Sen. Bato dela Rosa, gigil na gigil kay Sec. Diokno: “What are you trying to prove Mr Secretary?”

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa couldn’t hide his disappointment towards the proposal of the Department of Finance Sec. Benjamin Diokno who wanted to lower the monthly pension of the uniformed personnel.

On March 29, Diokno said that the pension system for military and uniformed personnel (MUP) should be overhauled because it might cause a ‘fiscal collapse’.

“His predecessors did not want to address this. It’s the elephant in the room and nobody would like to touch it and they simply ignore it,” Diokno said.

“It is not sustainable and if it goes on, there will be a fiscal collapse. They have to cooperate with the rest of society otherwise, our fiscal deficit will just continue to balloon,” he added.

Dela Rosa, who’s a retired chief of Philippine National Police (PNP) slammed the proposal of Diokno, saying that the budget for monthly pension for MUPs are nothing compared to the salary of the Finance secretary and the budget of politicians.

“Are you not aware of the fact that the monthly pension of all 137,649 retirees combined is just a tiny slice of the pie compared to the pork barrel of the politicians in the Senate and Congress, Intelligence Funds of non-intel outfit but having not so intelligent brain, including the millions of pesos you and your equally high profile executives in government are receiving? Not to mention the perks and allowances you are privileged to enjoy etcetera?” Dela Rosa asked.

“Now you are telling us that the situation is so bleak? Ridiculous? That the amount will bloat, will balloon? You are there to fix it. So do it. That is your expertise so why can’t you. And don’t complain. You are the alter ego of the President. Should you fail, so is he.” he added.

He also pointed out the sacrifices of the MUPs and that they’re just lucky to survive the service and receive pensions.

“What are you trying to prove Mr Secretary? Are we your enemy? Yes, we are old and grey now. But we did not get old for NOTHING. We did not enjoy our boyhood, our youth and the prime years of our lives like you did. We sweat, we cried, we bled, and most of us gave their ultimate sacrifice for God, Country, and People.” he said.

“Now, after serving our country faithfully including you and the rest of your family during the best years of our lives, gaganyanin mo na lang kami? Na para bang wala kaming naging pakinabang sa aming bansa. In the first place it is not your money that comes out in your own pocket. It is the PEOPLE’s money whom we served and protect. It is only but fitting that they will reciprocate the services we rendered to them. Not yours nor your government’s money.” he added.

He then urged Diokno to leave a better legacy by not changing the monthly pension of MUPs.

“Please leave a LEGACY that you will be Admired and Remembered for the Rest of our Remaining lives Mr Secretary.” he stated.

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