Lian Paz remembers asking for diapers for her children as Christmas gift after being left by Paolo Contis

Lian Paz recollected the challenges she faced after being separated from her former husband Paolo Contis in 2012.

On her social media page, Lian shared a past post from 10 years ago where she asked the godfathers and godmothers of her children Xonia and Xalene for diapers.

The said post was a sign that Lian was struggling to provide for the needs of her children as it was reported that Paolo failed to send financial support since their separation.

According to her, she almost lost her trust in God for what happened to her family.

“10 years ago.. Yung panahon na ako lang mag isa sa lahat kaya ito ang mga wishlist ko.. noon ang daming worries, I was angry at God kaya hindi ako nagtiwala sa kanya. I did things my way and it led me to things I regret looking back,” Lian said.

However, she was thankful that she met her current parent John Cabahug who took care of her children.

“But just 1 day, I decided to call on him for help and he changed my life! (This was a month before I met @johncabahug87) It was not an easy path but his mercy and grace keeps on pouring, one day at a time until today, God, I love you! Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for your mercy and grace! You are AMAZING!” she stated.

It can be recalled that Paolo admitted in an interview last week that he didn’t send financial support to his children.

However, he claimed that he was saving for them.

“Sa sustento issue, I don’t give. Again, I have my reasons why, but I’m saving for them. I have some savings for them that hopefully, one day, I could give to them straight. It’s a mistake na nasimulan ko na hindi ako nakapagbigay, but ever since na nagtrabaho ako nang maayos, unti-unti akong naglalagay sa account para kay Xonia, kay Xalene, pati kay Summer,” the actor said.


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