Chavit Singson, sinagot ang pagkaka-link ni Yen Santos sa kanya: “Tanong n’yo na lang kay Paolo.”

Former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson reacted to the rumors that he had a relationship with actress Yen Santos who’s currently with Paolo Contis.

In an interview, Singson has been asked if he was aware of such rumors about him and Yen.

“Gov, aware kayo na nali-link kayo dati kay Yen Santos?” the reporters asked.

Singson reacted to the question and smiled.

“Alin po siya doon, ‘yung totoo o ‘yung hindi?” another reporter told Singson.

The veteran politician who’s known for being the powerful person in Ilocos Sur until today only made a short answer.

“Tanong n’yo na lang kay Paolo.” he said.

Aside from Yen, Singson has also been asked about his relationship with Pops Fernandez and Vina Morales which he quickly answered that they’re only friends.

However, netizens noticed that Singson gave a different reaction to the question about Yen.

Singson also quickly left after answering the question about the actress.

It can be recalled that since 2017, Yen has been linked to a certain politician.

According to Yen, a certain public official tried to court her but she clarified that she never had a relationship with him.

“Siyempre, alam mo ‘yon, hindi naman maiiwasang may aaligid, pero hindi naman ‘yung talagang dyudyowain, hindi,” she said.


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