Francis Leo Marcos writes letter: “Pag laya ko ay ibubuhos ko lahat ang mayroon ako para sa mahihirap”

The fans of Norman Mangusin, also known as Francis Leo Marcos (FLM) was touched after a letter written by him while under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had circulated on social media.

Marcos asked Yhama Dela Cruz to pass the letter to his supporters as he’s still being detained for multiple charges including human trafficking.

According to Marcos, he’s still unsure of what’s going to happen to him and only getting the strength to the people who still believe him despite the revelations made by NBI about him.

Marcos vowed to give everything he got once that he gained his freedom again.

“Makakaasa po kayo na ang supporta ko at pagmamahal sa inyo ay hindi magbabago. Gusto ko pong pasalamat kayo ng personal pag laya ko,” Marcos wrote.

“Ipinapangako ko sa dakilang may kapal na ibubuhos ko lahat ng kung ano man ang mayroon ako para sa mahihirap nating kababayan,” he added.

Some netizens still expressed their support to Marcos despite the discovery made by the authorities about him.

According to NBI, Marcos doesn’t own any properties or businesses.

They also discovered that Norman Mangusin is the real name of Marcos and only using false documents to hide his identity.

The self-proclaimed businessman blamed his mother for asking him to change his identity.

NBI said that Marcos was facing big trouble because of the acts he did in the past.

An investigative journalist also said that Marcos was married more than three times.


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