Filipino-Chinese actor Richard Juan saddened by Derek Ramsay’s action: ‘We feel like we STILL don’t belong here’

Filipino-Chinese actor Richard Juan couldn’t hide his sadness after seeing the video of his colleague Derek Ramsay displaying the flag of the Philippines before the house of their ‘Chinoy’ neighbor.

The video was recorded by Derek’s wife, Ellen Adarna who’s also part Chinese.

Ellen also showed the house of their neighbor where some signs with Chinese text were displayed in front of the door.

According to some Chinese-Filipino netizens, the meaning of the text displayed roughly translates to: “May good luck arrive at these doors each year. And may all things be gradually fulfilled to your heart’s desires”

Screencap of the video from Ellen Adarna’s IG.

Richard said that the actions of Derek was an evidence that Filipino-Chinese were still not welcome to live in the Philippines.

He even said that until now, his grandfather who fought for the country during the WWII were still being mocked for being a Chinese by some Filipinos.

“The sad truth is, despite HUNDREDS OF YEARS of history in the Philippines, it’s the unwelcoming actions like this that makes us Chinoys feel like we STILL don’t belong here,” Richard said.

“I hear yall and I’m sorry for using the wrong words. I acknowledge that Im one of the few privileged but its a fact that many Chinoys who spent most their lives here sometimes feel that they dont truly belong. Eg my WWII vet grandpa who til this day still gets called intsik beho,” he added.

As of writing, Derek and Ellen have yet to give a statement after receiving criticisms from the Filipino-Chinese community.

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