Francis Leo Marcos gives more details about his life inside his cell at NBI detention center

Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos for the first time since he was detained because of multiple charges was seen again by his fans on social media, thanks to a Facebook page dedicated to the self-proclaimed businessman.

Facebook page ‘Tiktik’ posted a video of Marcos talking to the agents of NBI about his past and how he changed his name from Norman Mangusin to his now popular alias.

Marcos admitted that he’s Norman Mangusin name since grade 5 and grew up with his father Gilbert Mangusin.

However, he denied that he’s the one who changed his name to Francis Leo Marcos and mentioned again his mother.

“Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan sir is ‘yung Norman Mangusin ay hanggang grade 5 ko gamit… gamit ko talaga, kaya hindi ko ma-deny lumaki akong tatay ko si Gilbert Mangusin,” Marcos said.


“Pero ‘nong 17 na ako ay nanay ko naman ang nagpalit ng pangalan ko, hindi naman ako,” he added.

Gilbert Mangusin was mentioned by internet figure Xian Gaza on April 2 when he accused Marcos of using a fake identity to escape several lawsuits filed under his name Norman Mangusin.

Gaza claimed that Marcos paid a judge and two National Statistics Office officials to change his name, however, NBI is still not confirming if the information shared by the former is legitimate.

On May 10, investigative journalist Manuel Mejorada mentioned Gilbert Mangusin in his blog, together with a certain Remedios Antonio who’s being rumored to be the mother of Marcos.


Francis Leo on his past social media posts claimed that his father was Dr. Pacifico Marcos, the younger brother of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

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Several members of the Marcos-Romualdez clan then started to disown the internet celebrity.


The businessman then started to talk about his connection with the Marcos clan of Ilocos.

“If you ask me ‘how you are related to the first family?’ I’ll just simply said, it is a ‘PRIVILEGE COMMUNICATION’, but I have not the liberty to divulge any information pertaining to the first family,” Marcos said in his past video.


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Yesterday, NBI said that Marcos might face serious legal trouble as he’s accusing of multiple counts of human trafficking and other cases that punishable by reclusión perpetua

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As of writing, the camp of Marcos is still not giving any statement.

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