila na maging okay sila ulit. Panaginip lang naman to no,” he said.

“Napanaginipan ko na si Dominic at saka si Bea nagkita bago mag-Singapore si Bea. Di ba nag-Singapore si Bea. Bago mag-Singapore si Bea nagkita sila,” he added.

According to him he saw Dominic visited Bea before she traveled to Singapore.

“Ayun nga. Eto panaginip ko lang naman to, so hindi, si Dominic pumunta sa bahay ni Bea bago mag-Singapore. Tapos, pilit nilang inaayos eh, ang problema,” he said.

He even said that the discussion between Bea and Dominic had a positive result.

It’s not yet known if the dream of Ogie would come true.


TAPE Inc. president Jalosjos, inamin na sa kanya ang condo na tinitirhan ngayon ni Dominic Roque

Television and Production Exponents Incorporated (TAPE Inc.) President and Dapitan Mayor Seth Frederick P. Jalosjos admitted owning the condominium unit where model actor Dominic Roque resides.

In an interview, Jalosjos clarified that Roque was only his close and trusted friend, and the model was paying him for the condominium unit lease.

“Clarify ko lang, actually ‘yung condo totoong akin talaga ‘yon,” said Jalosjos. “Ginawa ko siyang airbnb. Syempre, as a friend, barkada, si Dom, asked me if I want to have it rented,”

“Natawa an nga lang ako bakit tumalin ‘yung issue sa business na binahay na,” he added.

Meanwhile, Congressman Bong Suntay, who was also linked to Roque, denied in the same interview that he gifted a gas station to the model.

According to him, Roque was only a brand ambassador of his fuel business.

“Kung talagang magreresearch lang makikita nila as early as five years ago talagang brand ambassador na si Dominic. Ang nakakagulat nga ‘yung pinost pa nilang picture ‘yung contract signing namin ni Dom,” he said.

It can be recalled that Dominic acquired the service of a law office to defend himself from the rumors being spread by veteran columnist Cristy Fermin.

Yari! Abogado ni Dominic Roque, may babala kay Cristy Fermin

The lawyer of Dominic Roque released a statement regarding the rumors disclosed by veteran columnist Cristy Fermin about their client.

It can be recalled that Cristy discussed the possible reasons why Bea Alonzo chose to cancel her engagement with Dominic.

Some of the rumors Cristy mentioned were about Dominic’s ‘dark past’ and the alleged gifts he received from different men.

She also mentioned several politicians who allegedly gave favors to Dominic.

However, Fernandez & Singson’s law office said that there was no truth about the information released by Cristy.

“We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin. These defamatory statements were made by Ms. Fermin under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm the same from Mr. Dominic Roque. In her vlog, Ms. Fermin made malicious defamatory innuends. These innuendos alluded that Mr. Dominic Roque has a benefactor who is a politician and that this politician is the owner of the condominium where he currently resides. The messaging of the innuendos was clear and unambiguous. In fact, the malicious and baseless innuendos were quickly picked up by social media netizens, several of whom even uploaded a photo of Dapitan City Mayor Jalosjos without his knowledge and consent. There is absolutely no truth to these malicious innuendos, Mr. Dominic Roque is a longtime friend of Mayor Jalosjos and is leasing the unit owned by Mayor Jalosjos,”  they stated.

The law office reminded me that there were laws that existed to protect their client against malicious statements.

They also denied that Dominic and Bea had a disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement.

As of writing, Cristy has yet to give response to the statement released by Dominic’s camp.

Ex-Miss Universe president Paula Shugart mulls charges against Anne Jakrajutatip

Former Miss Universe President Paula Shugard mulled charges against the current owner of the prestigious beauty organization, Anne Jakrajutatip.

In her statement, Shugard said that she tried to keep her silence and privacy, but the recent statements made against her by Jakrajutatip forced her to protect herself.

“Since announcing my resignation in November of 2023, I have sought to stay out of the spotlight, electing not to comment on any of the changes within the Miss Universe Organization, seeking only to quietly help the brand and its stakeholders, when requested, with my historical knowledge and guidance,” she said.

“However, recent false and outrageous comments made by Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip impugning my character have compelled me to break my silence,” he added.

According to the former Miss Universe president, Jakrajutatip accused her of accepting bribes to control the results of the pageant.

Shugard argued that the accusations made by the Thai businesswoman were also an accusation against the integrity of former Miss Universe winners.

“Normally, I would choose to ignore such assertions but, by suggesting that I am corrupt and took money “under the table” to secure placements in Miss Universe competitions, Jakrajutatip not only defames me, but she also discredits the women who have won the Miss Universe crown by implying their titles were “bought” and not earned by merit. I cannot abide by such dangerous and reckless assertions, which degrade the Miss Universe brand and its Titleholders,” she stated.

To protect her image, and the former winners of the competition, Shugard said that she would file legal charges against Jakrajutatip in Thailand.

“I am presently considering my legal options in Thailand and what actions I might take. However, given that my complaint will be just one of many legal actions currently facing the owner of JKN, it is imperative for the Miss Universe brand and its legacy that I immediately speak the truth and condemn these words before taking any action in Thai courts and I am reserving all rights to claim for damages,” she said.


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Sasakyan na minamaneho ni Jaya, nabangga habang papunta siya sa concert ni Regine Velasquez

“Queen of Soul” Jaya had an unfortunate incident while on her way to watch the concert of her friend Regine Velasquez in the US.

Jaya who’s excited to meet her friend again after several years, recounted the incident which forced her to cancel her plans to watch the concert.

According to her, she was traveling with some of her friends to Sacramento, California, when their car collided with another vehicle.

The singer was still thankful that they were fine after the collision.

“I am doing ok but my friends are being checked and they will be alright, by God’s grace. Thank you Jesus for sending us divine protection and covering us with your blood. It could’ve been super worse. I’m glad Doc and Auntie Merls are ok,” she said.

“Thank you Lord for making it another day. I am grateful for your mercy and grace. Praise your Holy name.” she added.

She also reminded her fans to wear their seatbelt at all times even if they’re in the backseat.

“Please wear your seatbelts, AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE IN A VEHICLE, especially if you’re a back seat passenger,” she stated.


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