Jim Paredes at Boboy Garrovillo inaming nagpaparamdam sa kanila ang dating kasamahan na si Danny Javier

  • OPM legends Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo of the APO Hiking Society feel the presence of their late bandmate Danny Javier.
  • Jim Paredes experienced a dream in which Danny appeared and sang a song.
  • Boboy Garrovillo believes that Danny’s spirit is watching over him and guarded him during a recent car crash.

Remaining members of the legendary OPM group APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo admitted that they sometimes felt the presence of their former bandmate Danny Javier.

Javier passed away last year because of multiple health problems. However, Paredes and Boboy believed that their colleague’s spirit was still there and guiding them.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal published on February 2, 2023, the two shared their experience since Javier’s passing.

According to Paredes, Javier appeared in his dream and sang a song for him.

Paredes said that Javier told him to memorize the said song, however, he couldn’t remember the song when he woke up.

He’s also expecting Javier to appear again in his dreams to remind him again to memorize the said song.

Garrovillo also narrated his experience after Javier’s passing, saying that he believed that the latter’s spirit was guarding him.

“Feeling ko binabantayan niya ko. Infact something happened to me recently at nakalusot ako doon,” Garrovillo shared.

It can be recalled that Garrovillo survived a car crash last year on Christmas eve.

Paredes and Garrovillo were set to hold a Valentine Concert on February 14, the first time that they’re performing a major event without Javier.

Several artists were also expected to perform during the said event including Ito Rapadas, Wency Cornejo, Roselle Nava, and Raymond Lauchengco.

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