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Marlou Arizala being accused of battering his girlfriend: “Pinipilit mo’ko na may mangyari satin kahit na meron ako!”

Marlou Arizala, formerly known as ‘Xander Ford’ is in hot water after he was accused by his girlfriend, Ysah Cabrejas of physical abuse.

On a Facebook post, Cabrejas wrote an open letter to her boyfriend, saying that Arizala was trying to portray himself always as the victim.

Cabrejas even claimed that Marlou was forcing her to mate with him even if she’s showing unwillingness.

Coincidentally, women abuse has become one of the top topics this week in the Philippines due to the #HijaAko movement.

“Pa-victim ka msyado, msyado kang sinungaling. Palagi mo sinusumbat sakin na kasikatan lang habol ko sa’yo. Hangal ka ba? Tinaggap kita buong buo sinugal ko na lahat kasi pinili kita, pinag tanggol kita sa lahat, kasi sabi ko kahit sukuan ka ng lahat ako hindi kita susukuan pero ano ginawa mo? Masyado mo kong tinake advantage hindi mo ba naisip yon? O wala ka lang talagang isip kasi sarili mo lang iniisip mo. BAGO AKO SUMUKO NAG TIIS MUNA AKO pinipilit mo’ko na may mangyari satin kahit na meron ako at kahit na AYAW ko,” Cabrejas wrote.

“Pag hindi ako pumayag magagalit ka kaya nga ako nag kapasa gawa mo Kasi pinilit mo ko!! Hindi kaba naawa sakin? umiiyak ako sa harap mo, nag mamakaawa ako sayo, na tama na ayaw ko na pero di ka nakinig sabi mo BASTA MABUNTIS KITA KAHIT IWAN MO KO OKAY NA KO DON t*nga ka ba? Anong klaseng boyfriend ka? Hindi lang isang beses nangyari yon! Yung una DAHIL LANG HINDI AKO PUMAYAG NA SABAY MALIGO SA’YO GRABI NA YUNG GALIT MO SAKIN,” she added.

She also said that Arizala only cares about his image as a celebrity.

To prove her accusations, she even posted some of her conversations with Arizala.

Arizala even told the relatives of his girlfriend that he’s taking care of Cabrejas very well.

Cabrejas then posted a photo of the injury she allegedly received from Arizala.

The post of Cabrejas has gone viral on social media and already received 56,000 shares within an hour.

It’s not yet known if Cabrejas is willing to file charges against Arizala.

Arizala has yet made any comments on the accusation of his girlfriend.

Kunwari concern pa! Gay accused of ending the life of her 15-year-old best friend because of jealousy

A friendship ended tragically after a gay man allegedly ended the life of her best friend because of jealousy.

On June 6, the suspect identified as Racman Panonde, 22, posted a selfie together with the victim, Bea Claire Mori, 15, they’re both residents of Cabadbaran City, Agusan Del Norte.

One day after the meeting between the two, Mori was reportedly missing and one of the first who searched to the victim was the suspect.

Panonde then posted another Facebook status around 8:21 PM, searching for the whereabouts of her best friend.

On June 8, the suspect published a lengthy social media post informing the public that her friend was still missing for more than 24 hours already.

She even said that someone abducted her friend.

“Pasuyo sa mga nakakita sa kanya. Sa CBR siya huling nakita na may kasamang lalaki na hindi namin kilala. Please paki-inform sa mga naka-tag naming barkada kasi masyado na kaming nag-aalala dahil hindi pa siya nagpapakita hanggang ngayon at hindi na rin siya nag-i-FB at hindi pa siya tumatawag sa’min. Duda ko na-kidnap siya. Please contact sa mga naka-tag sa post na ‘to,” the suspect wrote.

The post of the suspect has even gone viral on social media, reaching 4,700 shares.

When the lifeless body of the victim has been found in the public cemetery of Cabadbaran City, Panonde even posted ‘Justice for Bea Claire Mori’.

The suspect even wrote a letter dedicated to the victim.

“‘R.I.P. Byang. Bakit Byang? Bakit ginawa nila sa’yo to, Byang? Nakapakasakit sa amin Byang na tanggapin na wala ka na. Nakaka-miss ang pagka-mongoloid at pagka-praning mo. Higit sa lahat, hindi ka namin makakalimutan. We love you so much, Byang. Sana masaya ka na kung nasaan ka man ngayon. I LOVE YOU, BEA CLAIRE MORI.’” Racman said.

Racman started to get sketchy when someone asked her about what happened to the victim and made a very detailed answer.

Some netizens questioned how Racman was aware of the wound received by the victim despite not yet seeing the latter’s body.

“Yang saksak sa tiyan at paggilit sa leeg ang makakahuli sa’yo. Bakit alam mo lahat ng to, eh wala pa namang result ang autopsy? Memorize mo yata,” one of the netizen told the suspect.

Lt. Colonel Solomon Alemania, chief of Cabadbaran City police then confirmed that Racman is the suspect behind the murder of More.

They said that ‘jealousy’ was the main reason why the suspect ended the life of the victim.

The police investigators found that Racman accused the victim of having a relationship with her 15-year-old boyfriend.

Racman also published a cryptic Facebook post the exact day when the victim went missing.

The suspect is now under the custody of the police and facing murder charges.

The story has gone viral on social media, thanks to netizen Mario Narrido who translated the social media posts of the suspect in Filipino.

As of writing, the post already reached 37,000 likes on social media.


Actress Kat Alano says that her rapist #RhymesWithWrong is ‘still a famous celebrity’

Actress Kat Alano revealed that the man who r*ped her was still active in show business.

In a social media post, Alano who joined the #HijaAko movement narrated that a still popular and active celebrity was the one who abused and drugged her in 2005.

Alano said that during that time, she’s not wearing any revealing clothes.

She even claimed that the celebrity destroyed her career.

The actress didn’t name the celebrity but she gave a clue that the name of the predator rhymes with the word ‘wrong’.



In 2014, Alano revealed her past on a radio show.

Coincidentally, the people were talking during that time about the issue faced by actor Vhong Navarro and model Deniece Cornejo.

One day after Navarro encountered the group of businessman Cedric Lee, Alano made a tweet asking people why they’re defending a predator.

“Why is it people are so quick to defend r*pists and demonize the victims? Open your eyes people.” Alano tweeted.


In 2015 Alano wrote a letter to former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to help the victims like her.

One year after her post, she accused De Lima, who’s newly-elected Senator during that time for ignoring her.

“When I contacted you and BESEECHED YOU AS A WOMAN AND A FILIPINA TO STAND UP FOR RAPE VICTIMS EVERYWHERE; YOU TURNED A BLIND EYE. And now you want the women of the Philippines to stand behind you?” Alano said.

As a response, De Lima said that she’s not aware of Alano.

“First of all I don’t know her and I don’t remember that she ever approached me. And sa mga ganyang pananalita it is useless to convince her of my side and my innocence.” the now detained Senator said.

15 years after the incident, Alano still refused to name #RhymesWithWrong.

Tulfo to Cavite Governor Remulla: “Bago ka makisawsaw sa issue, asikasuhin mo muna ang probinsiya mo!”

Ben Tulfo slammed Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla after the latter joined the #HijaAko movement.

On Wednesday, Remulla made a tweet and Facebook post telling the journalist that r*pe is an act of violence.

A screenshot from a Twitter user

As a response to Remulla’s post, Tulfo urged the politician to just focus on the affairs of his province instead of trying to get involved in issues like #HijaAko.

The journalist suspected that the government of Cavite was only trying to seek attention on social media.

“Bago ka makisawsaw sa issue, asikasuhin mo muna ang probinsiya mo! KSP ka lang siguro. Kabisado ko estilo mo, ‘di yan uubra sa akin,” Tulfo said.

Tulfo then boasted on how his show BITAG helped many victims of predators and illegal drugs.

“Kami sa BITAG, palaban sa totoong mundo. Takbuhan, tagapag-tanggol ng mga biktima ng KARAHASAN, PANGHAHALAY at KARUMAL-DUMAL NA KRIMEN dulot ng droga,” the journalist stated.

“Gov., kumusta ba ang statistika ng mga kasong panghahalay sa probinsiya mo? Kumusta ba ang kaso ng mga droga diyan?” he added.

Hours after Tulfo’s post, Remulla reiterated his message to the journalist.

On June 13, Ben Tulfo addressed Frankie Pangilinan who’s posting tweets against victim-blaming that the only thing women could do to avoid predators is the dress properly.

Hija, iba mag-isip ang mga manyakis at mga r*pists. Hindi natin sila matuturuan at mababago ang kanilang pagnanasa at pagiging kriminal,” Tulfo said.

“Ang tanging magagawa ay manamit ng tama. Huwag nating pukawin ang pagnanasa nila. Ito ang iyong magagawa,” he added.

Tulfo faced backlash on social media and the #HijaAko movement was born after the journalist faced Pangilinan on Twitter and called her “Hija”

Celebrities, politicians, and ordinary netizens joined forces to condemn Tulfo’s beliefs.

Lawyer confident that Francis Leo Marcos is innocent: “His only fault was that he cared more for the poor than for himself”

The lawyer of Norman Mangusin also known as Francis Leo Marcos was confident that his client was going to gain his freedom soon claiming that they only need to face one serious case in the court.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Abraham Espejo said that only the human trafficking charges against his client were considered as a challenge to finally give Marcos the freedom he wanted.

Espejo explained that it’s very easy to accuse anyone and file a case, but it’s tough to prove it, especially that the proof required against the suspect should be beyond a reasonable doubt.

Atty. Espejo together with his client.

The lawyer also said that there’s hundreds of Norman Mangusin living in the Philippines as they checked the record.

He also suggested that people should not believe anyone who accused Marcos because his client was still considered innocent by the law.

“His only fault was that he cared more for the poor than for himself,” Espejo remarked.

Here’s the post from Espejo:

“1. The only serious existing case is the alleged trafficking case in the RTC in Manila. The others are not so difficult as they are all bailable.

2. Those who are giving an opinion that Francis has been charged in so many hundreds of cases are dead wrong. We only see one commitment order and just a few warrants from some unmeritorious cases.

3. Easy to accuse but hard to prove. Anyone can make a malicious complaint and file a case. But the mere filing of a case does not ipso facto mean a conviction.

4. The quantum of proof required in criminal cases is proof beyond reasonable doubt. Something that is so difficult to achieve. It is not enough that there is proof. The law requires proof that can withstand any doubt or alternative explanation. This is due to the constitutional presumption that the accused is innocent. Thus, in case of doubt, the law will favor the accused.

5. On the matter of several people with the same name as “Norman Mangusin”. Well last count – we saw hundreds of people who have the same name. Apparently public records show this surprising fact. And this actually greatly aids the cause of the defense. It makes it more difficult for the prosecution to prove its case. I can’t complain. In fact, i am happy to know this.

6. Let us not believe people who falsely accuse Francis out of the blue – of a myriad of offenses. Until they can prove this in court beyond reasonable doubt, their accusations are not worth a thing.

7. Some have continued to attack the character of Francis – these people who have nothing but malice and perhaps envy in their hearts. Well they are entitled to believe what they want to believe but they certainly have no right to poison the character of Francis. And they have no right to force majority of the people to adopt their delusions. It is not legal and most certainly not moral. So just let the bashers believe in their delusions. Anyway they gain nothing from putting down a good man.

8. I stand by our client. I believe he is innocent and we will do battle in court to vindicate his name. My client is no angel. But he has a golden heart.

Marcos showing his teeth to his followers

Marcos was put under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on May 19 for violating the Optometry Law.

Before the self-proclaimed businessman posted a bail, NBI discovered more cases named under Francis Leo Marcos and Norman Mangusin.

Charges including human trafficking, falsification of documents, inciting to sedition, bouncing checks, and passport law were reportedly filed against Marcos.

One of the complainants claimed that Marcos owed him/her 7,000,000 pesos.

Marcos was transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa on June 15, saying that he felt unsafe in the custody of NBI.

“Sa mga naninira sa akin, darating ang araw na makikita niyo ang katotohanan at tiyak ako na magsisisi kayo. Ganun pa man, hinahamon ko kayo na gumawa ng mabuti sa ating mga kapos palad na kababayan,” Marcos said before entering the Camp Bagong Diwa.


Lea Salonga expresses concern on anti-terror bill: “Kung bumili ako ng kutsilyo, terorista na ba ako?”

Lea Salonga joined other celebrities from opposing the anti-terror bill.

In her Facebook post on June 15, Salonga made a cryptic Facebook post that turned out to be a criticism against the controversial measure.

“Dear Pilipinas, p***** ina, ang hirap mong mahalin,” Salonga said.

Like other celebrities, the ABS-CBN talent also questioned if the anti-terror bill has enough safeguards so the government would not misuse it to anyone.

“My problem is how unspecific and loose these definitions are. Ibig sabihin, any of us could be thrown in jail for doing anything. I get that we need a bill to help curtail the growth of actual terrorist groups, but seriously? E kung pumunta ako ng True Value at bumili ng kutsilyo, terorista na ba ako? Sa ganda kong ito? Paano ka e, ang handsome mo?” Salonga said.

Lea Salonga Facebook account

“Here’s my problem… I don’t possess a lot of trust in the things I see and read, even if and when the sources are supposed to be those in which we should be able to have unquestionable trust. Second, I house a conspiracy theorist in my head, one that I do try to quell in order to stay focused on the long game. Third, there is always a sense of fear that if anyone pisses off the wrong guy, one can get shot in broad daylight,” she also said.

Salonga also said that people should be allowed to criticize without any worries of being put in detention because of the anti-terror bill.

“Criticism of one’s government shouldn’t be considered an expression of hatred, but one of love and a desire to see the country succeed. I would like to think that in a functioning democracy, this should never be anyone’s fear, that their criticism would land them in jail, or worse, a corpse lying on a curb,” Salonga stated.

Lea Salonga Facebook account

The post of Salonga reached 3,000 shares as of writing and Twitter users even made a topic about her to express their support to the world-class singer.

Authors of the anti-terror bill already assured several times that they put enough safeguards to the measure.

Senator Ping Lacson that the proposed reglementary period of detention for the Philippines is shorter compared to “Thailand with up to 30 days; Malaysia, up to two years; Singapore at 720 days extendible to an indefinite period of detention without formal charges; and Indonesia, up to 120 additional days,” 

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa also assured that activism would not be affected by the bill.

“Very clear na ang activism is not terrorism, nakalagay ‘yan dito, kahit anong pananaw mo sa buhay walang problema ‘yan, we respect your ideology kung ano ang pinaglalaban mo basta wag ka lang talagang magbigay ng material support sa NPA,” Dela Rosa stated.


BB Gandanghari tells Vice Ganda: “Wala kang ganda at ‘Vice Tanda’ dapat itawag sayo!”

It seems that BB Gandanghari, formerly known as the action star Rustom Padilla before was not yet done with criticizing Vice Ganda.

In her live stream on June 14, Gandanghari criticized the popular comedian again for the comments he made before against her.

One decade ago, Vice Ganda made a comment about Gandanghari’s decision before to study modeling in other countries, asking why the latter pursued to enter the fashion scene despite being old already.

“Nag modeling school sa new york yata, bakit mag momodela? Ngayon siya magmo-modeling nasa 40s diba medyo may edad na,” Ganda said.

Gandanghari, who kept her silence about the issue for almost 11 years asked why the comedian was questioning her decision to pursue modeling in her 40s.

According to the former action star, Vice Ganda doesn’t deserve to be called ‘Ganda’,”

“Any term na ganda shouldn’t be related to him, kasi walang maganda sa kanya, hindi ako nangunguyta, but really, base sa mga napapanood ko at nakikita ko, minus the wig, honestly maganda ‘yung wig, walang maganda,” Gandanghari said.

“So hindi siya si Vice Ganda, from now on, we shall call this person Vice Tanda, siya si Vice Tanda,” she added.

Gandanghari also said that she doesn’t like to call Vice Ganda as ‘kabayo’ because she grew up loving horses.

When one fan asked her why she’s criticizing Vice, Gandanghari said that the comedian questioned her alias.

She’s also ready to talk personally to Vice Ganda with some conditions.

Last week, Gandanghari broke her silence about the comments made by Ganda, one decade ago.

“Ayaw mong tanggapin ang pagkababae ko, kukuwestyunin mo. Eh, wala ka naman palang sense. Masuwerte ka at sumikat ka, dahil bobita ka, `yun lang ang masasabi ko sa’yo,” Gandanghari said.

“Anong ibig mong sabihin na ang pagiging babae ay sinasarili? Ano parang ikaw? Pagdating mo sa kwarto ay naka-bra ka gano’n? Ipokrita,” she added.

In 2009, Ganda already apologized to his statements, saying that he was only carried away because he’s a fan of Rustom Padilla.

The comedian has yet made any comment about the criticisms threw by Gandanghari against him.

Coco Martin being convinced to run as senator by Lito Lapid – columnist

A columnist revealed that Coco Martin was planning to enter politics if ever that ABS-CBN fails to get a new franchise.

In the article written by Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) chairman Lito Banayo, he was told by a close friend of Coco Martin that the actor visited the senate to ask Senator Lito Lapid for some advice about politics.

Banayo was informed that Martin was planning to run as Mayor of some city or municipality in the Philippines, but Lapid made some advice to his showbiz colleague to make his alternative career easy.

You see, friends were egging him to make a run for a coveted mayoralty post come 2022.  But conferring with his “pinuno,” he was advised to seek a Senate seat instead,” Banayo wrote.

“Mas madali ang trabaho ng senador,” Banayo quoted Lapid as saying to Martin.

A photo posted by the Senate of the Philippines Facebook page that Martin really visited Lapid on June 9.

On a press conference, Lapid said that he only taught Martin how to handle his critics amid the negative comments he received from the netizens for defending ABS-CBN.

Martin was also reportedly asked the senator for some ideas as the show would return soon.

Lapid played the character of “Ang Pinuno” in the TV series of Coco Martin “Ang Probinsiyano” before deciding to run for the 2019 senatorial elections.

Last year, Martin was declared as the celebrity with the highest ‘endorsement value’ in Metro Manila for the 2019 senatorial elections.

It was reported that Martin didn’t hesitate to endorse Lapid who placed 7th to the final result of the elections.

Source: Our next-gen pols? by Lito Banayo

Daryl Ong reveals that he got ousted from ABS-CBN for commenting “Si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban so malabo na yan!”

Filipino singer and songwriter Daryl Ong revealed that he’s no longer connected with ABS-CBN after he commented on the franchise issue being faced by the Kapamilya network.

In his vlog, Ong thanked ABS-CBN and his showbiz friends for the opportunity they gave to him.

Ong then narrated what happened before he got banned from the Kapamilya network.

According to his story, they’re in Iloilo for a tour together with his colleagues Bugoy Drilon and Michael Pangilinan when they discussed business opportunities like investing in the stock market.

Bugoy Drilon and Daryl Ong

They also accompanied by some people including a former employee of the Kapamilya network.

The discussion then led to the franchise issue being faced by ABS-CBN.

Drilon then showed an online petition expressing support to ABS-CBN.

He then told his colleague that there’s no hope for the petition to reach the required signatures, especially that the Kapamilya network was facing the wrath of the government and President Rodrigo Duterte.

@bugoydrilon IG

“Sabi ni Bugoy na 60 thousand na lang yung kulang para mabuo yung 1 million. Ako naman nakita ko rin yun, ang pagkakakita ko naman 60 thousang pa lang yung nagsasign.. May deadline po kasi yun…  So sabi ko kay Bugs, wala na ‘yan malabo na ‘yan, hindi na yan aabot kasi 60 thousang pa lang at anong petsa na…” Ong said.

“Tapos nagdagdag ako ng comment na sabi ko mahirap yan, naku malabo na yan mahirap yan, kalaban ba naman nila ang gobyerno, si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban, so malabo na yan,” he added.

Ong said the discussion ended after he made the said comments, however, they’re not aware that someone is already recording their discussion.

“Hindi po namin alam na ‘yung isang katabi namin sa table, ‘yung sinasabi ko na isang lalaki pa, akala ko kasi, kaibigan ‘yun nung babae na ka-kwentuhan namin na dating nagwo-work sa ABS… It turns out hindi niya pala kilala ‘yun,” he said.

“So nire-record pala kami, ‘yung usapan namin, hindi namin alam,” he added.

After their successful show in Iloilo, Ong was informed that their discussion reached one of the ABS-CBN big bosses already.

“ayun lumipad na kami patungong Iloilo nag show na kami, tapos bigla ‘yung road manager namin parang aligaga, bigla siyang panic mode bigla siyang lumabas, tinawag kami ni Bugoy, so ‘yung nasa phone, ‘yung manager namin si ate Kaye, hindi niya kami pinagalitan pero sobrang alalang alala siya kung ano ang mangyayari,” he narrated.

“‘yung guy na nag record sa conversation namin about sa franchise issue ay kaibigan pala ng isa sa mga big boss sa ABS-CBN so apparently, pinarinig ‘yung recording ang dating sa kanila wala kaming utang na loob, or pinag uusapan namin ‘yung franchise issue na wala kaming concern, parang ang dating sakin ang impression sa kanila, ay kumakampi kami sa fact na hindi mare-renew ‘yung license,” he added.

The singer said that they didn’t have a chance to explain their side to the big boss.

When they arrived in Manila, they were informed that he’s already banned in ABS-CBN together with Drilon.

“Meron ng batas na bawal na kaming lumabas sa lahat ng shows ng ABS-CBN,” he said.

After the incident, Ong, Pangilinan, and Drilon appeared as guests in Eat Bulaga to promote their concert.

Ong told his disappointed fans that he never left ABS-CBN because of his own decision.

“Hindi po ako umalis sa ABS-CBN, banned po ako, dahil doon sa insidente na napagkwentuhan namin ‘yung franchise issue at nakarating sa isang boss,” he clarified.

“Nakakalungkot lang na hindi kami nabigyan ng chance magpaliwanag,” he added.

Despite the decision of ABS-CBN against him, he’s still thankful for the opportunity given to him by the Kapamilya network.

This is not the first time that someone working for ABS-CBN got fired suddenly allegedly because of their comments.

Former DZMM host Jobert Sucaldito was suspended to his radio show after he talked about the relationship status of a top Kapamilya star.

Unlike Ong, Sucaldito filed an illegal dismissal complaint against ABS-CBN.

A former cameraman of ABS-CBN also narrated how his colleagues were invited to a feast only to be told that they’ve already fired.


Joseph Morong apologizes after an NSFW image appears on his Twitter timeline: “Bawasan ko na kaya fina-follow ko?”

GMA-7 journalist and member of Malacañang Press Corps Joseph Morong has gone viral on social media after an unexpected image appeared on the screen of his laptop while taking a selfie.

The timeline of Morong it showed an image of two men having an intimate moment.

Unlike on Facebook, you could post and browse NSFW images on Twitter without having a fear of getting an account suspension.

It seems that the NSFW photo was shared by one of the people or pages being followed by the journalist.

Morong deleted the selfie and apologized to the netizens.

According to him, he didn’t notice that there’s something wrong with the photo he posted until some of his followers pointed it out.

“Hahah sorry about that guys haha. you’ll never know what’ll show on your timeline LOL,” Morong said.

Despite deleting it, many of his followers already archived the post of Morong and started to tease the journalist.

He couldn’t do anything but to make jokes about his mistake.

“Bawasan ko na kaya fina-follow ko? hahaha un malilinis at busilak na lang haha joke lang. but sorry about that,” the journalist tweeted.

On Tuesday, he reminded his followers that he’d still need to focus on his job.

“Relax guys haha thanks for the messages of support, labyah haha not my RT, happened to show in my TL. All good. hehe. there are more important things to do *wink* hehe,” Morong said.

Meanwhile, several bloggers greeted Morong after his viral selfie reached Facebook.

“Huli sa CCTV!” RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto said.

“Happy Pride Month Joseph Morong! ?️‍?” Sass Rogando Sasot posted.