Esther Lahbati, binatikos matapos ilagay sa plastic container ang tanghalian ng mga driver

Actress Sarah Lahbati’s mother, Esther Lahbati, had received criticism on social media after she recorded herself while preparing lunch for her drivers.

In her Instagram post last March 9, Sarah happily shared how she personally cooked food for her drivers.

“#Our lunch for today tinolang manok with papaya,lemon grass,luya,onion and garlic plus sautéd bunga ng malunggay at dahon ng malunggay healhty living galing ang gulay sa bakuran ni alıng Esther,” she wrote.

However, instead of receiving praise from the netizens, she received negative comments for not serving the food for her workers on a plate.

Fortunately, some fans of Esther defended her, saying that people should not judge Sarah’s mother.

“Wala akong nakitang mali sa pinaglagyan ng ulam at kanin. My understanding is maybe yung driver nila doon kakain sa driver’s quarter niya kaya pinag sandok. Sino bang hindi nagrerecycle or reuse ng any plastic container? I believe we all do. Ang importante malinis yung lalagyan and most of all yung acts of generosity. Anyways, parang ang sarap ng niluto niyo esp yung bunga ng malunggay. Kudos!” netizen @pjbriagas said.

“Dito nga sa US usually puro disposables ang ginagamit .. walang masama, importante May healthy food na kakainin.. be happy,” netizen gemfma remarked.


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