Claudine Barretto, ilang beses umano sinubukan makipagbalikan kay Raymart Santiago

Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin revealed the possible reason why Claudine Barretto criticized her former partner Raymart Santiago publicly several times.

In her online program, ‘Cristy Ferminute,’ they discussed the possible reason Claudine was still holding a grudge against her former partner despite having been separated for many years.


According to them, there was a possibility that Claudine had yet to move on with her past relationship with Raymart.

“Posible kasi parang si Claudine hindi siya nakaka-move on,” said Cristy’s co-host, Rommel Chika.

Cristy then responded, saying that Raymart already found his new love, Jodi Sta. Maria, who also received a swipe from Claudine several times.


“Si Raymart naka sulong at makikita mo maayos ang kanyang buhay, ang kanyang karera. Pero si Claudine kasi dumating siya sa puntong, nawala…” Rommel stated.

The veteran columnist then revealed that Claudine tried to rebuild her relationship with Raymart several times, but it always ended with a failure.

“Kaya raw po nagkakaganito si Claudine Barretto ay tatlo o mahigit na beses siyang nagparamdam kay Raymart na magkabalikan na sila,” she said.


It can be recalled that Claudine declared that she would try to take hundreds of millions of pesos which allegedly Raymart took from her.

She also took a swipe against Jodi for being a bad influence on Raymart.

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