Content creator convinces a ‘rugby boy’ to throw the solvent and stop using it

An influencer has gone viral on social media after convincing a so-called ‘rugby boy’ to stop using the solvent and throw it away.

In his Facebook post, Impatzu shared his short interview with the said young man who was spotted using rugby along the sidewalk.

The influencer talked to the stranger and told him to stop using rugby.

Even the teenager admitted that he’s not happy with being hooked to the said solvent which is popular with street children.

After several minutes of convincing, Impatzu successfully convinced the young man to throw his solvent into the drainage.

He then gave random pieces of advice to the young man, telling him not to use the said solvent next time.

While most of the netizens praised Impatzu for what he did, some didn’t like how the influencer used the young man for his content without even giving him money.

The video already received 800,000 views as of writing.

“Lods para San yon Ang ginawa mo kahit 100 Piso Indi mopa na bigyan kawawa naman cya tapos nag humingi kapa nang share mahiya ka naman kawawa naman yon tapos tatawa kapa ano yon jowk,” netizen Marc said.

Some also didn’t like the advice of Impatzu, saying that the young man might take it seriously.

“This is not funny the boy needs help both physically and emotionally. We should be sensitive in our advice. Although we can say that your advice is reverse psychology, sir, it should not be advised to people of that age. They need proper guidance from us adults. We should make them feel how concerned we are about what they are doing that is not good.” netizen Edosan commented.

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