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Rep. Marcoleta asks NTC commissioner Cordoba to resign: “Mag resign nalang po kayo kasi pinagtatakpan niyo”

Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta lashed out National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba for allowing ABS-CBN to operate via their TV Plus and Channel 43.

During the legislative hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise on Monday, Marcoleta and other lawmakers pointed out that the cease and desist order by NTC against ABS-CBN should also cover channel 43 and their TV plus operations.

Even Cordoba admitted that the lawmakers against ABS-CBN were correct.

Marcoleta who’s a known critic of ABS-CBN couldn’t hide his disappointment to Cordoba despite the explanations of the latter on why they let the Kapamilya network operate their shows in other ways.

According to him, he’s not convinced of the explanation of Cordoba that they’re waiting for the opinion from the office of the Solicitor General before deciding on the fate of channel 43 and TV plus.

“Ang sabi niya (Cordoba) ay bigyan lamang siya ng ilang araw because he’s discussing it with the Solicitor General, hindi naman po ako naniniwala na aabutin po tayo ng labing siyam na araw bago niya sabihin ngayon na ngayon palang niya ata i-issue ang cease and desist order, bakit po nagkaganon?” said Marcoleta.

Marcoleta said that he wanted the NTC commissioner to resign for allegedly ignoring the actions of ABS-CBN.

“Kung ako ang masusunod, dapat mag resign po si Commissioner Cordoba because he’s not doing his job,” he said.

Marcoleta also accused Cordoba of protecting ABS-CBN.

“Kung ako ang masusunod mag resign nalang po kayo, kasi pinagtatakpan po ninyo eh, ano po ang gagawin namin nandito kami eto bang ginagawa namin ngayon ay walang ka kwenta kwentang bagay? Nagpapagod po kami dito,” the lawmaker told Cordoba.

“Pero ngayon nakabuyangyang sa lahat ng telebisyon nakakapag broadcast parin sila eh, eh kung ganoon po ay itigil nalang po natin ang proceedings Mr. commissioner dahil kahit po pala wala silang prangkisa eh kaya nilang mag broadcast,” he added.

Cordoba during the same day said that ABS-CBN TV plus and Channel 43 should cease operation on June 30.

“All broadcast operations of ABS-CBN are only authorized through its expired franchise…In other words, ABS-CBN’s airing of digital TV on Channel 43 is part of the cease and desist order because the franchise that they used for that is ABS-CBN’s franchise,” said Cordoba.

However, it seems that Cordoba would face a serious problem as Cavite Rep. Boying Remulla hinted charges against the NTC commissioner.

“I believe we have already found a ground for this committee to file a case with the Ombudsman against Commissioner Cordoba because he has willfully disobeyed the power of Congress to issue franchises and allowing an entity to operate a franchise and earn money at the same time,” Remulla said.


Atty. Ferdinand Topacio challenges Sharon Cuneta and Frankie Pangilinan: Kasuhan niyo ako, bring it on!

Atty. Ferdinand Topacio challenged Sharon Cuneta into a legal battle after he made a harsh comment against the latter’s husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, and daughter Frankie Pangilinan.

“Ate Shawie, since the SOJ (Secretary of Justice) is your friend, SUE ME! BRING IT ON!” Topacio wrote.

In a tweet last Sunday, Topacio couldn’t hide his anger over the comments of Frankie against former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

On June 25, Frankie released the notes she wrong while watching the impeachment trial of Corona.

“I personally think he’s guilty. He certainly looks tired, the chief justice is lying. I’m 95% sure of this,” Frankie wrote.

Topacio also made a note about Senator Pangilinan as a response to Frankie’s notes.

“Hi, Kaki Pangilinan. Read your notes on CJ Corona that you saw fit to publicize. Here are my notes on your father: Sen. Pangilinan is a lousy lawyer who couldn’t even win as kapitan till he married your mom and exploited her popularity,” Topacio said.

“He can’t hold a candle to your mom’s first and greatest love Gabby, who remains dashing until now. If I were 12 years old, I’d b*tch-slap you and say F.U. for your rudeness to a dead, great man,” he added.

The camp of Pangilinan has yet to comment on the criticisms of Topacio.

Last week, Cuneta said that she’s going to file charges against a London-based Filipino who made a theoretical question to Frankie.

While Cuneta received support from her fans, some netizens still criticized the megastar for her recent actions.

An OFW even said that he’s not afraid to wish ill to the Pangilinan family after he didn’t get the justice he wanted for her wife who passed away in 2017 because of an accident involving a 16-year-old motorcycle rider.



Cebu city residents celebrate Sto. Niño fiesta despite the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine

Despite being the second epicenter of COVID-19 in the Philippines, a Barangay in Cebu City bravely celebrated its religious festival, defying the enhanced community quarantine measures being implemented by the government.

Yesterday, netizens complained on Facebook after seeing the photos taken during the fiesta dedicated to Senyor Sto. Niño held at Brgy. San Nicolas in Cebu City.

In the photos posted by Kenneth Londres Edillon, it showed the residents who waited for the arrival of the procession doesn’t practice social distancing.

‎Kenneth Londres Edillon‎

Some people performed Sinulog Dance during the procession and wearing a face mask, hoping to protect them from being infected by COVID-19.

‎Kenneth Londres Edillon‎

It’s not yet known if the officials of San Nicolas gave a permit for the fiesta, but photos showed that even barangay patrols lead the procession. An ambulance was also spotted during the festival.

The Barangay Captain of San Nicolas, Norman Navarro also denied that he was informed about the procession.

Kenneth Londres Edillon‎
Cebu City Councilor Eduardo Rama, Jr. criticized the actions of the San Nicolas residents.

“An unauthorized Sinulog performance was held on June 27 at Sitio Alumnos, Basak San Nicolas, clearly violating ECQ protocols. This is completely unacceptable and puts everyone at risk,” said Rama Jr.

The said Barangay contributed 99 out of the 4,831 positive cases of COVID-19 in Cebu City.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) already summoned the people who led the said procession.

They’re going to ensure that the said event would not happen again in any place in Cebu in the future.

“Those people in those areas should realize that if we are not on ECQ, we don’t forbid religious activity. But we are on ECQ. They should realize that,” Deputy Regional Director for Administration of the Police Regional Office 7, Col. Randy Peralta said.

On Sunday, members of the PNP Special Action Force were deployed in the said Barangay to strictly enforce the ECQ.


A few days ago, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed disappointment on what’s happening to Cebu, blaming the people there for the rising cases of COVID.

“You Cebuanos, don’t be angry at me. I just want to be frank with you. It’s good that we are honest with each other. I’ll go there and be honest with you once I visit. You are so stubborn.” Duterte said.

However, former Cebu Mayor Tommy Osmena defended the Cebuanos, saying that they’re not hard-headed.


COVID-19 patient lost her life after relying on ‘tuob’ home remedy instead of seeking medical consultation

It’s already too late for a COVID-19 patient when she realized that the popular home remedy she relied on was not working.

A 34-year-old woman in Cagayan De Oro was declared dead-on-arrival last June 7, because of the COVID-19 after she didn’t seek medical attention and relied on ‘tuob’ or steam inhalation.

According to City health office epidemiologist Dr. Joselito Retuya, the steam inhalation could only give relief to the COVID-19 patient, but it would not cure them.

“Steam inhalation can help relieve nasal congestions if one is experiencing minor cold and cough. However, there is no scientific evidence that it that kills viruses or prevents virus infection,” the doctor said.

Rocha said that the woman instead of relying to doctors decided to try to cure COVID-19 using ‘tuob’.

The patient was brought to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) after experiencing symptoms.

“She did not seek medical consultation, instead, she relied on tuob as home remedy,” said NMMC liaison officer Dr. Bernard Julius Rocha.

“This is the danger that we are trying to save. Tuob can never prevent nor cure coronavirus,” he added.

Steam inhalation became a topic of debate after Cebu Province Governor Gwendolyn Garcia encouraged government employees to perform tuob twice a day at their work stations.

However, several medical experts questioned the effectiveness of ‘tuob’, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

It even reached to the point that Garcia clashed with the medical community after she publicly showed screenshots of Dr. Candy Krista Pilapil’s social media profile and posts questioning the ‘tuob’.

“Are you the leader of a province? Go file for office and run in the next election. Maybe that will make people believe in you. Your platform and slogan? Anti-tuob kid,” Garcia said.

Experts said that regular hand washing, wearing face masks, social distancing, and staying at home are still the best ways to fight COVID-19.


Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro: “Ngayon panalo ka. Pasensya na simple lang ako, hindi ako makapangyarihan”

The issue between the former actress and model Deniece Cornejo and actor Vhong Navarro has been revived after the netizens heard the story of former VJ Kat Alano in the hands of #RhymeswithWrong.

In 2014, the public talked about Cornejo and Navarro after the latter was allegedly ganged up by the group led by businessman Cedric Lee.

The public supported Navarro during those times while Cornejo became unpopular and even became the subject of memes.

Six years after the incident, the netizens discussed the said issue again and it seems that some of them expressed their support for Cornejo.

According to some of the tweets, Cornejo might be really a victim in the said incident after they read the statement from Alano.

However, some still doubt the statements of Cornejo.

Alano on June 15 revealed that a still famous celebrity destroyed her dignity despite wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

The post triggered the curiosity of the netizens and started to research and found that Alano also made a statement in 2014 amid the issue between Navarro and Cornejo.

“Vhong Navarro” has also became a trending topic on Twitter.

The info posted by Alano made the netizens to assume that Navarro was the celebrity being mentioned by the former.

Alano also said that she never filed a case against #RhymeswithWrong because he’s a relative of the right hand of a former President who assured that the celebrity would be cleared of any cases filed against him.

Navarro faced three complaints against two women and one lesbian and later on reportedly all junked by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The case filed by Cornejo against Navarro was junked in 2017 because there was “no sufficient evidence.”

In 2018, Navarro won a case against Cornejo and Navarro.

Taguig City Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 74 Judge Bernard Pineda Bernal found Cornejo and Lee and several others guilty of grave coercion and sentenced them to serve six months and a maximum of three years and six months in prison.

However, Cornejo and Lee didn’t accept the ruling and asked the Office of the Court Administrator to remove the judge who handled the complaint of Navarro.

According to the camp of Navarro, he was forced to admit that he’s attempting to r*pe Cornejo.



Saklolo Yorme! Vice Ganda asks Mayor Isko Moreno to help arrested LGBTQIA rallyists

Kapamilya comedian Jose Mari Viceral popularly known as “Vice Ganda” asked Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno to help the 20 members of the LGBTQIA+ community who got arrested by the authorities for rallying.

In a tweet, Viceral tried to use his social media influence to help the arrested rallyists and mentioned Moreno.

“Anu tooooooooo????? Pakiexplain po? Saklolo naman po dyan Yorme!!!! Sa aking pagkakaalam LGBTQIA+ friendly ang Maynila at si Yorme. Beke nemeenn!!!” Viceral tweeted.

“Saklolo Yorme @IskoMoreno !!!!” he added.

Aside from Viceral, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray also criticized the move of the cops.

“Is this the new normal? Earlier today a peaceful #PRIDE rally held in Manila where mask-wearing participants practicing social distancing were met by police in riot gear and arrested. When questioned by the witnesses and media about the reason or violations for arrest, the police gave no response,” she said.

“If proper health guidelines were being followed, (social distancing, mask wearing) why the use of force? Why the withholding of rights (witnesses said they were not read their miranda rights before arrest nor given reason of arrest)? Videos circulating online confirm this,” she added.

The said rallyists were under the custody of the Manila city police.

According to the camp of the cops, the rallyist who held a protest on Manila’s Mendiola Street on Friday sprayed an unknown liquid to the authorities which forced them to disperse the LGBTQIA+ members.

However, the rallyists denied that they provoked the cops and claimed that one of the police suddenly grabbed one of their members.

They said that they’re only asking the policemen to finish their speeches.

Manila Police said that the rallyists committed illegal assembly and violated the mass gathering amid the community quarantine being implemented in the said city.


Very proud! Edu Manzano praises his son for his anti-Duterte rally in New York City

Defeated congressional candidate Edu Manzano praised his son Enzo for rallying alone in the United States to condemn the Duterte administration.

In a tweet, Manzano told another defeated candidate last election, Erin Tanada that he’s “very proud” of Enzo’s activism.

“Proud father here!!!” Manzano tweeted.

“We mustn’t allow our kids to hesitate in life. Kapag na tama dapat full steam ahead,” he also said.

He also said that it’s not impossible for his son to change his beliefs in the future.

“I’ve always said that biases and opinions will be shaped and re-shaped over time. I’m just happy my son has a voice,” Manzano said.

Enzo last week launched a two-day rally to ask the international community to defend the Philippines, saying that the Duterte administration already took the ‘basic rights’ of the Filipinos.

On the first day of his rally, Enzo stood outside United Nations HQ for 3 hours to criticize the Duterte admin.

“Filipinos cant protest so I hope the world can see us instead!” Manzano wrote in his placard.

The next day, he went to the Consulate General of the Philippines building to tell the international community that the government already destroying the “democracy” of the Philippines.

“The Philippine government is destroying my country’s democracy! Hear us now (Before its too late)” he also wrote.

He even posted a photo to prove that he’s really doing a solo-rally.



Bastos siya! Former Senate President Enrile on Lea Salonga’s “Pilipinas ang hirap mong mahalin” post

Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile reacted on Lea Salonga’s controversial Facebook post about her difficulties in loving the Philippines.

In an interview with DZOR Sonshine Radio host Jess Aranza and Admar Vilano, Enrile was asked about his comment on Salonga’s post which supposedly about her opposition on the anti-terror bill.

“Bastos. Anong malay naman niyang Lea Salonga na yan kung hindi ang kumanta lang,” the 96-year-old politician and lawyer said.

Aranza also expressed his disappointment towards Salonga, calling her “bastos” for cursing the country.

“Who are you to say that?” Aranza asked.

“Bakit mo sasabihing masama kaming mga Pilipino, hindi ka na Pilipino, umalis ka na sa bansa!” he added.

Salonga on June 15 expressed her concern on the anti-terror bill.

Like other celebrities who opposed the bill, Salonga cited that the proposed anti-terror measures may be misused by the government.

“My problem is how unspecific and loose these definitions are. Ibig sabihin, any of us could be thrown in jail for doing anything. I get that we need a bill to help curtail the growth of actual terrorist groups, but seriously? E kung pumunta ako ng True Value at bumili ng kutsilyo, terorista na ba ako? Sa ganda kong ito? Paano ka e, ang handsome mo?” Salonga said.

“Here’s my problem… I don’t possess a lot of trust in the things I see and read, even if and when the sources are supposed to be those in which we should be able to have unquestionable trust. Second, I house a conspiracy theorist in my head, one that I do try to quell in order to stay focused on the long game. Third, there is always a sense of fear that if anyone pisses off the wrong guy, one can get shot in broad daylight,” she also said.

OFW tells Sharon that he doesn’t get justice for his wife because of Pangilinan’s juvenile law: “Wala kaming nakuhang hustisya abswelto ang bata!”

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) couldn’t hide his anger towards megastar Sharon Cuneta.

In a comment, Jose Maria Jesus, a Saudi-based OFW, narrated how the law crafted by Cuneta’s husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, made it impossible for them to get justice for his wife.

Despite the announcement of Cuneta that he’s going to file a lawsuit against one of the critics of her daughter Frankie, Jesus didn’t hesitate to write harsh criticism against the Pangilinan family.

According to Jesus, his wife was a victim of an accident in 2017 involving a 16-year-old motorcycle rider.

The victim went into a coma and they spent 1.2-M hoping that they’re going to save Mrs. Jesus’ life. However, after 12 days, the victim passed away.

Jesus claimed that the 16-year-old suspect escaped his liability because of Pangilinan’s juvenile law.

They didn’t even get any money from the camp of the suspect.

Here’s the whole comment of Jesus:

“Alam mo Sharon pwede kong ipanalangin na m*matay na kayong lahat na buong pamilya dahil sa ginawang batas NG asawa mo naaksedente NG 16 years old ang asawa ko nabanga NG motor at nakoma NG 12days Alam mo ba umubos kami NG 1.2 million NG mga anak sa ospital mga ofw kaming magaama na ubos ang aming ipon Para maisalba ang nanay NG mga anak ko,”

“Alam mo ba Sharon wala kaming nakuhang hustisya abswelto ang Bata at wala rin kaming nakuhang damage o tulong sa naka aksedente dahil sa batas NG asawa mong g*go dswd at Judge walang magawa kasi di Nila pwedeng suwayin ang Bata na jubinile law na pabor sa mga menor di idad sana kayo ay mapatay na lahat NG mga kriminal na kabataan na gawa NG hayup mong asawa,”

Screenshot from Facebook

Jesus made the comment in an article about Cuneta’s Instagram post, telling the internet that her family was suffering from the criticisms they received in the past few days.

“Napakasakit ng pinagdaraanan namin ngayon. Kaya nga ako nag-asawa kasi matinong tao si Kiko, at gusto ko tumahimik na ng paunti-unti ang buhay ko. Lalo lang palang gugulo,” Cuneta said.

Cuneta also vowed to hunt down a netizen who threw a theoretical question to her daughter Frankie.


Pangilinan received criticisms because of the juvenile law he crafted.

Even President Rodrigo Duterte questioned Pangilinan’s law, saying that it gave “great injustice” in the country.

However, Pangilinan said that juvenile law was only implemented wrongly.


Rep. Paolo Duterte pushing to change the name of ‘Ninoy Aquino International Airport’

Davao City 1st District Representative and presidential son Paolo “Pulong” Duterte is pushing to change the name of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

According to the explanatory note of the House Bill No. 731, NAIA should change its name to Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas (PPP) so the visitors of the country would easily identify the airport.

“NAIA is the international gateway of the Philippines, being the biggest and largest international airport in the country. As such, there is a need to identify the same as belonging to the Philippines. Hence, the proposed renaming to “Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Pilipinas,” the document read.

“With the proposed name, the airport will easily be identified as the international doorway of the country, in view of it being in Filipino language and branding it as the international airport of the Philippines,” it added.

The largest airport in the country was formerly called the Manila International Airport, but in 1987, Congress changed it to NAIA to honor former Senator Ninoy Aquino who got assassinated in the said place.

Aside from Duterte, Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco and ACT-CIS Rep. Eric Yap also pushed for the same bill.

This is not the first time that someone pushed to change the name of the NAIA.

A few years ago, an online petition was launched to call the government officials to move and change the name of NAIA to Manila International Airport (MIA).

In 2018, lawyer Larry Gadon also pushed to restore the old name of NAIA, citing that Aquino should not be considered as a hero.