Mga gamit ng nawawalang pageant contestant na si Geneva Lopez, nakita sa isang sunog na sasakyan

The authorities gathered vital evidence to solve the case of a missing Mutya ng Pampanga contestant, Geneva Lopez.

On June 24, 2024, the belongings of Lopez and her boyfriend, Yitzhak Cohen, were found inside a burned SUV in Tarlac.


Lopez and Cohen were last seen on June 21, 2024, preparing to travel to Tarlac because of their plan to purchase a property in the province.

The SUV was found by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) members.

Lopez’s relatives also confirmed that the beauty contestant owned the belongings found inside the vehicle, including IDs.

Meanwhile, Lopez’s friends have already published one of the persons of interest in the beauty contestant’s disappearance.

The said individual was the man who was supposed to be met by Lopez and her boyfriend.


He was also declared missing as he couldn’t be reached on his phone.

As of this writing, the authorities are still looking for the couple.


Meanwhile, several netizens couldn’t help but compare the incident to what happened to another beauty contestant, Catherine Camilon.

They highlighted that a vehicle used to transport Camilon was also found charred, a possible way to hide the evidence that would help the authorities to solve the case.

Netizens were still hoping that Lopez and her boyfriend were safe somewhere.

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