Music producer, naniniwalang walang nilabag sa copyright si Shaira Moro

A music producer believed that Shaira Moro didn’t infringe any copyright amid the issue received by her song ‘Selos.’

It can be recalled that several netizens informed Australian singer Lenka about Shaira’s song, saying that “Selos” has the same melody as her song “Trouble is a Friend,”

As a response, Shaira’s management voluntarily removed Selos from online platforms.

DJ JNL believed that Shaira’s Selos didn’t use original samples from Lenka’s song.

“Shaira’s version doesn’t breach copyright from sampling since she didn’t use original samples from Lenka’s “Trouble is a Friend”. Oh really, why?” JNL wrote. “The melody is resampled, making it a “cover”, a technique commonly used by renowned figures like David Guetta and Tiesto. That’s why you often hear new songs revitalizing old tunes, such as David Guetta’s “Blue” or Flo Rida’s “Sugar”, originally by Eiffel 65,”

“However, the original artist may take action if the cover artist didn’t pay a “mechanical license” to cover the original song,” he added.

The case was different when it came to popular DJ, Kuya Magik and Carlos Agassi, saying that the two used master samples from original tracks.

“What you should be looking at is Kuya Magik’s Sped Up Remixes or Carlos Agassi’s instrumentals in his songs, as they used master samples from original tracks. Keep in mind, you must secure master rights to use these samples before releasing them as your own,” he stated.

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