Liza Marcos, hindi pinansin si VP Sara Duterte sa send-off ni PBBM

First Lady Liza Marcos was visibly not in the mood to interact with Vice President Sara Duterte, a day after former President Rodrigo Duterte and other members of the Duterte family criticized her husband, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

During the send-off ceremony for Marcos at the Villamor Airbase, the chief executive could be seen approaching Duterte and even exchanged friendly greetings.


However, the first lady could be seen ignoring the vice president and walking on the airport tarmac.

Mrs. Marcos returned for a short period to greet Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin but ignored Duterte, who was only beside the public official.

The netizens visibly noticed the said encounter and speculated that Mrs. Marcos was disappointed with the criticisms they received from the Dutertes.


Despite the incident, the Vice President was still chosen to become the caretaker of the government while Marcos was in Vietnam.


It can be recalled that former President Duterte criticized Mrs. Marcos and accused her of being behind the move to change the constitution via the People’s Initiative.

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