“For throwing ice candy plastic” Man goes eight hours of community service for littering along Manila Bay


A man has been punished for throwing a little piece of plastic along Manila Bay amid the rehabilitation efforts made by the government to bring back the beauty of the said tourist spot.

The unidentified man was spotted by the members of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday, February 4 littering along Manila Bay despite reminding the tourists not to throw any garbage, big or small.

Jen Calimon of TV5 posted a photo of the man while talking to an official who’s serving ticket for violating the MMDA Regulation No. 96-009.

It also showed that the littering incident happened while some volunteers are continuing in cleaning the beach area of Manila Bay.

To warn more tourists, MMDA also distributed flyers about the no littering policy along Manila Bay.

According to the rules, throwing any garbage, even a small piece of plastic would be punishable by community service.

The man was probably punished for community service of eight hours and also need to pay P500.

Netizens also expressed their disappointment for what the man did.

“Haist ewan ko ba sating mga pinoy number 1 na pinakaburara sa kapaligiran , kahit malinis magtatapon ng basura, dudura at magdudumi, guilty ako jan ,… dapat pagaralan natin maging malinis sa kapaligiran , ansarap kaya tignan ang malinis na lugar…. simulan yan sa bahay at makakasanayan yan … sa mga magulang train your kids to keep their room clean kakalakihan nila yan.” netizen Lesly Castillo said.

Since last week, volunteers and public workers started to clean up Manila Bay which became viral on social media.

Because of the shocking transformation of the said tourist spot, thousands of tourist visited the area last weekend.

However, health experts warned the people from swimming along the area as the water is still not safe.

Several cases of littering were also reported on social media, it’s not yet known if they also got punished.




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