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Duterte to the people who criticizes his kissing gimmick: Inggit lang sila, bad breath sila!

President Rodrigo Duterte downplayed the criticisms he received from the people who attacked him for kissing a married Overseas Filipino Worker during his visit in South Korea on June 3.

Duterte answered the reporter who asked the question about the kissing sarcastically.

“We enjoyed it, it was showbiz and everybody enjoyed,” Duterte said during a press conference after his arrival from his three-day official visit in South Korea.

Duterte explained that if his controversial kissing gimmick is pure of malice, he will not choose to do it in front of many people.

“Asking for malice, we do not do it in public if there’s malice. I would pull the woman down somewhere along empty halls,” he said.

He said that the critics might be only jealous on what he did to the lady.

“Ayaw ko makipagpalitan sa kanila (ng halik) kasi bad breath sila, inggit lang (sila)” he said.

Duterte explained that he has already kissed many girls in Davao when he was still a mayor.

“During my campaign in mayorship, I kiss every woman there, lips to lips. Ayaw mong maniwala? Tignan mo footage ng ABS-CBN,” he told the reporter.

He said that there’s nothing wrong with a simple kiss.

The critics have also reminded President Duterte to change their denture.

“Inggit lang sila sabihin mo sa kanila palitan nila pustiso nila,” he said.

The President also avoided answering when asked about the reaction of his common-law-wife Honeylet Avancia.

Duterte also expressed his concern about the reaction of his youngest daughter Kitty Duterte on what he did, so he might let cool the situation first before going back to Davao City.

Following the controversial kissing of President Duterte, several pro-women groups criticized the punisher for allegedly trying to show that he can dominate every woman anywhere, anytime.

The lady who kissed by President Duterte, Mrs. Bea Kim also defended the President saying that what they did has no malice and they’re just trying to make the audience happy.

However, the GABRIELA said that the Kim was not the right person to defend the President from his “misogyny” acts.

“It is also his own perverted way of getting back at his women critics, his way of proving he can dominate women at any time and any place he chooses. It is his way of publicly exhibiting his contempt for women.”
Gabriela said in their statement.

South Korean President Moon lauds Duterte: “I take my hats off to President Duterte’s leadership

President of South Korea Moon Jae-In during a joint press briefing at Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House) in Seoul lauded President Rodrigo Duterte for his effective leadership.

Moon said that the leadership of Duterte gave a boost to the economy of the Philippines which resulted in his popularity among the Filipinos.

“I take my hats off to President Duterte’s leadership which has enabled rapid economic growth and social stability, drawing great support from the people of the Philippines in the process,”

“The Philippines is currently working to realize national Vision 2040 under President Duterte’s
outstanding leadership,” he added.

He thanked President Duterte for his promise to protect the lives of the South Korean nationals in the Philippines.

President Moon Jae-In and President Rodrigo Duterte Photo: PCOO

Moon vowed that they would participate in the upcoming projects of the Philippines.

“In particular, I look forward to seeing the Korean companies’ participation further expanded in the fields of transportation, energy, and infrastructure through our cooperation in the new industries such as info-communications as well as science and technology. We will create the growth engine for the future together,” he said.

“President Duterte and I agreed to designate the year 2019 as the year of mutual exchanges between Korea and the Philippines to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations,” he added.

The South Korean leader also said that he’s hoping that more Filipinos are going to visit his country.

“I hope to see more people from the Philippines visit Korea as well,” Moon said.

1.6-M South Koreans tourists visited the Philippines last year, while 450,000 Filipinos traveled to South Korea.

“The people of our two countries will visit each other more frequently and enhance the understanding in communication among them,” Moon said.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte praised Moon for focusing on attaining peace with North Korea.

“I commended President Moon for his vision of bringing peace, stability, and prosperity to the Korean peninsula. His selfless dedication is demonstrated by the historic Inter-Korean Summit (in April), which resulted in the (signing of the declaration),'” Duterte said

“The Philippines is hopeful that positive developments over the past several months will continue and contribute positively toward the goal of the denuclearization in [the] Korean peninsula,” he added.

In response, Moon said that the support of President Duterte would contribute to South Korea’s mission to maintain peace in the peninsula.

“His support will be of great help to us on our journey to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula. Our two countries will further strengthen our cooperation and that goes beyond the Peninsula to uphold peace in the region, he said.

According to the sources, South Korea offered $1-billion worth of official development assistance (ODA) to the Philippines.

The Philippines also sacked $5-B worth of trade deals from South Korean businessmen.

GABRIELA slams Duterte’s kissing gimmick: Hindi dapat yung babae ang nagpapaliwanag sa ginawa sa kanya ng Presidente

GABRIELA Alliance for Women slammed President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday following the kissing gimmick of the latter during his visit in South Korea.

In a statement that they released, Gabriela said that the lady who got kissed by President Rodrigo Duterte is not the right person to defend the recent action of the Filipino leader.

“It is unfortunate that the woman found it her obligation to publicly defend the act as “no malice”, when it is the President who is duty-bound to explain not only because it was upon his prodding but he is bound, as a public official, by rules of ethics to explain his unruly conduct,” GABRIELA Alliance of Women statement reads.

They also described what the President did as “disgusting theatrics of a misogynist President who feels entitled to demean, humiliate or disrespect women according to his whim.”

Gabriela believes that the recent act of the President is to show to his critics that he can control women anytime he wants.

“It is also his own perverted way of getting back at his women critics, his way of proving he can dominate women at any time, and at any place he chooses,” it said

They also claimed that the President did the gimmick to divert the public from other issues like extrajudicial killings and the rising prices of goods.

“His repeated acts of machismo is meant as entertainment to hide the reality of his rapidly slipping popularity due to the issues of extra-judicial killings, the TRAIN Law and the big-time corruption scandals now plaguing his rule.”

The statement of Gabriela has been released several hours after Philippine News Agency released a video featuring Mrs. Bea Kim, the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who received a kiss from President Rodrigo Duterte.

Kim said that there’s no malice involved when Duterte kissed her on the lips in public.

“Walang malisya ‘yun. Ginawa lang namin yung kiss parang twist lang ‘yun, pampakilig sa mga audience. Walang ibig sabihin ‘yun, promise,” she said.

Meanwhile, the palace said that the recent action of President Duterte was just a “playful act,”.

“Obviously there is no offended party here. The lady who was kissed has clearly expressed the view that she was honored with the kiss,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said.

“She did say there was no malice in it and I don’t think we should impute any when the woman herself found no malice in it. It was not an issue to the woman so it was not an issue to the president,” he added.


Duterte to OFWs: “Maniwala kayo sa Diyos pero h’wag kayong maniwala sa lokohan ng simbahan.”

President Rodrigo Duterte lashed at the Catholic Church again in front of the Filipino Community in South Korea on Sunday, June 3.

He told the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) that they should keep their faith to god, however, he said that the people must avoid believing the political opinions of the Catholic Church.

“Maniwala kayo sa Diyos, pero huwag kayo maniwala dyan sa lokohan ng simbahan.” Duterte told his audiences at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul.

Duterte even mocked the church and showed a copy of the book “Altar of Secrets” wrote by Aries Rufo.

President Duterte introduces the Altar of Secrets to two OFWs in South Korea. Photo: PCOO

The controversial book is about the alleged dark secrets of the Catholic Church in the Philippines and its scandal which kept secret for a long time.

“Tignan mo ang Adam and Eve, kung yan ang Diyos ng Katoliko, torpe yan. Maghanap ka ng Diyos na tama.” he said.

Duterte even joked that after his term, he would found a new religion which everyone can do everything which can make them happy.

“May bago tayong relihiyon paglabas natin. Iglesia ni Rodrigo tayo.” he said.

“Walang limit, may obligasyon ka sa sarili – to make yourself happy.” he added.

The Catholic Church criticized President Rodrigo Duterte several times on his strict style of governance.

Several priests slammed Duterte for its war against illegal drugs and his other actions.

However, despite being a Catholic country, President Duterte’s popularity remained high.

President Duterte is in South Korea for a three-day official visit.



Jeron Teng, 2 others stabbed outside a nightclub in Bonifacio Global City

Famous basketball players Jeron Teng, Norbert Torres and Thomas Torres got stabbed during a brawl outside a nightclub in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) on Sunday morning.

According to the police report, the three basketball superstars were walking near a nightclub in BGC when the group of suspects approached the group of Teng and mocked the athletes.

The group of Teng and the suspects engaged in a heated argument that ended in a stabbing incident.

The victims were quickly rushed to Saint Luke’s Medical Hospital to treat their wounds.

NCRPO General Eleazar talking to the relatives of the victim. Photo: Buzzketball

Teng received three stabs on the back, while the two others were said to have been stabbed in the arm.

Thomas Torres and Teng are still at St. Luke’s Medical Center for recovery.

“It was a deep cut, sa likod pa. Sa side din. He was very lucky, pwedeng matamaan yung vital organs pero buti wala.” Jeron’s brother Jeric Teng said.

Jeric also defended his brother from the speculations that the suspects only used ‘self-defense’ against the victims.

“Lahat sila e, sila Norbert Torres, sila Thomas Torres, lahat sila may mga deep cuts, so how can you say na it’s self defense kung ang lahat ng tama sa kanila,” he said.

“Pagpunta ko nga sa ospital, talagang shocked na shocked ako kasi akala ko sa mga movies lang yun e, kita ko andaming dugo.” he added.

He believes that his brother would also not be the first to engage in a brawl because.

“Kapatid ko, matagal ko nang kakilala yan, ni isang track record [wala].” he said.

Authorities were quickly identified the suspects by the help of a CCTV footage, they’re Edmar Manalo, 40; Joseph Varona, 33, and Willard Basili, 36.

The suspects are now being detained at Taguig Police Station and the basketball stars were already filed charges against them.

Police report on the stabbing incident photo: philnews

NCRPO General Eleazar also personally talked to the relatives of the victim to know more about the incident.

According to him, the frustrated homicide and serious physical injuries would be filed against the suspects.

Meanwhile, prayers rained on social media for the fast recovery of the victims.


Pinol shares his thoughts on 4Ps: Hindi na nagtatrabaho ang mga tao, naghihintay nalang sila sa kanilang allowances

Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol has a suggestion on how the government would help the poor instead of giving them allowances like what the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4ps) is doing.

Piñol, who expressed his opposition several times to the 4Ps said that he wanted to convert the 70-B pesos given by the government to the 4Ps beneficiaries into a livelihood funding assistance to improve the agriculture sector.

It seems that Piñol believes in the saying, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.

“I’m the most vocal critic of this program of the government. [It] is spending P70 billion annually [for 4Ps], which is bigger than the budget of the DA.

4Ps beneficiaries waiting for their allowance Photo: Emmanuel Piñol 

“In fact, what I am saying is the 4Ps could be another program that could contribute to agricultural productivity if used properly. Instead of giving in forms dole-out every month, why don’t we start a livelihood program using that money?”

He believed that instead of making the people productive, 4Ps made its beneficiaries lazy and only depending themselves to the allowance that the government gave to them.

“People are not working anymore, and they are just waiting for their allowances. In fact, for years the 4Ps did not result in anything. Worse, the work force in the agriculture sector has been reduced because of it,” he said in an interview with reporters.

The agriculture secretary also claimed that many cabinet members supported his idea, but he refused to name them.

Piñol said that he’s going to submit his proposal to President Rodrigo Duterte at the next Cabinet meeting this month.

“The gist of my proposal is that we should make use of the 4Ps fund for livelihood activities to increase greater food productivity,” he said.

Meanwhile, several people criticized the proposal of Pinol including Akbayan party-list representative Tom Villarin who believe that the program encourages its beneficiaries to work and it also reduced alcoholism.

However, Piñol stood by his belief that the 4Ps program only being used for political purposes “especially during the last Presidential elections when the candidates of the administration really focused on the 4Ps program as proof of its care for the poor.”

He also accepted the challenge to debate with Villarin to prove that 4Ps is ineffective in fighting poverty.


PNP helps Agot Isidro after she receives threats from a netizen on Twitter.

Actress Agot Isidro who’s being talked right now because of her possibilities to enter politics claimed that she received a threat from a Twitter user who apparently using a fake account.

In her tweet, Isidro posted screenshots of a netizen violently threatening her in one of her tweets about the current condition of the Manila Skyline.

Twitter user @RusCo87690206 cursed Isidro on her post and threatened that he’s going to spill acid in the actress’ face once they crossed their path.

“Malaman ko lang presCon mo pupunta talaga ako. I’ll make sure labnos mukha mo sa asido,” the netizen told Isidro.

“***** you po! Aalamin ko venue ng prescon mo bubuhusan talaga kita ng asido,” the netizen added.

This made the fans of Agot Isidro tried to do some effort to help the actress by trying to call the attention of Philippine National Police (PNP)

Later on, PNP Tweets @PNPhotline confronted the netizen who threatened Isidro and told him about the possible charges that he would face once his identity has been revealed.

“Bawal po sa batas yan. Threat po yan. Pwede po kayo kasuhan.” PNP Tweets told the netizen.

PNP also informed the other netizens that they can also contact the Anti-Cyber Crime group if they also received some violent threats from other people on social media.

“Salamat sa pag tag. Maari po mag reklamo sa PNP Anti Cyber Crime para sa mga ganitong threat sa social media. Di po tama manakot na magsaboy ng asuido. Mananagot po sa batas @RusCo87690206,” they said.

As of now, the account of the netizen who threatened Isidro has already been deactivated. It’s not yet known if Isidro is going to file charges against him.

Isidro started to receive criticisms on social media after she started to voice out his disgust to President Rodrigo Duterte and called him “psychopath.”

LOOK: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte’s simple birthday celebration

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday, May 31.

The Presidential daughter chose to avoid being lavish in celebrating her birthday, instead, she threw a simple party in her residence in her hometown together with her family and few guests.

Inday Sara has been welcome by different cakes presented to her by her loved ones.

The Davao City Mayor seems happy to see that she received a different kind of sweets for his birthday.

Of course, President Rodrigo Duterte attended the event together with his assistant Christopher “Bong” Go.

The birthday girl and other guests showed their gesture of respect to the President as he arrived at the venue.

To complete the celebration, Inday Sara’s mother, Elizabeth Zimmermann also attended the event. She was greeted by her former husband, President Duterte with a kiss.

Inday Sara’s husband, Attorney Mans Carpio and her siblings Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Sebastian also attended the event.

The event has been covered by Davao City Public Information Officer Jefry Tupas and shared on social media to be seen by the solid followers of the Dutertes.

As of writing, the post of Jefry Tupas reached millions of views on social media platform Facebook.

Photo: Jefry Tupas

Some of the dishes served during the event are pancit, paella, lechon and beef stew.

The simple celebration of Inday Sara showed that the Dutertes kept their humble lifestyle despite of being powerful in Philippine politics.





“Snatcher?” Akbayan party-list Villarin sued labor usec. Paras for allegedly stealing his expensive iPhone X

Akbayan party-list representative Tom Villarin sued former Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) lawyer and now Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Undersecretary Jacinto Paras because of an unusual reason.

CCTV Footage shows DOLE Undersecretary Jacinto Paras greeting Villarin. It also shows that he put his phone at the top of Villarin’s gadget. Photo: House of the Representatives.

In his theft complaint that he filed to the Quezon City prosecutor’s office, the fierce critic of the Duterte administration claimed that Jacinto, who’s a supporter of the President allegedly stole his expensive phone during a congressional hearing last March.

CCTV footage shows that Paras already carried the phone of Villarin.

According to the testimony of Villarin, the DOLE exec who’s holding a phone and power bank approached him during the congressional hearing, later on, Paras placed his phone on top of Villarin’s expensive gadget.

“Kayo pala ni Senator [Risa] Hontiveros ang magkasama.” Paras told Villarin according to the complainant.

Paras left the hall together with Villarin’s phone.

When Paras left the area, the CCTV showed that the DOLE exec was already carrying the phone of the lawmaker.

After realizing that his phone was missing, he asked his staff to call his phone, later on, it was answered by a member of the Legislative Security Bureau (LSGB).

It also showed in another CCTV footage that Paras left the phone of Villarin in one of the rooms at the House of the Representatives.

Villarin believed that the intention of Paras for stealing his phone is to gather information that he may be used against Senator Risa Hontiveros who’s also a member of Akbayan.

“Yes, possibly that’s the main motive why he wanted my phone, to get information,” Villarin said.

Villarin pointed out that if Paras only mistakenly took his phone, he will return it to him or surrender it to the authorities and not leave it in an empty hall.

“Kung talagang nagkamali siya, dapat sinagot niya. Nagri-ring eh, pero hindi sinagot, iniwanan lang. Kung hindi sa kanya ‘yun, he could have answered [the call] and said, ‘Sorry, nadampot ko lang.’ Pero walang ganun,” he said.

According to Article 309, any person guilty of theft shall be punished by:

1. The penalty of prision mayor in its minimum and medium periods, if the value of the thing stolen is more than 12,000 pesos but does not exceed 22,000 pesos, but if the value of the thing stolen exceeds the latter amount the penalty shall be the maximum period of the one prescribed in this paragraph, and one year for each additional ten thousand pesos, but the total of the penalty which may be imposed shall not exceed twenty years.

Paras denied the accusations of Villarin, saying that he cannot do such a thing.

The former VACC lawyer is known for filing cases against the government officials who are seen to be part of destabilization efforts against President Duterte.

Duterte asks his audience about the status of VP recount between Marcos and Robredo: “Gusto ko ng mag resign.”

It seems that President Rodrigo Duterte gave a hint of who he really wants to succeed him as the leader of the Philippines.

During his speech at the Ceremonial enactment of Ease of Doing Business Act in Malacañan Palace on May 28, 2018, President Duterte who’s defending himself from the accusations of the ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno expressed his willingness to retire from the presidency.

“Wala talaga, wala akong tinatago, sabihin mo sa gagang yan (Sereno), wala akong pakialam diyan, she got herself into it and it’s not because of us, not because of Congress,” Duterte said.

“Sinabi ko nga kung may magsabi lang na isa dito, anyone of you, magsabi na ‘tumawag ka sakin, nakalimutan mo may kinausap ka?’ mag resign ako, totoo yan,” he added.

However, Duterte seems that wanted to ensure first who’s gonna catch the responsibilities that he would left when he finally decided to resign from Presidency.

The President, who’s a known ally of former Senator Bongbong Marcos asked his audience about the current status of the recount between the latter and Vice President Leni Robredo.

“Tutal gusto ko nalang rin mag resign eh, ano ba itong latest count kay Bongbong (Marcos) pati kay ano (Leni Robredo), Vice President ba talaga yan?” he said.

Is this a hint that President Duterte prefers Marcos to replace him than Vice President Robredo?

Meanwhile, former Biliran representative and IT expert Glenn Chong claimed that Robredo already lost 21,000 votes during the manual recount.

“Ang totoo po niyan, natanggal po talaga ‘yun sa bilang… the 21,000 votes have been actually removed from the tally of nung nakaupong vice president si Leni. Nabawasan po talaga siya ng 21,000 votes,” Chong said.

He said that the information that he shared on his social media followers came from a legitimate source from the revisors of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).

Chong said that Robredo lost votes because of the 50-percent shade of the ballot oval rule implemented by PET.

However, Robredo said that the information released by Chong was fake news.

Robredo defeated Marcos by only 263,473 votes lead.