Businessman Francis Leo Marcos reveals his relationship with the powerful Marcos clan of Ilocos

The businessman who suddenly became popular on social media because of his publicized good deeds admitted his real relationship with the powerful Marcos clan of the Ilocos region.

Francis Leo Marcos on his recent Facebook live feed said that his family was very inspired by the good deeds of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and former first lady Imelda Romualdez-Marcos.

Marcos said that he was influenced by his mother to do be kind like the former President and former first lady.

He also cited his philosophy in life, saying that “history will not be recorded what we say, but history is recorded what we do,”

“Ang akin pong ina ay pinalaki ako… ang akin pong ina ay sobra ang paghanga, I’m a Marcos, and it so happened that there is a Marcos in politics, yun po yung hinahangan ng magulang ko na babae, hindi ko naman pwedeng kontrahin yung nanay ko dahil napakabuti niya pong ina sa akin,” Marcos said.

“Me and my family are inspired for those good deeds and good things na ginawa po ni former President at former First Lady,” he added.

The businessman then explained that his only intention is to help the people and never meant to upset anyone’s feelings.

“My intention is clear, I’m challenging the rich people out there to accept my challenge because I could not help our country alone, I’m just a private individual, its so happened that I am a Marcos, yun po yun, and yung nanay ko po ay inspired by doings of President Marcos and the first lady,” Marcos said.

“Pinalaki po ako na yun akin pong adbokasiya ay inspired by the very good deeds of the first family,” he added.

Francis Leo then revealed his relationship with the former first family.

“If you ask me ‘how you are related to the first family?’ I’ll just simply said, it is a ‘PRIVILEGE COMMUNICATION’, but I have not the liberty to divulge any information pertaining to the first family,” Marcos said.

“Pero po yung aking aspiration ay nagmula sa kanila,” he added.


According to Investopedia, privileged communication is an interaction between two parties in which the law recognizes a private, protected relationship. Whatever is communicated between the parties remains confidential, and the law cannot force their disclosure. Even disclosure by one of the parties comes with legal limitations.

Yesterday, several people, including some members of the Romualdez-Marcos clan, disowned Francis Leo Marcos and cautioned the netizens.

“To all the people asking me about Mr. Francis Leo Marcos he is not related to me nor to my family po he’s real name is “Norman Mangusin” thank you,” Romualdez said.

However, several supporters of Francis Leo defended the businessman and even posted some photos of the latter together with the members of the Marcos clan.

In some photos, Marcos also posted a photo of him together with former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

“My date [Imelda] told me that I look like Ferdie. I reply her with the snob and say I look more like. PAKING (Pacifico Marcos my father) than Ferdie and she laughs open air,” he said.

Pacifico Marcos is the youngest brother of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

A certain Candy Marcos also called Francis Leo Marcos as her ‘cousin’ and posted a photo of the businessman together with Senator Imee Marcos.

“Manang Imee Marcos. And insan Francis Leo Marcos sooo proud na maging @Marcos,” Candy said on her Facebook post in 2019.


Despite some doubts about the real identity of Marcos, people are still cheering for the businessman.

“His family affiliation is irrelevant now but his charitable deeds are,” netizen Rebecca Guiterrez-Misland commented in one of our articles.


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