Actress Kat Alano says that her rapist #RhymesWithWrong is ‘still a famous celebrity’

Actress Kat Alano revealed that the man who r*ped her was still active in show business.

In a social media post, Alano who joined the #HijaAko movement narrated that a still popular and active celebrity was the one who abused and drugged her in 2005.

Alano said that during that time, she’s not wearing any revealing clothes.

She even claimed that the celebrity destroyed her career.

The actress didn’t name the celebrity but she gave a clue that the name of the predator rhymes with the word ‘wrong’.



In 2014, Alano revealed her past on a radio show.

Coincidentally, the people were talking during that time about the issue faced by actor Vhong Navarro and model Deniece Cornejo.

One day after Navarro encountered the group of businessman Cedric Lee, Alano made a tweet asking people why they’re defending a predator.

“Why is it people are so quick to defend r*pists and demonize the victims? Open your eyes people.” Alano tweeted.


In 2015 Alano wrote a letter to former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to help the victims like her.

One year after her post, she accused De Lima, who’s newly-elected Senator during that time for ignoring her.

“When I contacted you and BESEECHED YOU AS A WOMAN AND A FILIPINA TO STAND UP FOR RAPE VICTIMS EVERYWHERE; YOU TURNED A BLIND EYE. And now you want the women of the Philippines to stand behind you?” Alano said.

As a response, De Lima said that she’s not aware of Alano.

“First of all I don’t know her and I don’t remember that she ever approached me. And sa mga ganyang pananalita it is useless to convince her of my side and my innocence.” the now detained Senator said.

15 years after the incident, Alano still refused to name #RhymesWithWrong.

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