COVID-19 patient lost her life after relying on ‘tuob’ home remedy instead of seeking medical consultation

It’s already too late for a COVID-19 patient when she realized that the popular home remedy she relied on was not working.

A 34-year-old woman in Cagayan De Oro was declared dead-on-arrival last June 7, because of the COVID-19 after she didn’t seek medical attention and relied on ‘tuob’ or steam inhalation.

According to City health office epidemiologist Dr. Joselito Retuya, the steam inhalation could only give relief to the COVID-19 patient, but it would not cure them.

“Steam inhalation can help relieve nasal congestions if one is experiencing minor cold and cough. However, there is no scientific evidence that it that kills viruses or prevents virus infection,” the doctor said.

Rocha said that the woman instead of relying to doctors decided to try to cure COVID-19 using ‘tuob’.

The patient was brought to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) after experiencing symptoms.

“She did not seek medical consultation, instead, she relied on tuob as home remedy,” said NMMC liaison officer Dr. Bernard Julius Rocha.

“This is the danger that we are trying to save. Tuob can never prevent nor cure coronavirus,” he added.

Steam inhalation became a topic of debate after Cebu Province Governor Gwendolyn Garcia encouraged government employees to perform tuob twice a day at their work stations.

However, several medical experts questioned the effectiveness of ‘tuob’, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

It even reached to the point that Garcia clashed with the medical community after she publicly showed screenshots of Dr. Candy Krista Pilapil’s social media profile and posts questioning the ‘tuob’.

“Are you the leader of a province? Go file for office and run in the next election. Maybe that will make people believe in you. Your platform and slogan? Anti-tuob kid,” Garcia said.

Experts said that regular hand washing, wearing face masks, social distancing, and staying at home are still the best ways to fight COVID-19.


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