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“Filipino-at-heart” British expresses concern after he saw a priest using the Church in his anti-Federalism speech

Malcolm Conlan, also known in the Philippines as the British with a Filipino heart, expressed his concern after he saw several photos of a priest using the church during an alleged anti-Federalism presentation.

In the photos posted by Conlan, it showed a priest presenting an image to his audience with the text “Of 50 M voters, 34 M did not vote for him. We can then say that 34 M do not want federalism,”

The photo was taken after the dialog between President Rodrigo Duterte and Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines President Archbishop Romulo Valles. The former Mayor of Davao City vowed that he would stop attacking the Church after that meeting.

In his post, Conlan even showed doubts about the legitimacy of the photo because he always thought that the teachings of the Bible are to pray for the leaders of the country, help the poor and promote peace and unity.

You can read his whole post below:

Sorry dear friends, I’m not sure if this is a real account of what’s happening right now in the Philippines? Maybe it’s photo shopped? But just in case it is real, can someone explain to me why the Catholic Church in the Philippines is apparently meddling in politics?

I always thought that the role of Christians biblically was to pray for the leaders of the country, help the poor, pray for the sick, promote unity and peace?

Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems to be a campaign against the democratically elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and his political will????

Also, how on earth is the church able to say if the apparent 34 million people who apparently did not vote for President

After some research, we found out that the photo was taken by Manila Bulletin during the Parish Forum hosted by San Ildefonso Parish Makati and Bishop Broderick Pabillo is the one who presented the slideshow.

Bishop Pabillo showed doubts about the proposed charter change of the Duterte administration, believing that it might only give President Rodrigo Duterte more power.

“How many of you had read the 1987 Constitution? The problem is that most Filipinos don’t know what has been changed/deleted in the proposed (new) constitution.” Bishop Pabillo asked his audience.

He also pointed out in his presentation that “Imperial Manila” got the most share in the budget under President Rodrigo Duterte.

The meeting of CBCP President Archbishop Romulo Valles and President Duterte is also just a propaganda and photo-op according to the Bishop.

Pabillo also urged the people to go to Batasan on the day of SONA to protest against President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Our main concern is not President Duterte. We are after the values our kids will have after his term.” Bishop Pabillo said.

Source: Malcolm Conlan/Manila Bulletin

Netizen removes “Welcome China” tarp and fiercely answers the journalist who asks him why he removed it

The “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” tarpaulins hung around Metro Manila gained different reactions from the netizens, and some critics blamed the government for putting the tarps.

Several tarps have been placed along Metro Manila at the exact day of the second anniversary of the international tribunal ruling favoring the Philippines’ claims over the South China Sea.

Several hours after the news erupted, a concerned netizen, Jeremy Salomon, volunteered to remove one of the tarps placed along D. Tuazon in Quezon City and narrated on Facebook what happened during that time.

Photo: Jeremy Salomon/Facebook

According to his post, while he’s trying to remove the tarp, a journalist who is in position several distances along the tarpaulin approached him and interviewed.

Salomon was asked by the journalist why he was so brave in removing the tarp, citing that the banner was already hung in the pedestrian overpass since midnight.

Members of the media positioned several distances from the tarp Photo: Jeremy Salomon/Facebook

In response, Salomon said that the people who put the tarp should ask themselves if what they committed is right. According to the netizen, he has the right to remove the things that give wrong information to the public.

When Salomon also believes that the people who hung the controversial tarps are the “media” and “activists” who wanted to destroy the image of President Rodrigo Duterte.

He also dared the people who put the tarpaulin that he’s gonna pay all their expenses if they’re going to confront him for removing their banner.

You can read his whole post below:

“Ang sabi ko kay Kuya Inquirer…

Reporter:”Madaling araw pa may naglagay dito sa poster na ito? Bakit naglakas loob ka tanggalin?

Me”..Ako ay ordinaryong Filipino kung sino man naglagay nito ay tanungin ang sarili? Tama ba ito?.. Kung may karapatan ka maglagay ng poster pero “Maling” impormasyon, may karapatan din ako “i-Tama” ang mali.. Kung ilagay mo I love Philippines, sa tingin mo tatangalin ko??”

Reporter:”..Sino sa paningin ko ang naglagay??..”

Me:”..Who cares? Kung alam ko na mali ay basta gagawin ko ang tama.. At tingin ko kagagawan ng fake media at mga aktibista.. Kung may nagastos ka sa paglagay mo ay hanapin ako at babayaran ko pagawa mo.”

The post of Salomon received thousands of likes and shares from the netizens. He also received praise for his bravery to remove the tarps.

Because of the post of Salomon, some netizen suspected that the media were the one who placed the tarps along Metro Manila to create another issue against the government.

Journalist Malou Tiquia also said in her Facebook post that there’s a big possibility that the people behind the controversial tarp are the members of the opposition who wanted to grab the power of Duterte.

As of writing, Malacanang is not yet giving any comment on the Welcome China tarps.

What is your opinion about this? We want to see your comments below!

Source: Jeremy Salomon

“Paano na si Duterte?” Netizens slams Sen. Pangilinan for calling Vice President Leni Robredo as “Leader of PH”

After the announcement of Vice President Leni Robredo that she would lead the opposition, Liberal Party President and Senator Kiko Pangilinan wrote a series of tweet dedicated to his political ally.

On July 10, Pangilinan praised Vice President Leni Robredo and even labeled her as the leader of the Philippines,.

“Si Vice President Leni Robredo ang chairperson ng Partido Liberal. Siya ang lider ng ating partido. Siya ang lider ng ating bansa.” Pangilinan said in his tweet.

“Ang binubuo nating opposition coalition ay nakasandig sa kanyang pamumunong mapagkalinga, mapagpalaya at nananagot.” he added.

He believes that the Vice President Leni Robredo would be the best person to fight the policies of the Duterte administration.

He even showcased the success of the “Angat Buhay” program of the Office of the Vice President, saying that Robredo already gave P252-M to 155,000 families, an average of 1625 pesos for each family.

“Kahit na walang posisyon sa gabinete, nakahanap siya ng mga katuwang mula sa pribadong sektor upang makapagpaabot ng P252 na milyong halaga ng tulong para sa 155,000 na pamilya sa pamamagitan ng kanyang programang Angat Buhay.” Pangilinan said.

Pangilinan was also saddened by the statements of President Duterte saying that VP Robredo is “incompetent.”

“Nakakalungkot ang mga salitang binitiwan ng Pangulo, lalo na’t hindi totoo ang mga ito, at dahil lalong lumilihis ang mga ito sa mga pangunahing isyu na kinakaharap ng mga Pilipino araw-araw.” he said.

He also listed some of the failures of the Duterte administration according to him.

This tweets of Pangilinan didn’t receive well by the supporters of President Duterte and the Liberal Party President’s posts has been swarmed by criticisms.

Netizen @musicmansaxman challenged Robredo to visit the OFWs around the world to prove that she’s the real leader of the Philippines.

“Leader ng bansa? Puntahan mo mga ofw kagaya ng ginagawa ni DU30 tingnan natin kng may papansin ba sa leader na sinasabi mo!” @musicmansaxman said.

Netizen @randzAlegre said that the Liberal Party is now doing the same strategy that they’ve used to put former President Cory Aquino in Malacanang.

“History repeat itself, LP asked Leni to run just like what happened to Cory when Ninoy died. Hoping filipino will not commit the same mistake. The very loophole of our own constitution is we let these incompetent leaders with incompetent political party run our country.” @randzAlegre  remarked.

Netizen @Rhoda Angelica questioned Pangilinan’s “lider ng bansa” label to Vice President , citing the questionable victory of the Robredo in the 2016 elections.

“Sya ang lider ng atng bansa? Bkit presidente b xa? E isa lng nman xang “PRESSUMPTIVE VP”…on doubtful p ang pgkapnalo nya, Wg km utuin nyo. IncompetentVP.” @Rhoda Angelica said.

Netizen @albertsanfelipe also asked Pangilinan why the Liberal Party is busy in trying to destroy the government instead of helping it.

“Sir @kikopangilinan bakit po gusto niyo ng gulo sa bansa natin. Bakit di niyo nalang po tulungan ang ating presidente. Kesa gumagawa kayo ng walang kwentang mga bagay na di nakakatulong sa ating bansa.” @albertsanfelipe told Pangilinan.

@ReyPangilan, @francene_143 and, @GeovaniAMartine also questioned if the Angat Buhay program of Robredo is a real success. He pointed out that it P252-M will only give a little help to 155,000 families.

“250M pesos DIVIDE by 155K na pamilya EQUALS = 1,625.80 Pesos kada Pamilya. So Tulong na iyan pra sa inyo ang 1625.80 Pesos kada pamilya. Araw2x? lingo2x? Monthly? Yearly? Ba yan na tulong? Pki explain nga dahil e-Divide pa yan on the average n 1 family.” @GeovaniAMartine said.

Pangilinan didn’t chose to reply to his critics.

On Tuesday, Robredo announced that she’s going to lead the opposition coalition that would oppose the policies of the Duterte government.

Following the announcement of the Vice President, Duterte said that he’s not going to resign just to give his position to Robredo because he believes that she’s incompetent.


“Welcome Province of China” tarpaulin suddenly appear along Metro Manila

Several netizens noticed that several tarpaulins with the words “Welcome To The Philippines, Province of China” suddenly appeared along Metro Manila.

The tarps were hung during the second anniversary of the international tribunal ruling favoring the Philippines’ claims over the South China Sea.

Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay posted one of the tarpaulins on his Twitter page, and he said that the tarp is not “funny.”

He urged the members of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Local Government Units and civilians to immediately take the tarpaulins down if they saw one.

“NOT FUNNY. On this day, July 12, we commemorate our victory in the Philippines v. China. On Metro Manila footbridges, these tarps suddenly appear. MMDA, LGUs, and citizens should immediately take these down.” Hilbay said.

Some netizens also took a photo of the tarps.

Photo: Luisito Antonio Santos

It’s not yet known why the tarpaulins were hung along Metro Manila.

President Duterte is known for being close to China and even joked before that he wants the Philippines to become a province of China.

“Gusto ninyo gawain na lang ninyo kaming province, Fujian pati Philippine province of China, eh ‘di wala tayong problema,” Duterte told Filipino-Chinese businessmen in a speech in February.

Meanwhile, Journalist Malou Tiquia believes that the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte placed the tarps as part of the destabilization against the government.

According to her, the tarps were made to mock Duterte, and it was also an attempt to made the public angry to the administration as the 3rd State of the Nation Address of the President is already near.

“A malicious operation done by a group supposedly to instigate fire and anger among Filipinos. Mocking Duterte and the sensibilities of all, ensuring noise reach high decibels for a grand march during SONA. All these lead up to a No El scenario since Duterte will be removed October. If not, “Duterte will surely call for Martial Law.” Tiquia said in her Facebook post.

“This is the present day opposition. Reckless and no regard for country. And someone said, “Duterte destroyed the economy Aquino built.” Had to look hard at that person. Really hard…” she added.


Agot Isidro defends Robredo from Duterte’s “incompetent” remark: “Kamusta naman yung inutil?

Actress Agot Isidro defended Vice President Leni Robredo from the harsh remarks of President Rodrigo Duterte against the latter.

On July 10, Duterte called Robredo “incompetent,” and he believes that the Vice President will never manage a country like the Philippines properly.

This remarks didn’t receive well by the supporters of Robredo, including Isidro who’s being rumored to enter politics in 2019.

In a short tweet, Isidro insinuate that President Duterte who called Robredo incompetent is “useless” in managing the country.

“Incompetent? Eh kamusta naman yung inutil?” Agot who was insinuating to President Duterte tweeted.

The post of Isidro gathered attention from her fans and critics on Twitter.

@Nandey1 a fan of Isidro believes that Robredo has a limit in her public service because of being lack of power. He also cited the success of the “Angat Buhay” program of the Office of the Vice President.

“Panu kay naging incompetent, eh wla nmn power ang VP. Successor lng ng President in case may mangyari sa knya. Tinanggalan nia n nga papel, halos wla png budget. pero khit ganun andami p din natulungan thru Angat Buhay,” @nandey1 tweeted.


Supporters of President Duterte also visited the profile of Agot to criticize the actress.

“Nasa menopausal stage na kasi si Agot kaya mainitin ang ulo,” Netizen Tina Ramones said.

A netizen even mentioned former President Noynoy Aquino in Agot’s post.

One of her fans also urged her to calm down and avoid being problematic every day because of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Hinay hinay lang madam, tingin ko kasi syo habang tumatagal ikaw na tong nagiging psychopath, idol pa naman kita. Sige ka bibilis ka sa pagtanda nyan, relax lang po, masyado na kayong stress sa kakapuna sa presidente!” @EnriqueHermosu1 told Isidro.

After being swarmed by the supporters of President Duterte, Isidro tweeted that she’s in a blocking spree.

“Blocking spree. love eeeet.” Isidro said in her latest tweet.

However, some supporters of Duterte is unstoppable in criticizing Agot.

“Woaah. See? Parang bata lang talaga mag isip. Proud na proud siya sa pam bloblock. May pa love eeet love eet pa hahahha lol.” @Dannylu03912388 said.

Isidro became known on the internet because of her harsh comments against Duterte.


Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte to Regine Velasquez: “Lahat ng laos na artista ginagamit si PRRD para sumikat!”

Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte Villarica slammed Asia’s song bird Regine Velasquez for calling out President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial statement against God.

In her Facebook post, Duterte who addressed Velasquez to her acronym “R.V”  believes that every outdated artist is trying to criticize the President to catch the attention of the public again to gain popularity again.

Duterte said that artists who are already not receiving showbiz projects should not enter politics because of their incompetence.

She added that the only reason why the people are voting them is that of their celebrity status.

The presidential sister said that celebrities should be merciful enough to the people and avoid entering public service to give a chance to the aspiring politicians who are knowledgeable and competent enough to enter politics.

Duterte urged the artists to help the President instead of criticizing him.

You can read her whole post below:


Lahat ng mga “laos” na artista ginagamit si PRRD pra sumikat!
Alam nman natin na ang droga matindi sa showbiz…
Huwag ng makialam sa politika, uso naman sa inyo paglaos na ang career, mag-ambisyon na sa politika!

Halos lahat ng artista pumasok sa politika, wala talagang alam at dinadaan lng sa kanilang celebrity status, at popularidad…

Gusto na ng taong-bayan magbago, maawa kayo sa bayan, kng wla naman tlaga kayong magawa na mabuti dahil hindi naman kayo qualified, hindi ko nilalalahat!

Huwag ng mag ambisyon na pumasok sa public sevice dahil sawa na ang taong-bayan sa mga polpol at ang intensyon lng ay kumita!… (Milking cow) lng ang politika sa inyo!?

Kaya bigyan nating daan ang taong may alam, at ibinoto ng bayan na wlang bahid ng pandaraya, sana magising na kayo! … tulungan na lng natin ang Presidente, gawin ang trabaho nya at itigil ang intriga, dahil sa showbiz lng yan bagay at hindi sa bayan na dinadasal ang pagbabago!?

Take note Ms. R. V. fyi

On July 9, Regine Velasquez called out President Rodrigo Duterte for critizing God and some accounts on the bible.

“Nalulungkot na talaga ako, hindi ako mahilig makialam sa mga ganito pero Mr. President kuha na po namin hindi kayo naniniwala kay God. Pero marami po sa amin ang naniniwala sa kanya. Hindi naman po namumulitika si God kaya wag na po natin sya idamay.” Velasquez said in her tweet.

“But still I pray for you. May God bless you and may he show you the right way to lead our country. In Jesus name I pray…” she added.

Source: [1]

VP Leni applied for another Cabinet position but rejected – Palace

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque revealed that Vice President Leni Robredo attempted to join the Cabinet of the Duterte administration again, several days before the latter announced her intention to lead the opposition.

Roque made the revelation after the opposition’s move to boost their popularity and push Robredo to become their leader.

The spokesperson wished that Robredo already know his role in the government after she chose to lead the opposition.

“Sinabi naman namin eh importante rin ang oposisyon sa demokrasya. Pero good luck po, at sana po ay malinaw na ang papel ni Leni Robredo dahil nitong kailan lamang po eh parang nag-a-apply muli siya sa gabinete ni Presidente. So, ngayon at least mayroon na siyang desisyon na sa oposisyon na siya at hindi na siya umaasa na makapasok muli dito sa gabinete ng ating Pangulo,” ani Roque.

Roque didn’t disclose what position did Robredo was seeking in the Cabinet.

As of writing Robredo is not yet releasing a statement on the claim of the Palace.

In 2016, Vice President Leni Robredo was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte to lead the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUCC), but she decided to resign after she was barred by the administration to attend Cabinet meetings.

President Rodrigo Duterte also said yesterday that the Vice President is “incompetent” to lead the Philippines, the harshest statement that the chief executive threw against Robredo.

In response, Robredo urged the Duterte to solve the problem in the economy instead of criticizing her.

Some netizens believe that this move of Robredo is connected to the upcoming 2019 elections and the opposition is moving to get a leader that would match Duterte.

Source: Abante

Villars abandon Las Piñas twice over as Em joins DOJ

Residents of Las Piñas City are now left without a representative in Congress after the lawmaker chosen to be their “caretaker” was appointed to the Department of Justice.

DIWA party-list Rep. Emmeline Aglipay Villar has been appointed as Justice Undersecretary, the agency announced Wednesday (July 10) in a press release.

Emmeline became the “caretaker” of the lone district of Las Piñas after her husband, Mark Villar, was appointed to head the Department of Public Works and Highways in 2016.

Mark won his re-election bid before becoming a Cabinet Secretary.

Las Piñas is known as the turf of the Villars. Its mayor, Vergel Aguilar, is the brother of Senator Cynthia Villar.

The House leadership has yet to announce which politiko will assume the “caretaker” role for Las Piñas following Emmeline’s departure from Congress.

De Lima wants to make use of child car seats mandatory

Detained Senator Leila de Lima has proposed a measure requiring every private vehicle to install child car seat system to protect children from getting injured or killed from vehicular accidents.

She filed Senate Bill No. 1862 which amends Republic Act No. 8750, also known as “Seat Belts Use Act of 1999,” to address a legislative gap in the law that is only designed to protect adult passengers.

“Aside from the seat belt requirement, motorists of privately-owned vehicles are now required to install and to use child restraint system for infant and young children passengers,” she said.

Based on a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report, an average of 667 children–ages 14 years old and below–died in road accidents from 2006 to 2015.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the use of child restraint systems can reduce deaths among infants by approximately 70% and among small children by between 54% and 80%.

It also claimed that the use of child restraint system can change up to 80% on the risk of injury for children aged 0-4 in a rear facing restraint, while children aged 0-4 with only a seat belt can change the risk of injury only by 32%.

De Lima, a grandmother of two, noted that under RA 8750, drivers and passengers are required to use seat belts while children below six years old are prohibited from sitting in front seat of a vehicle.

However, the law only protects adults since regular seatbelts are not designed to protect infants and young children from injuries or death due to sudden stop or vehicular accidents.

“Infants and children need a more specific type of design to protect them during a collision because a seat belt will not prevent trajectory or injuries,” De Lima said.

“Notwithstanding the child being secured in a child restraint system, at no instance shall he or she be left unaccompanied by an adult in a motor vehicle,” she added.

Under her proposed measure, only children from six to 12 years old are allowed to sit in front of vehicles, except when the child is at least 150 centimeters in height and capable to properly fit in the regular seat belt in the front seat.

SBN 1862 proposes for higher penalties on violators ranging from minimum fine of P100 to P1,000 for the first offense and to P500 to P2,000 for the succeeding violation.

“This is in response to news reports that according to the Land Transportation Office, the most frequently committed traffic violation in the years 2013, 2014 and 2016 is non-compliance with the Seat Belts Use Law,” De Lima said.

De Lima was detained at the Phil. National Police Custodial Center in February 2017 on drug charges.

Magaling siya! Kiko defends Leni’s leadership after Duterte’s tirades

Senator Francis Pangilinan defended the leadership of Vice President Leni Robredo after President Rodrigo Duterte said she is “incompetent” and would be unfit to lead the country.

Duterte’s scathing criticism of Robredo came hours after she declared she was willing to lead the opposition. Pangilinan underscored that the opposition being formed “revolves around her compassionate, empowering, and responsible leadership.”

“Her declaration to lead this coalition only formalizes what has been her role since her election into office two years ago: a stabilizing balance to those in power and their mistaken policies and their abuse of the people’s trust that put them in power,” Pangilinan said in a statement Wednesday (July 11).

”Now, amid the naked rule of force, utter disrespect for life, and abandonment of the people, especially the poor, Vice President Leni is the voice of reason, calm, and sobriety,” he continued.

The President said Monday he would resign next year to give way to a new president who would oversee the transition to federalism if a new constitution is ratified.

However, he clarified yesterday evening in an ambush interview with Palace reporters that he would not be resigning to make way for Robredo to take the helm, but would want an election for a new president to take his place.