Baka mabaliw? ABS-CBN claims that millions of Filipinos mental health is in danger by the absence of Kapamilya shows

ABS-CBN believes that the absence of Kapamilya shows especially during the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the mental health of the Filipino people.

In a petition filed by ABS-CBN before the Supreme Court, they said that Filipinos who got used to watching Kapamilya top shows like “Ang Probinsiyano” are affected already by the absence of the said television shows.

According to them, entertainment being brought by ABS-CBN could help the people to survive the ECQ as most of them are forced to stay at home.

ABS-CBN is asking the court to block the cease and desist order issued by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) against them.

“While the cease and desist order is in effect, millions of avid Filipino fans, who watch ABS-CBN entertainment shows and programs daily, are deprived of this source of leisure and enjoyment,” ABS-CBN petition reads.

“Under the extended quarantine conditions, Filipinos are literally in prisn within their homes and are unable to go out. Such difficult constraints will surely add emotional and mental stress that is detrimental to their well-being,” it added.

They also claimed that the “unparalleled reach” of ABS-CBN is needed during the pandemic as they could give timely information to the public.

ABS-CBN pointed out that some places in the country only rely on the information being brought by the Kapamilya network and other radio stations they owned.

“With ABS-CBN’s unparalleled reach, it is imperative that ABS-CBN is on air to give timely and reliable information to the public, especially in light of the current public health emergency,” they said.

“In some areas, ABS-CBN operates one of the very few (if not the only) available television and radio stations. For instance, ABS-CBN’s Channel 34 DTTB Station is one of only two TV/DTTB Stations in Nueva Vizcaya, while its D-11-Zz Channel 2 (in) and Channel 11 (out) TV Station is one of only three TV stations in Mountain Province,” it added.

The network also mentioned to the petition that the continuous closure of ABS-CBN could affect its workers.

“If this severe financial hemorrhage is not stopped, ABS-CBN may be constrained to eventually let go of workers, reduce salaries and benefits, and substantially cut down on costs and expenses,” the network said.

ABS-CBN claimed that they’re losing P30 to P35 million per day in advertising revenues since NTC ordered them to stop their operations.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte slams ABS-CBN: “Kaya marami naiinis sa inyo dahil nanadya kayo!”

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte slammed ABS-CBN’s report about her interview with a radio station.

In her Instagram post, Mayor Duterte said that ABS-CBN only put her short statement instead of putting all her explanations on why her father, President Rodrigo Duterte was allowed to travel back to Davao City.

According to her, ABS-CBN’s latest news report about her is one of the reasons why many people don’t like Kapamilya Network.

“Alam niyo Abs-Cbn kaya marami naiinis sa inyo dahil nanadya kayo. Apart from this sassy answer, I gave a mouthful of numbers as legal basis, aba kahit isa wala man lang kayo sinulat. Ansabe ko IATF Omnibus Guide dated 15 May 2020 Sec. 7 (2) 2 at Notam DIA exemption to restricted travel 2) Government flights,” the Mayor said.

IATF Omnibus Guide Sec. 7 (2) 2 includes government officials as people permitted to travel under any form of community quarantine, including President Duterte.

She also said that instead of making new supporters, ABS-CBN only created new enemies.

Inday Sara then reminded that ABS-CBN franchise issue doesn’t have any connection with freedom of speech.

“Andami niyo na nga kalaban gusto niyo pa dagdagan. Kung sabagay pasok naman na sila Espasol, Sapin-Sapin at Chicharon sa bulsa eh noh, 6 months to 25 years. So tuloy lang tayo sa bias.,” she said.

“Magsulat kayo maayos oi. And for the record, walang connection ang freedom of speech at iba pang kieme ninyo sa isang franchise. Amen,” she added.

On Monday, ABS-CBN reported that Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte defended her father’s decision to go back to Davao despite the domestic flight ban being implemented modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ).

So wala nay mas frontliner pa sa atong tanan sa presidente sa atong nasud (He’s the top frontliner as president of our country.)”  Inday Sara Duterte said, according to the news report of ABS-CBN.

Three months ago, Mayor Inday Sara expressed her support to the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN.

READ MORE: “Suportado kayo ng Davao!” Mayor Inday Sara Duterte supports ABS-CBN franchise renewal

“Davao City fully supports ABS-CBN sa kanilang pagpapa-renew ng kanilang franchise. Of course malaki din ang suporta ng ABS-CBN sa Davao City at sa buong bansa,” Duterte-Carpio said last February.

“Hopefully ma-resolve in a very positive way ang issue ng franchise ng ABS-CBN,” she added.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on her father’s decision to fly home to Davao City: “He’s the top frontliner of our country”

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte defended her father President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter decided to back to Davao City despite the domestic flight banned being implemented under the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ).

In an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio, Inday Sara said that as the President of the country, her father is considered as the top front liner of the country.

So wala nay mas frontliner pa sa atong tanan sa presidente sa atong nasud (He’s the top frontliner as president of our country.)”  Mayor Duterte said.

Inday Sara refused to answer other questions about her father’s stay in Davao City citing that the presidential spokesperson should speak on behalf of the chief executive.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque already explained that as the chief executive of the Philippines, he should also check the current situation of Mindanao amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is now in Davao City to visit his family whom he has not seen in months and to assess the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation in Mindanao,” Roque said.

“COVID-19 has affected not just one part of the country but the entire Philippines. As a father of the nation, President Duterte — considering his age and comorbidities — is a hands-on working Chief Executive who spent his weekend to check how this global health scare impacted the lives of people on the ground, especially those living outside Metro Manila and Luzon,” he added.

Duterte is set to come back to Manila before the next IATF meeting.

For two months, President Duterte stayed in Manila and spent 75th birthday under quarantine in Malacanang.

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Bishop of Manila slams government for limiting religious gatherings to 5-10 people: “Do they say that only 5 persons can enter a store at a time?”

Manila Apostolic Administrator Broderick Pabillo expressed his disappointment over the restrictions imposed by the government on religious gatherings amid the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) and the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) being implemented in different parts of the country.

In a Facebook post, Pabillo said that while he’s happy that religious gatherings are now allowed, the restrictions of people allowed to join the mass are ‘unreasonable.’

He questioned why the government limits the people allowed to join the mass while they’re not giving restrictions to the individuals entering groceries, factories, and offices.

“The IATF came out with a recent decision that set the parameters for activities for the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) and the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ). In the church we are happy that in both, religious activities are allowed. But at the same time, the limitations they set to religious activities are unreasonable – 5 persons for MECQ and 10 persons for MGCQ! It is just another way of saying that you do not have religious activities,” the bishop said.

“Where did they get these numbers? Why is it that they do not give the absolute numbers of persons who can enter a store, or work in the office, or in the factory? Do they say that only 10 persons should be in an office, or that 20 persons work in a factory, or that only 5 persons can enter a store at a time? This would be preposterous!” he added.

According to him, some churches in the country, especially in NCR are big enough to accommodate a crowd of more than five to ten people while practicing social distancing.

He also said that the government made its decision without asking the Catholic Church for consultations.

“There are many churches with different sizes. Five persons for such a big church as Baclaran or the Manila Cathedral is laughable! The one-size-fits-all directive is really unreasonable! Why not give instead of the instruction that there be one meter or two-meter distance between persons in a church?” he said.

“This directive on religious activities was surely taken without any consultation with the religious sector. This is a problem with the government. They make arbitrary decisions without proper consultation with the sectors involved. So they come out with unreasonable directives!” he added.

Meanwhile, the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas, an organization accredited by the Catholic Church reminded the devotees to avoid forgetting their donations to the church.

“As a result, collections and various offerings to our churches have also stopped. As members of the Church, we know that all the services and duties (of) our parishes and diocese require our continued contributions,” Laiko president Rouquel Ponte said.

“Therefore, we must not forget and neglect this important and fundamental duty,” he added.

Religious gatherings were restricted during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) imposed in the Philippines, one of the Catholic nations in Southeast Asia.

On May 16, IATF-IED has allowed several places in the country to conduct religious gatherings.

However, it’s only limited to not more than five to ten people so most of the devotees should still rely on watching online mass.

In South Korea, a religious group was blamed for spreading COVID-19 in the said country.


Former hater of Duterte now proudly says that he’s a ‘troll’ and being paid by the President: “NOT FOR THE MONEY, NOT FOR FAME. BUT FOR PROMOTING HIS GOOD DEEDS AND LEADERSHIP!”

A netizen proudly proclaims on his Facebook post that he’s a ‘troll’ of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In his post, netizen Arrienda Alexander narrated how he hated President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 after he lost his job as a driver of a colorum vehicle.

However, as the days go by, he realized the Duterte is the only leader who wanted to implement the rule of law and stopping the colorum vehicles from operating is one of the examples of his leadership.

Alexander then proceeded on comparing what happened to him to the current situation of the ABS-CBN franchise, saying that the government only implemented the rule of law to the television network giant.

“Pag-upo ni Duterte nung 2016, nainis ako sa kanya kasi nasira ang hanapbuhay ko. Pinahuli nya lahat ng colorum kaya napilitan ako mag-iba ng hanapbuhay. Pero narealize ko, this president is FOR REAL. Alam nman ng lahat na ilang dekada ng corrupt ang LTFRB at LTO. Wala nga lang leader na may b*yag para bumangga dito,” Alexander said.

“Pareho din ng kaso ko ang ABS CBN. Wlang franchise kaya pag nag-operate eh colorum. Di ko maintindihan kung ano ang mahirap intindihin bakit maraming di makaintindi. Expired franchise, period,” he added.

The netizen explained why he considered himself as a troll of President Duterte even if he doesn’t even know the chief executive.

According to him, he’s being paid for being a troll, not by money but by the change brought by President Duterte and making the country ‘corruption-free’.

“Totoo. Isa ako sa maraming TROLL ni Duterte. Pero ano bang pakialam ko kay Duterte? Ni hindi ko nga kilala yan eh. Kaya lang sa mga ginawa nyang pagbabago, bayad na kami noon pa. Kung ako man ay isa sa mga TROLL ni Duterte, ito ay bilang pasasalamat sa kanya. 3 decades na corrupt ang gobyerno natin, ang magdeny nito, G*GO. Eto lang naman ang ilan sa mga binayad sa amin ni Duterte,”

Alexander listed the changes he believes brought by the President in the country:

“1. Boracay Rehab
2. Manila Bay Rehab
3. Driver’s license 5 yr expiration
4. Passport 10 yr expiration
5. Build Build Build
6. Hindi man totally nawala, hindi na ganun katalamak ang droga.
7. Tunay na leader na nagbunyag ng mga katiwalian ng mga malalaking isda sa bansa.
8. Tunay na pamamahagi ng lupa sa mga magsasaka.
9. After more than 30 years ngaun lang ako nakaranas na namigay ng cash assistance ang gobyerno tulong sa tao sa panahon ng Covid 19. Partida. Nationwide ito hindi Leyte lang.
10. Hinihintay ko na lang yung NATIONAL ID. 2018 pa pinirmahan pero may humaharang”

The netizen said that the things he listed above was enough payment for him to become a ‘troll’ of Duterte.


As of writing his post already reached 15,000 shares and 34,000 reactions on social media.

May koneksyon sila! Gadon explains why 9 lawmakers need to distance themselves from voting on ABS-CBN franchise

Attorney Larry Gadon sent a letter to the Senate of the Philippines, asking nine lawmakers to inhibit themselves from the deliberations and voting of the ABS-CBN franchise bill because of their alleged connections with the said broadcasting company.

Gadon mentioned House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Senators Manny Pacquiao, Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Sonny Angara, Grace Poe, Ralph Recto and Francis Pangilinan in his letter, saying that the said senators should distance themselves from the ABS-CBN franchise issue.

According to him, the said lawmakers have a connection with the broadcasting company giant.

Gadon then explained the alleged interest and connections of the Senators he mentioned in the letter:

1. Senator Pangilinan – Spouse is stockholder , Talent of ABS CBN with many years of broadcast , movies are shown earning fees and royalties

2. (Former) Senator Cayetano – The law office Cayetano Sebastian , is one of the law offices retained by ABS CBN , the law office where the late Rene Cayetano was founder and partner and Senators Allan Peter and Pia are also either partners or associates , Sebastian is husband of Pia Cayetano . The late former Senator Rene Cayetano had a long running television and radio show COMPANERO in ABS CBN

3. Senator Pacquiao – Receives fees and royalties from boxing fights , had a tv show in ABS CBN

4. Senator Lapid – Stockholder , Talent with latest show Probinsyano where he received talent fees and royalties

5. Senator Poe – Producer of tv show at ABS CBN , mother Susan talent and appears on several shows, Movies of adoptive father are shown over ABS CBN with royalties received

6. Senator Revilla- Talent , movies are shown in ABS CBN , receives royalties

7. Senator Angara – Wife works as top executive in ABS CBN

8. Senator Recto – Wife then actress Vilma Santos had tv shows in ABS CBN , son Lucky Manzano has current tv show

9. Senator Sotto – TV show Eat Bulaga in Channel 2 , where he received fees and royalties , Sharon the niece is stockholder and Talent , brother Vic Sotto is talent with movies shown in ABS CBN

Gadon insisted that if the said lawmakers insisted to participate on the ABS-CBN franchise issue, they may face possible charges.

“Sa Katotohanan , lahat ng lumagda sa Resolution “expressing the sentiment of the Senate” ay nararapat rin na mag inhibit sa debate at botohan sapagkat meron na sila agad pagkiling o pre-judgement pabor sa ABS CBN sa kabila ng pag expire ng prangkisa nito at sa mga alegasyon ng mga violations nito na may sapat na katibayan na sa kasalukuyang nasa petition sa Supreme Court at nasa mga reklamo at resolution ng pag iimbistiga sa House of Representatives,” Gadon said.

Gadon is one of the people pushing to shut down ABS-CBN.

On March, he asked the Supreme Court to stop the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on giving ABS-CBN provisional permit to operate.

President Duterte’s sister support ABS-CBN franchise extension: Dapat may puso rin ang batas!

Presidential Sister Jocellyn Duterte-Villarica expressed her support to the franchise extension of ABS-CBN, the broadcasting company repeatedly criticized by her older brother in the past.

In a Facebook post, Duterte-Villarica said that ABS-CBN should be given mercy and let them operate instead of being forced to close down like what the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) did.

“Abs CBN should get the EXTENSION they are asking for, dapat mai puso rin ang BATAS clemency should be applied…”, Duterte wrote.

Most of her followers, who are supporters of President Duterte was surprised by the support of the presidential sister to the network.

However, the presidential sister defended her stand on the ABS-CBN franchise issue.

“Hindi lng si Cayetano ang nag desisyon niyan, nasa batas yan bigyan ng due process, Madam,kaya nga pinapairal yan,kasi kung hindi, sasabihin nila bakit hindi gawin ang pagdinig ng karapatan nila, yan ang due process…gets mo!Pag ayaw ng congreso pagbigyan ang panawagan nila para sa extension, mai kinikilingan cla? Cno ngayon ang masasangkot sa usapan? Cge pag isipan mo!” Duterte said.

Photo: Jocellyn Duterte Villarica Facebook

Duterte also told one of the netizens not to judge ABS-CBN ‘without the benefit of due process’.

“Sir yun po mindset ninyo, you are judging them without the benefit of due process”…
So therefore you want it it as “trial by publicity”…labag sa batas!” she said.

Photo: Jocellyn Duterte Villarica Facebook

The Presidential sister also said that popular people like Angel Locsin also asked the government to give ABS-CBN a chance.

“Humingi na po ng tawad si Charo, at si Angel naman nakikiusap, makinig naman tayo na ang hinihingi nila ay bigyan cla ng karapatan humingi ng extension, habang inaayos ang mga isyu…hindi ibig sabihin abswelto na cla sa pananagutan nila! Dba po?..
.Bago ako husgaan wala akong tinangap na pabuya, hindi ako ganon! ,Ang hustisya wlang kinikilingan, tao lng humusga sa kapwa…mero din naman clang karapatan marinig…hindi trial by publicity…ano man ang kasalanan, panagutan… yan ang batas… tao lng nagkakamali,” she stated.

Photo: Jocellyn Duterte Villarica Facebook

A few days ago, the House of Representatives led by Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano granted provisional franchise to ABS-CBN until October 31.

“Providing ABS-CBN with a provisional franchise valid until 31 October 2020 will give both the House of Representatives and the Senate [the opportunity] to hear the issues being raised for and against the renewal, and assess, with complete impartiality and fairness, whether or not the network shall be granted a franchise for another (25) years. We cannot, in good conscience, sweep the accusations under the rug,” the bill said.


Trillanes defends the salesman who got detained after calling Duterte ‘buang’: Hindi libelous ang pagsasabi ng totoo!

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV condemned the action of the authorities against the salesman who allegedly called President Rodrigo Duterte ‘buang’ or insane.

The salesman identified as Reynaldo C. Orcullo, 41, a resident of Brgy Triangulo, Nasipit town, Agusan del Norte was facing cybercrime charges for his Facebook comment against President Duterte.

READ MORE: Salesman in Mindanao facing cybercrime charges for calling President Duterte ‘buang’

According to Trillanes, Orcullo is only trying to exercise his freedom of speech and expression.

The known critic of Duterte also strongly believes that the salesman is telling the truth, so his comments should not be considered as libelous.

“That is clearly illegal and against the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech and of expression. Besides, telling the truth is never libelous,” Trillanes said who also called President Duterte crazy before.

“I call on the PNP to exercise due restraint and sound judgment in the performance of their duty, especially in these trying times,” he added.

Trillanes even posted a short tweet addressed to the President.

“Buang ka na, palpak ka pa! #BuangSiDuts,” he tweeted.

Yesterday, Human Rights Lawyer Chel Diokno also called out the authorities for what they did to Orcullo, saying that law enforcers’ job is to protect the people and not Duterte.

READ MORE: Chel Diokno slams authorities for hunting down Duterte’s critics: “Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan”

“Pano aarestuhin ng PNP itong salesman na minura ang Pangulo kung Pangulo nga mismo e minura ang senador, Santo Papa, ang Simbahan, at napakarami pang iba? Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan. Ang trabaho nyo e protektahan ang taumbayan,” Diokno said.

De Lima’s consultant defends his niece who allegedly asks Abu Sayaff to end President Duterte

A consultant for the office of Senator Leila De Lima couldn’t hide his anger towards the members of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Presidential Security Group (PSG) for hunting down his niece who allegedly asked Muslim extremist group Abu Sayaff to end President Rodrigo Duterte’s life.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Atty. Josef Leroi Garcia narrated how the members of the PSG allegedly trying to trace her niece Carmela Buan Laxina for her post against President Duterte.

Laxina’s Facebook comment was featured by several Facebook pages on social media.

“P*tayin na yan taksil sa Pilipinas. Pls Abu Sayap, pakitulungan po para map*tay na itong buwang na Pres. para maibsan na ang salot sa Pilipinas,” allegedly Laxina said.

Photo: 1M Facebook page

According to Atty. Garcia, the PSG, or the NBI have no power over his niece saying that Laxina is already an Australian citizen.

He claimed that the Philippine Embassy in Australia is already attempting to summon Laxina to appear before the Philippine authorities.

“My niece told them to go visit her at her house instead, but in the presence of the federal police of her country,” Garcia said.

“But they are BARKING UP the wrong tree (yes, dear DDS friends, that is how you use the idiom correctly) because my niece is already a foreign national and fully protected by her government. If PSG has any quarrel with my niece, please proceed to the appropriate embassy of her nationality in Manila and see if you can ask them nicely to surrender their citizen to your jurisdiction. Good luck hunting,” he added.

Garcia also warned the followers of President Duterte that the people of Macabebe is still capable of standing up against powerful people Duterte like what they did to former President Emilio Aguinaldo.

In his latest update, Garcia claimed that the NBI asked his niece to apologize, but she refused to do it.

He also stated that the Australian police defended Laxina and asked the NBI agent to stop pressuring the lady.

“Malacañang is creating an international incident on the FB post of an Oz citizen over whom it has no jurisdiction. That is what Malacañang is busy about while the country reels from two months of ECQ without any plan on how to end the pandemic,” he said.

This week, law enforcers launched different operations to track down several individuals who allegedly endangering President Duterte’s safety.

A teacher from Zambales was brought to NBI Central Office for allegedly putting a bounty on Duterte’s head.

READ MORE: Man who puts P50-M bounty on President Duterte’s head caught by members of NBI: “Marami pa po akong pangarap,”

A salesman in Mindanao was also put under the custody of the authorities after calling President Duterte a crazy man.

READ MORE: Salesman in Mindanao facing cybercrime charges for calling President Duterte ‘buang’

Several groups, and also Human Rights Lawyer Chel Diokno criticized the move of the government, saying that they should not protect the President from individuals criticizing him.

READ MORE: Chel Diokno slams authorities for hunting down Duterte’s critics: “Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan”

Chel Diokno slams authorities for hunting down Duterte’s critics: “Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan”

Human Rights lawyer Chel Diokno criticized the Philippine National Police (PNP) for detaining a salesman who called President Rodrigo Duterte ‘buang’ or crazy on social media.

In a series of tweets, Diokno said that PNP should not focus on hunting down the critics of Duterte because it’s not their job to protect the President from the opinion of the public.

Diokno pointed out that even Duterte cursed the pope, public officials, and other people.

“Pano aarestuhin ng PNP itong salesman na minura ang Pangulo kung Pangulo nga mismo e minura ang senador, Santo Papa, ang Simbahan, at napakarami pang iba? Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan. Ang trabaho nyo e protektahan ang taumbayan,” Diokno said.

According to them, the authorities don’t have the right to put individuals under their custody because of posting libelous statements against the President.

Photo: @ChelDiokno Twitter page

Diokno said that only ‘judges’ should decide whether an individual should be detained for libel or not.

Followers of Diokno thanked the lawyer for criticizing the move of the law enforcers, saying that they’re afraid of what’s happening to the critics of the President.

“Sir Diokno, maraming salamat po sa pagtanggol! Bilang isang simpleng mamamayan, hindi ko ho maiwasan na matakot sa ganitong panahon, na kahit sino pwe-pwede nang damputin. Siguro ho ganito narin ang nararamdaman ng karamihan kaya mabuti ho andyan kayo,” @goodguyjosephh said.

“Matagal na pong hindi kapakanan at seguridad ng taong-bayan ang inaasikaso ng PNP. Marami akong kakilala na ang turo sa mga anak nila ay last resort ang pulis kung kailangan nila ng tulong dahil ang pulis sa Pilipinas hindi mapagkakatiwalaan,” netizen @retromaldita remarked.

On Wednesday, salesman Reynaldo Orcullo, 41, a resident of Brgy Triangulo, Nasipit town, Agusan del Norte was caught by the members of the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit (RACU) 13.

The salesman allegedly called President Duterte ‘crazy’ and also mentioned Senator Christopher “Bong” Go.

READ MORE: Salesman in Mindanao facing cybercrime charges for calling President Duterte ‘buang’

Before Orcullo, several individuals including a teacher from Zambales were also put by the authorities under their custody because of their post against President Duterte.

READ MORE: Man who puts P50-M bounty on President Duterte’s head caught by members of NBI: “Marami pa po akong pangarap,”

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque already said that the people caught have the chance to prove that they’re innocent.

“Kung merong prima facie case for any case, kasuhan siya at mabibigyan naman po siya ng pagkakataon na patunayang hindi siya nagkasala sa ating hukuman sa takdang panahon,” Roque said.