Pineke? Francis Leo Marcos’ wedding with Fil-Jap beauty queen is void according to an investigative journalist

An investigative journalist claimed that the woman being showed by Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos (FLM) in his vlogs, is not his real wife.

Journalist Manuel Mejorada believed that Marcos’ wedding with Filipina-Japanese beauty queen Mayu Murakami was considered void ab initio because the businessman didn’t use his real name during the marriage, if ever that they legitimately married each other.

Marcos together with Mayu Murakami

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) confirmed that Marcos’ real name is Norman Mangusin and now facing charges because of faking his identity and documents.

To prove their claims, they compared the fingerprint by Mangusin and Marcos, and it matched.

Mejorada also made a surprising claim, saying that Marcos was already married under his name Norman Mangusin.

He said that a certain Maria Christina Caber married Marcos in Pasay City 18 years ago.

According to Mejorada, Marcos introduced himself to Caber as an Engineer working in Saudi Arabia, but in reality, the latter was working as a baker in the said country.

“Noong bumalik siya galing sa Saudi ay agad siyang nag propose ng kasal kay Christine, eh si Christy kahit may duda ay pumayag na rin dahil mukhang may trabaho naman, mukhang responsable naman, so kinasal sila sa may Pasay noong 2002,” he said.

The wedding between Caber and Marcos was still valid even until today as Mejorada said.

Marcos was also married to another woman in 2012 according to Mejorada whom he refused to name because of privacy reasons.

However, the journalist said that Marcos’s wedding in 2012 was also null and void because the latter was not using his real name during that time.

Mejorada then narrated how Marcos met Murakami in Japan.

He said that FLM introduced himself to the beauty queen as a relative of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Murakami who’s supposedly clueless about Marcos’ real identity during that time was impressed by how the self-proclaimed businessman flaunted his wealth, but according to Mejorada, he’s only using the money given by his friend.

Mejorada said that Marcos used Murakami as a ‘props’ because he’s planning to run in 2022 as a senator.

“Ito ‘yung game plan ni FLM, na si Mayu ang kanyang magiging Imelda, ‘yan ang totoong dahilan kung bakit niya niligawan, whirlwind marriage na tinatawag, mabilisan, kahit wala pang isang taon na nagkakilala sila ay nagpakasal na kagad si FLM at si Mayu,” he said.

So nagpakasal sila, pero walang bisa, its still null and void, illegal, ab inition at the start walang bisa, walang kahulugan ‘yun… As far as the law is concern, hindi nga siya pwedeng kasuhan ng bigamy,” he added.

The journalist even said that Murakami kept her silence on what happened to Marcos since he was put under the custody of NBI due to multiple charges.

“No state of concern kahit na nasa Japan siya ngayon, eh hindi nga nagpalabas ng statement, walang Youtube, walang Facebook na nag aalala siya, na she is worried about Francis Leo Marcos, dahil siguro narealize na rin niya na budol budol din siya,” he said.

Marcos in one of his oldest vlogs claimed that Murakami separated with him after he launched the ‘Mayaman Challenge’.

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Marcos then claimed that his wife is going back to the Philippines to file a 100-M libel case against the people trying to destroy the reputation of her ‘husband’


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