Nonito Donaire Sr. calls his son ‘ungrateful’: “For 24 years I feed him but when he became a world champion he left me”

Boxing trainer Nonito Donaire Sr. couldn’t hide his disappointment in his son, five-division boxing champion Nonito Donaire Jr.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep), Donaire Sr. was asked if there was still a chance for him to reconcile with his son.

The boxing trainer answered, saying he was not interested in building his relationship with the boxing champion again.

He reminded Donaire Jr. that he was nothing before he trained him to do boxing.

“I can’t believe that you raised a kid and now that he has more money than his parents, can afford to raised his voice toward his father who molded him of what he is right now. I was talking about Nonito Jr. The UNGRATEFUL SON. He was a jobless man until he became a world champion.” Donaire Sr. stated.

“For 24 years I feed him but when he became a world champion he left me and not even telling me that he hired another trainer.” he added.

According to Donaire Sr., he never got invited by his son, even to his victory parties, despite him being an instrument for the success of the boxing champion.

It can be recalled that the boxing champion said that he still loved his father, but he was already hopeless about changing his attitude.

In 2009, Donaire Jr. decided to remove his father as his trainer and reconciled in 2013, but in 2016 they decided to part ways again.

Rachel Donaire, the wife of the boxing champion revealed that money was one of the issues between them and Donaire Sr.



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