Rachel Donaire, bursts in tears after being called ‘Gold digger’ by Nonito Donaire Sr: “I’m always gonna be the bad guy”

Former female boxer Rachel Donaire couldn’t hide her emotion as she spoke about her feud with her father-in-law Nonito Donaire Sr.

In her statement, Rachel revealed that Donaire Sr. was always criticizing her because of the lack of support he received from his son Nonito Donaire Jr., a boxing champion in five weight classes.

According to Rachel, Donaire Sr. wanted to manipulate the situation for his own gain and to receive money from his son.

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“No matter what I do, I’m always gonna be the bad guy… I can’t anymore, guys. It’s all about the money… He’s been bullying me from day one. He’s been saying that I’m a gold digger.” Rachel said.

“But literally, the reason he’s saying this sh*t is because he tried to trap me,” she added.

According to her, the issue started in 2008 when Donaire Sr. took a boxing allowance, also called ‘per diem’ from his son without their permission.

Rachel said that Donaire Sr. wanted his son to blame Rachel for the missing boxing allowance.

“He tried to trap me in 2008… because he was accused of stealing. In the 2008 story, Nonito asked me if I got the per diem money because I was acting as manager, but I didn’t. I didn’t sign for it. And Nonito Jr. questioned me because I was supposed to sign for the per diem money. And I was supposed to pass it out.

“But the truth is I didn’t sign for it coz I didn’t know better. And I had to protect myself. I had to involve the promoter. I had to ask who signed for the per diem coz Jr. was accusing me of taking the per diem money, and it wasn’t true. So I asked Top Rank who signed for that per diem money because it wasn’t me. I checked.” she stated.

After some investigation, Rachel discovered that the one who signed the boxing allowance was no other than Donaire Sr.

“It was Sr.’s signature. He took it so I got blamed. And I didn’t say anything… He took the money without telling us, and Nonito Jr. blamed me because I was supposed to do it. I was supposed to take the per diem money. And I looked like a fool to Top Rank because I’m asking who signed for the per diem money because it wasn’t me,” the emotional Rachel said.

She expressed dismay over the treatment she received from her father-in-law because of money.

“It was Sr. Because I was being accused of a gold digger, I was the one who got the money, who’s hiding the money. He continued to set me up. He set me up every single time.” she stated.

It can be seen that while Rachel was speaking, Donaire Jr. approached her, but his wife told him to go away.

“Go away. Just go! No! No! Please just go! I need to finish this. Please just go. Just let me finish this.” she said.

Before leaving, Donaire Jr. comforted Rachel for a while.

As of writing, Donaire Sr. has yet to respond to the accusations from Rachel.


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