Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro: “Ngayon panalo ka. Pasensya na simple lang ako, hindi ako makapangyarihan”

The issue between the former actress and model Deniece Cornejo and actor Vhong Navarro has been revived after the netizens heard the story of former VJ Kat Alano in the hands of #RhymeswithWrong.

In 2014, the public talked about Cornejo and Navarro after the latter was allegedly ganged up by the group led by businessman Cedric Lee.

The public supported Navarro during those times while Cornejo became unpopular and even became the subject of memes.

Six years after the incident, the netizens discussed the said issue again and it seems that some of them expressed their support for Cornejo.

According to some of the tweets, Cornejo might be really a victim in the said incident after they read the statement from Alano.

However, some still doubt the statements of Cornejo.

Alano on June 15 revealed that a still famous celebrity destroyed her dignity despite wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

The post triggered the curiosity of the netizens and started to research and found that Alano also made a statement in 2014 amid the issue between Navarro and Cornejo.

“Vhong Navarro” has also became a trending topic on Twitter.

The info posted by Alano made the netizens to assume that Navarro was the celebrity being mentioned by the former.

Alano also said that she never filed a case against #RhymeswithWrong because he’s a relative of the right hand of a former President who assured that the celebrity would be cleared of any cases filed against him.

Navarro faced three complaints against two women and one lesbian and later on reportedly all junked by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The case filed by Cornejo against Navarro was junked in 2017 because there was “no sufficient evidence.”

In 2018, Navarro won a case against Cornejo and Navarro.

Taguig City Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 74 Judge Bernard Pineda Bernal found Cornejo and Lee and several others guilty of grave coercion and sentenced them to serve six months and a maximum of three years and six months in prison.

However, Cornejo and Lee didn’t accept the ruling and asked the Office of the Court Administrator to remove the judge who handled the complaint of Navarro.

According to the camp of Navarro, he was forced to admit that he’s attempting to r*pe Cornejo.



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