Bumalik lang? Fans binalikan ang paghihiwalay ni Zharm Arriola at Daniel Padilla dahil umano kay Kathryn Bernardo

After Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s breakup, the netizens revived a decade-old issue about the actor and his ex-girlfriend, Zharm Arriola.

It can be recalled that Zharm and Kathryn were known to be friends even before the love team ‘KathNiel’ was formed in 2011.


However, around 2012, as KathNiel increased its fanbase, Zharm also faced pressure due to repeated gossip about the possible real-life romance brewing between Daniel and Kathryn.

The two reportedly broke up in the same year amid the rumors that Daniel and Kathryn were dating each other, which has proven to be true after several years.

According to some blogs that covered the issue, Zharm still tried to save her relationship with Daniel, but her efforts were proven to be a failure.


She also faced judgment among KathNiel fans who called her ‘bitter ex’ for releasing several statements against her ex and Kathryn.

Meanwhile, Zharm’s supporters believed Kathryn betrayed her friend for dating Daniel.

As Kathryn and Daniel ended their relationship after 11 years due to an alleged third party, some netizens described KathNiel’s unfortunate fate as ‘ironic.’


Zharm was already away from the public eye, living as a private citizen.

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