Vice Ganda may patama sa dating co-host na si Kuya Kim: “Trending din siya. Nakuha niya yung gusto niya.”

Former It’s Showtime host Kim Atienza has gone viral on social media after expressing support for his former colleague Karylle after a viral exchange between the singer and Vice Ganda.

It can be recalled that several netizens expressed support to Karylle including Kuya Kim after the said incident.

“I love you Karylle 🙂 @anakarylle,” Kuya Kim said.

“@anakarylle is one of the kindest souls I know in showbiz. She will never talk negatively against anyone. I love Karylle.” he added.

Photo from Kuya Kim Atienza

The Kapuso host can also be seen liking several tweets about Karylle and against Vice.

Photo from Kuya Kim Atienza

Vice took a swipe against Kuya Kim?

On the Wednesday episode of Its Showtime, it can be seen that Karylle and Vice were talking to each other like nothing happened.

However, several netizens noticed that Vice was referring to someone who became also trending because of the issue.

Some of them believed that Vice was referring to Kuya Kim.

“Gusto nila yon…. Yun ang bet nila, yung magkaaway tayo kunyari. Tapos maraming magla-like-like para involved sila. Yes, trending din siya. Nakuha niya yung gusto niya. Ikaw talaga Kuya.” Vice said.

Kuya Kim also liked the said statement of Vice.

It seems that the Kapuso host just loves liking tweets and is not afraid to do it even if some netizens misinterpreted it.

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