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Doctor from U.P explains why he believes President Duterte is more Christian than Archbishop Soc Villegas

A Doctor from the University of the Philippines shared his thoughts on the recent statements of President Rodrigo Duterte against “God”.

Dr. Francisco Pascual Tranquilino, couldn’t stop himself from defending the President who received a tremendous amount of criticisms especially from the Catholics who got offended by the remarks of Duterte.

Photo: Francisco Pascual Tranquilino Facebook 

In his Facebook post, Tranquilino quoted Pope Francis, saying that an Atheist man is better than a hypocrite Catholic and former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay explaining that despite the foul-mouth of the President, his service for the people is unmatchable and sincere.

Tranquilino also explained that he didn’t vote for Duterte because of his religious beliefs, but because of he believes that the President could change the Philippines for better.

He believes that Duterte’s opinion on the Bible is not the reason for the people to withdraw their support to the former Davao City Mayor, saying that he really acts to solve some of the biggest problems of the Philippines now.

The doctor also lashed out the critics of the President, including Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines President, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, calling Duterte “more Christian” than them.

You can read his whole post below:

POPE FRANCIS recently said:

“It is better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic. There are those who say, ‘I am very Catholic, I always go to mass, I belong to this and that association,” some of these people should also say “‘my life is not Christian, I don’t pay my employees proper salaries, I exploit people, I do dirty business, I launder money, [I lead] a double life.”

And Perfecto Yasay once wrote about Duterte:

“But more significant than his frequent foul language that can be annoying to many, I know Rody up close as a person with a big heart and noble vision, who truly respects the dignity in every human being, especially the poor, the needy and oppressed whom he cares, loves and readily helps with devotion, consistency, integrity and sincerity and inspired by the same Christian values that many of us hold dear. I have learned to greatly respect him as a dedicated, honest, brave and decisive leader that our country needs for its survival at this critical time and to make meaningful change and advancement a reality.”





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Source: Francisco Pasqual Tranquilino

Simple netizen spoke about Duterte for the first time: “Lahat na kinalaban ni Duterte para Sayo! Para sa bansa mo!”

Amid the mass criticisms received by President Duterte because of his controversial statement about the Bible and the Catholic Church, a netizen who didn’t speak about politics for a long is now stood up to defend the current leader of the Philippines.

Noel Landero Sarifa, a netizen who analyzed the current situation of the President believes that Duterte would do anything and criticized anything who opposed his reforms just to fulfill his promises to the people.

Photo: Noel Landero Sarifa Facebook

In his lengthy post, Sarifa told the other social media users on Facebook that they should not be surprised by the recent statements of President Duterte because, in the past, he already criticised the so-called “untouchables” who wanted his policies to be a failure.

He urged the people to find out why President Rodrigo Duterte is doing this controversial actions.

Sarifa explained that the reason why Duterte is having a word war with the Catholic Church is that the priests are trying to control the government.

He also believes that Duterte is not the enemy because he’s the one who’s fighting for the people by trying to destroy anyone who wanted to delay his programs for the Filipinos.

The pro-Duterte netizen also wanted the people to realize that in the past two years, President Duterte already fulfilled some of his promises and they should not withdraw their support to the former Davao City Mayor just because of one statement that they didn’t really analyze what it really means.

He said that people who withdrew their support to the President because of his recent statements against the Catholic Church should be ashamed by themselves if they didn’t enjoyed the good policies implemented by the current administration.

You can read his whole post below:

Ok, I haven’t made a lot of statement about the President and this administration after the election, but with the recent event, I just cant help myself. MY GULAY! Di pa rin kayo nasanay kay Duterte? The Pope, the US President, EU, Drug Lords, Senators, Previous Presidents, the Church, Big Businessmen, and so on and so forth. Those were the untouchables, but President Duterte never even show any hesitation in lambasting anyone who gets in his way to fullfill his promise in giving us a comfortable life! 

Did you ever asked why is he doing this? He is fighting your fight and what you do is judged him without even thinking why is he doing so. Lahat na kinalaban ni Duterte para Sayo! Para sa bansa mo! Hindi ko pinagtatanggol si Duterte, gusto kung buksan nyo ang inyong mga mata at inyong isipan..Do you know why is this happening? He is at war with the Catholic Church because the church is using its power to destabelize this government! Di ko na ipapaliwanag ung about sa God statement nya andami nang nagpaliwanag kung di mo pa nabasa magresearch ka. Ang gusto ko lang e maliwanagan kayo. Hindi si Duterte ang kalaban. Si Duterte ang Lumalaban para sa inyo. Wag maging makitid ang utak. Dalawang taon na! Di nyo pa rin nababasa ang pangulo? Try mo mag upgrade ng utak baka pentium 1 pa rin yan di ma-process maigi ang sitwasyon naghahang na . It will not stop here..may train 2 pa na ipapasa na babanggain lahat ng nga malalaking businessman, may federalism pa na malamang maraming tututol kasi madidistribute ang opportunity sa provinces malamang ang tututol dyan ay ang mga investors sa megamanila. Gagamitin at gagamitin ang simbahan ng mga opportunista dahil nagpapagamit sila. Kaya sa umpisa pa lang durugin mo na ang magiging sagabal sa kaunlaran and marami pang laban ang haharapin ng Pangulo para sayo. Ikaw anong tulong naibigay mo sa laban nya? Laban nya para sayo, sa pamilya mo at sa anak mo.

Bigla kayong tumalima sa isang statement na hindi nyo inunawa ang context and the reason behind it? Nakalimutan nyo na ata na sa loob ng dalawang taon, nadagdagan mga take home pay nyo, naging safe ang Pilipinas, Milyon ang nasagip sa droga, trilyon ang investment sa Pilipinas, ilang daan at tulay na ba ang nagawa? ang mga nawalang blockbuster na pila sa MRT, NBI at sa ibang ahensya ng gobyerno. Ang mga anomalya sa gobyerno na bilyon bilyon ang ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan na unti-unting naisawata, Ang free tuition sa state colleges para sa mga anak at pamilya nyo yun, Sa Boracay lang di ba? Sino mag-aakalang maipapasara un at malinis. E di kung wala si Pres. Duterte ligo pa rin kayo sa dagat na puro tae, Mga lugar na dati tambakan ng basura ngaun nalinis na and so on and so forth. Bago mo binuka ang bibig mo to criticize the president about a single statement nagpasalamat ka man lang ba sa mga nagawa nya para sayo, sa pamilya mo at sa mga anak mo? Mahiya ka naman, ikaw nakikinabang at makikinabang sa mga to. Kung wala kang maitulong shut up ka na lang! Let the President do his job. His way, not your way. 

This week, President Duterte released controversial statements which challenged the beliefs of the Catholics.

Duterte questioned the acts of God in the book of Genesis, saying why the latter created a paradise, but in the end destroyed it.

He also said that his God has a common sense than the God of his critics.

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

Graduate in Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies lauds Duterte: Digong’s intelligence in Theology is impressive!

It seems that President Rodrigo Duterte found an ally from some experts in Theology like Mr. Michael R. Cariño, despite the criticisms that the former Davao City Mayor received from the Catholics from questioning some parts of the Bible especially the book of creation also known as “Genesis.”

Cariño, a theologian and a pastor who received a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies at International Graduate School of Leadership and Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of the Philippines, was impressed by the President’s intellect in terms of Theology.

During the recent days, Duterte questioned some of the writings about the Bible including the original sins imputed to babies, the God who created a perfect paradise but intentionally destroyed it. He also urged the Filipinos to believe in a “better” God.

Cariño explained that the recent statements of President might be a challenge against the traditional beliefs on the original sin and it’s possible that Duterte sided with the minority of the theological position.

He also believes that instead of condemning each other, this incident might be a good timing to have share their thoughts about their ideas on Christianity.

The Catholics might say that President Duterte deserves a divine punishment for what he said, but Cariño believes that his statement is an opportunity to the other voices to be heard.

You can read his whole writing below:

This note is meant for some friends who have been seeking my personal opinion regarding the Philippine president’s recent bout with Christendom when he made comments on: (1) the supposed absurdity of the Christian teaching about “original sin” imputed on babies, (2) the allegedly “stupid” God who decreed the Fall of humanity, and (3) his caution for Filipinos to instead believe in a “better” God.

Within theological circles, such deviant views about whether humans inherited Adam’s sin or not are nothing new, they have been around for centuries. It would seem that the president is aware of some philosophical paradigms challenging the traditional Augustinian position on original sin.

If this is true, then President Duterte’s intellectual savviness on the matter is impressive. The Filipino leader may have unwittingly sided with a legitimate theological minority position. However, if his statements are mere low blow punches against perceived hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, then there isn’t much theological value to this recent brouhaha.

It is also possible that as a Filipino Catholic, President Duterte seems to welcome a more progressive stream of Catholicism that echoes the polemic of the postmodern milieu which prefers “a-loving-God-more-than-an-angry-God” perspective on theology. I guess this is where the invitation to “believe in a better God” language comes from.

This actually reminds me of a prayer by the theologian Meister Eckhart who said, “God rid me of God” (this is a recent move in contemporary theology to dismantle all man-made religious trappings we have supposedly imposed on our distorted version of God, that have veered us away from the true God). This distorted brand of deity (as understood by Duterte) is probably what the president seems to tag as the “stupid” god.

Nevertheless, this incident brought to mind some theological writings (relevant to Christian teachings about Adam’s sin and the effects of the Fall) that may help bring some light to this controversial issue:

“Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither?: Three Views on the Bible’s Earliest Chapters” by Hoffmeier, Wenham, and Sparks
“Why the Church Needs Multiple Theories of Original Sin: (Symbolism vs. Literalism)” by Haarsma
“The Quest for the Historical Adam: Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins” by VanDoodewaard
“Four Views on the Historical Adam” by Lamoureux, Walton, Collins, Barrick, Boyd, and Ryken
“Original Blessing: Putting Sin in Its Rightful Place” by Shroyer

As a Christian theologian, I cannot help but weigh in on this on-going debate about the Genesis account of the Fall. In traditional Christian theology, the doctrine of original sin essentially states that (1) humankind is guilty for the sin of their first parents and (2) humankind inherited a corrupted nature.
However, it is important to note, that throughout church history there are a variety of theological views within Christendom regarding this issue.

As there are different views on the doctrine of the atonement (e.g. recapitulation theory by Irenaeus, ransom theory by Origen, satisfaction theory by Anselm, governmental theory by Grotius, victory theory by Aulen, etc.), there are also multiple views on the doctrine of original sin (e.g. natural headship (realistic) theory by Augustine, federal theory by Cocceius, mediate imputation theory by Placeus, divine protection theory by Cassian, etc.).

While there are believers who condemn such diversity as breeding ground for errors, others celebrate such diversity as a healthy environment for discovering truth. Moreover, such multiplicity of perspectives on the belief about inherited sin were fueled by theological debates on whether babies are born innocent or depraved, or whether it is fair to assume that present humans are guilty of sins (by past humans) that they did not commit.

For instance, some Christian theologians believe that, although the whole world and human nature were “corrupted” and “damaged” by Adam’s sin, every human infant born in this world are born “morally neutral”, i.e. we do not inherit Adam’s original sin. While every person has a predisposition toward sin, we are responsible for and are judged guilty because of our own sins and not because of Adam’s sins. Such proposal is one of the many attempts to reconcile God’s love with God’s justice. This minority view is one of the many voices that can be heard within a diverse Christianity.

In my opinion, such theological diversity is a great hallmark of a thriving, flourishing intellectual movement. When Christianity becomes a safe intellectual environment for dialogue, debates, disagreements, doubts, discourses, and discoveries, we learn to listen to one another. Instead of condemning each other, we are better off connecting incomplete fragments of truth in order to see an imperfect but better picture of reality.

As a Christian philosopher, I believe that we acquire wisdom when we listen to those who disagree with us. A conversational and collaborative attitude to gaining truth is an inescapable path to wisdom. Hence, while I am more likely to support the historical Christian view of original sin and human depravity, I am open to listen to other voices that suggest other facets of truth that I may have missed.
Let me summarize my thoughts.

Many Christians frown upon unorthodox theological views as a knee jerk reaction to anything that seem to threaten our long-held cherished beliefs. While this dismissive and condemning attitude against perceived heresies is understandable, it would be much better when Christians respond with an attitude of humility that intends to learn from others. Hence, as one of my friends always say, “we should produce more light than heat”. In my opinion, critics serve us well when we allow their remarks to help us re-think, revise, evaluate, strengthen, clarify, or improve our beliefs.

While I respectfully do not agree with the Filipino president’s recent deviation from mainstream Christian theology (i.e. his criticism of the doctrine of original sin), the view he espoused seems to represent a long line of theological “heterodoxies” that helped shape Christianity as we know it. Moreover, while many Christians see President Duterte’s remarks as blasphemous deserving divine punishment, I see this as an opportunity for a “dialectical” platform to hear other voices (no matter how deviant they may sound) that can potentially enrich Christian theology.
Yesterday, President Duterte clarified that he believes that someone out there is superior to all humans, which he believes as the true God.

He also said that his God has a lot of “common-sense” because he would not let his created paradise to be destroyed and ruined forever.
Source: Michael Carino

Mindanaoan explains why Visayas and Mindanao already surpasses Manila when it comes to bar exam: “Mga Epal kasi”

During the old times, many “probinsiyanos” believes that you would receive a topnotch education when you studied and graduated in Manila.

But now, it seems that the so-called probinsiyanos who gained their knowledge outside the Philippine Capital already surpassed some Manilenyos in terms of education.

In 2016, for the first time in history, all topnotchers from the bar exams came from law schools outside Metro Manila.

Ricardo Perez, a native from Zamboanga explains what he believes the reason why Visayans and Mindanaoans who didn’t choose to study in Manila already being recognized especially during bar exams.

In his lengthy Facebook post titled “Anong meron sa Manila?” Perez explained how the political opinions of some students from Manila already affected their studies and resulted in a poor school performance.

He believes that the support from the Visayas and Mindanao to the government helped them in focusing on their studies than consuming their time thinking on how they would oppose some orders of the Duterte administration.

Perez also addressed the human rights groups which according to him, wasting their time and money on opposing the administration but in the end, their movement would only be a failure.

Anong meron sa Manila?
Rik Perez-Escudero

When President DUTERTE declared Martial Law in Mindanao, the people did not complain at nandun ang Maute, ISIS, ASG at ibang bandidong grupo. Pero yung taga Manila, hala, rally dito rally doon. Umabot pa hanggang Supreme Court. JUNKED din naman.

When President DUTERTE declared the war on drugs, the people in Visayas and Mindanao quietly supported it at nandun ang drug lords na PAROJINOG, ESPINOSA, ODICTA, JAGUAR, at MABILOG pero yung taga Manila sila yung nagsama sama at nag-ingay sa kalye kasama pa ang PARI at MADRE. Pati human rights groups sa abroad nakijamming na rin. JUNKED din naman.

When President DUTERTE ordered the closure of Boracay for rehabilitation, the people from Visayas gave a “THUMBS UP” at sila na rin ang nagkusang maglinis ng Bohol beach pero yung taga Manila na wala namang beach, sila ang reklamo ng reklamo.

When President DUTERTE implemented the “NO TAMBAY”, tahimik pa ring sumunod ang mga taga Visayas at Mindanao pero ang taga Manila, 7000 arrest na raw at may namatay pa. May media coverage at may mga apologists pa.

When the BAR EXAM result was released, hindi taga Manila ang nasa TOP.

Anong meron sa Manila? EPAL. Maraming EPAL sa Manila.

What are your thoughts on this? We want to see your comments below!

Actress Rita Avila to Duterte Supporters: “You can only help spreading more trash by bashing and hating”

Actress Rita Avila has had enough of the tirades of President Rodrigo Duterte against the Catholic Church.

On June 22, President pointed out some flaws of the book of Genesis in the Bible, questioning why God would make a paradise, then destroy it immediately.

He even called God “stupid” for allowing sins of the mankind to happen.

“You created something perfect, and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of work,” he said, referring to the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit.

“All of us are born with an original sin… what was the sin? Bakit original? Nasa womb ka pa, may kasalanan ka na. Anong klaseng relihiyon iyan?” he added.

Because of this, Avila became one of the latest celebrities who criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for attacking the Catholic Church and its beliefs.

In her Instagram post which already deleted as of writing, she told President Duterte that he’s only respecting himself and treating the people like trash.

She also said that the statements of President Duterte would only make the Philippines more belittled.

“You only respect yourself. You look at us garbage cans where you freely throw your trash. Wag naman ganun. Tao kami,” Avila said.

“Sa ngayon ang pakiramdam mo ay tao lang kami. Lang. Kung ganyan ang trato mo sa amin ay lalo lang liliit ang dignidad ng Pilipinas. Katiting na nga lang ang meron tayo eh.”

Avila also addressed the supporters of President Duterte, saying that they’re only helping to spread bad vibes instead of spreading good words.

“To all Duterte fans, I held much hope in him. But sorry this is too much. You can only help by spreading more trash by bashing and hating us but I wish you spread GOOD WORDS instead to help clean all of us up. Clean the energies surrounding us and ur precious selves too.” she said.

“We need to rise from too much hatred and trash. Sa ganito po tayo dapat mag hawak kamay.” she added.

Later on, she reposted an Instagram quote by Dalai Lama about on how simple is her religion and how it spread kindness to everyone.

She also pointed out that while most of the religion teaches how to love each other, it became also the reason for division.

“Religion has always separated all of us when LOVE ONE ANOTHER is the greatest teaching of each religion. Ironic isn’t it? We FIGHT. We HATE. We MOCK. Because of religion.” she said

LOOK: Taiwan politician uses President Duterte in his campaign advertisement to gather votes

It seems that President Duterte influenced many politicians not only in the Philippines but also overseas.

The photo posted by Nieviv Sucuaje is an evidence that even politician in other countries is using President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-illegal drug stance to gather popularity in their places.

In the mobile advertisement spotted by Sucuaje, it shows the photo of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Taiwanese Politician using the slogan,  “Value life, refuse drugs”.

The photo quickly went viral on the internet and Duterte supporters claimed that President Duterte’s stance against illegal drugs is correct because it’s already being imitated by several politicians internationally.

Netizen FJ Andrade also shared his thoughts on why some politician is now using the style of President Duterte in gathering popularity in their places.

He said that despite Duterte’s close ties with the mainland China, it seems that Taiwanese politicians don’t mind using Duterte in their campaign strategy.

This image is significant in more ways than one. First. The world is now accepting and admiring how our president is handling the drug problem, so much so that politicians from other countries are using PRRD’s image to get votes. Hindi lang siya effective sa Pilipinas, it seems even sa Taiwan.

The second and more important angle here is that PRRD’s image is being used positively in Taiwan – a country that is technically considered a rebel province by China. You would expect them to ridicule PRRD who is known to be close to the mainland government. Apparently there are those in the rebel state that thinks it is actually worthwhile to use the image of a character closely linked to that of their enemy. This is indeed a testament to the popularity and charisma of this old mayor from the province.

Taiwan and Philippines consider each other as partners in fighting illegal drugs. Several weeks ago, Taiwanese authorities arrested the fugitive Ozamiz City Councilor Ardot Parojinog, a suspected illegal drug lord to the Philippines.

Hundreds of Catholic priests, preachers and ministers asks PNP to allow them to carry firearms

Philippine National Police (PNP) revealed that hundreds of Catholic Priests asked them for a permit so they can carry firearms to protect themselves from potential assassins amid the killings of several priests in the past six months.

PNP Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde in a press conference announced that they received 246 permits to carry firearms request from 188 priests while the other 58 are ministers, preachers, and pastors.

However, they’re not yet sure if this requests from the priests are connected to the murder of Father Richmond Nilo of Nueva Ecija.

He then urged the priests again to report threats to them and coordinate with the authorities to prevent another crime to happen.

Albayalde explained that priests can own two firearms depending on the category that they applying.

Automatic rifles and so-called long firearms are not covered by the permits.

However, Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) public affairs committee member Father Jerome Secillano believes that arming priests would be inappropriate because it might contradict their teachings.

“It was very clear, arming guns for a priest, well it’s unbecoming, it’s inappropriate.” Father Secillano said during an interview with ANC.

“We preach against violence, we are against the culture of death, we are against impunity and if we arm ourselves that do we expect us to do? If I see somebody who’s suspicious looking what do we expect me to do? So I pull the trigger outright because he’s suspicious looking? So what it does make to me? I’m also the killer,”

“Eh ayaw nga namin ng violence, ayaw namin ng impunity, ayaw namin ng culture of death so there’s a contradiction,”

He also rejects the suggestion of giving bulletproof vest and helmets to some priests.

However, he believes that the better thing to do is to ask PNP for security detail.

Kris Aquino knows why she don’t have television show anymore: “Hindi naman ako type ng mga Duterte supporters”

Former television host Kris Aquino believes the real reason why her comeback in T.V is still not yet possible.

During a press conference for her upcoming movie, Aquino said that the possible reason why she’s still not yet receiving offers to become a talk show host again are her ties with the Liberal Party and the bitter relationship between President Duterte and her former network ABS-CBN.

She said that because the franchise of the ABS-CBN is at stake after the threats of the President against the media giant, they may not want to upset Duterte and his supporters by giving Kris another show in television.

President Duterte criticized ABS-CBN and vowed to block their franchise renewal because of not airing his political advertisement during the presidential elections in 2016.

“I know that their (ABS-CBN’s) franchise is at stake. I’m being so honest, diretsahan na ‘yan so why do they risk it by giving me a show especially na kahit wala naman kaming isyu ni president (Duterte), hindi naman ako type ng supporters niya. So naiintindihan ko kung bakit wala,” Aquino said.

However, her career is still alive and boasted that many brands still paid her as their endorser.

“Pero they can see me every night if they want to, I’m online and I have 53 brands supporting me.” Aquino said.

Aquino also said that she had some plans to establish a talk show on social media, but she didn’t disclose more additional details.

“I was forbidden to say more, I’m sorry. Sinabi ko nga eh, normally wala akong kinakatakutan pero ang kontrata at non-disclosure agreement kinakatakutan ko,” she said.

Kris Aquino became the main target of the Duterte supporters after she criticized Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson over the video that the latter posted featuring Ninoy Aquino.

The two exchanged in a heated word war on social media and even President Duterte apologized to Kris Aquino for what happened.

Source: [1]

Fr. Jerome Secillano of CBCP on Duterte’s tirades against Catholic Church: Pagkakataon ito para tignan ang sarili namin and to better ourselves

Unlike the other Catholic Priests who quickly engaged President Rodrigo Duterte in a word war after the latterly released tirades against the Catholic Church, one priest has better thoughts on how they would handle the anger of the President on the most prominent religion in the Philippines.

Father Jerome Secillano of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) public affairs committee believes that engaging the President in a word war would only “worsen the matter” and only “add fuel into the fire.”

“”Isipin mo, halimbawa, may patutsada ang Pangulo tapos sasagot naman kami sa Simbahan, hindi matatapos ‘yan. Kaya kinakailangan dito prudence,” Secillano said.

Fr. Secillano, who was interviewed by ANC believes that the attacks of Duterte against the Catholic Church would be a big chance for the priests to have a self-reflection and think if they really need to improve themselves.

He said that if Catholic Church turned into a defensive mode against the President, that would be a bad move for them.

“Every tirade against us is an opportunity for us to look into ourselves. Binabanatan kami, tingnan din namin ang sarili namin, hindi ‘yung nade-defend kaagad kami, di ba?” he said

“Malaking pagkakataon ‘yan. Ano ba talaga’ng kulang sa amin?” Secillano said.

The priest seems to understand why President Duterte attacks against the Catholic, saying that the tirades of the most powerful official in the Philippines are an indication that they need to improve themselves and make better things.

“We priests need to better ourselves. This is what I discovered about myself, and perhaps I can do better things than this. I can be better than this,” he said.

Father Secillano is also optimistic that the Catholic Church and the government would be reconciled easily.

According to him, an official to Malacanang is already communicating with the CBCP to talk about several matters to prevent another misunderstanding and word war.

“Let’s work together for the common good, we have the same goal to make every Filipino better, have a better life, maybe we have differences in our strategies, but perhaps maganda dito ay gawin nalang natin kung anong makakabuti,” Father Secillano said.

In terms of protecting the other priest, Father Secillano believes that buying bulletproof vest and helmet for them would not be afforded by the Catholic Church.

He saw that the only possible option is the cooperate with the Philippine National Police (PNP) and ask for some security.

Arming priests are also unbecoming and appropriate, Secillano believes.

President Rodrigo Duterte since the election period in 2016 is already slamming the Catholic Church for being critical against him.

He even distributed a book wrote against the Catholic Church called the “Altar of Secrets” which contains the darkest secrets of some priests in the Philippines.

Duterte even said that one of the priests who got killed had an affair with several married women.

Because of this, some critics of the government believes that Duterte has a role in the killings of three Catholic priests.

However, Duterte denied the accusations of his critics.

A doctor writes open letter to Archbishop Villegas: “You have to pay taxes, too. For the Bible tells us so.”

Doctor Ethel Pineda, an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte wrote an open letter addressed to Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines President Archbishop Socrates Villegas whom apparently blaming the government for the killing of several priests.

On June 11, Archbishop Villegas denounced the killing of Father Richmond Nilo and urged President Rodrigo Duterte ‘to stop the verbal persecution of the Catholic Church,’

In his statement, Villegas said:

“They are killing our flock. They are killing us shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary,”

Many supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte believes that the “they” which Villegas is referring to in his statement is the government, and the Catholic Church might blaming the current administration for the killings of their priests.

As a response, Ethel Pineda, who’s also read the statement of Villegas asked the Archbishop for clarification, if the latter is really referring to the government.

She said that Villegas should criticize the government directly and provide an evidence to the people that the Duterte administration is the one who really ordered the assassination of several priests.

Pineda was disturbed that the Catholic Church seems to side with the opposition forces and using the death of their priest to destroy the image of President Duterte by putting the blame on him.

The doctor also listed several teachings of the Bible, proving that God even commanded their believers to obey the government and its leaders.

She also pointed out that even the Catholic Church should not be exempted in taxes and showed a bible verse that would support her point.

You can read the open letter of Pineda below:

“They are killing our flock. They are killing us shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary.”

Who are “they,” Archbishop Socrates Villegas?

Do you mean this government? Why don’t you say it outright, instead of couching your assertions in pronouns? Why don’t you, so you can provide the people proof that it is the government doing the killing, if you are so sure of that. Innuendos do not build a case. They mislead. Something that a true shepherd will not do to his flock.

Do you know who killed the priests? Do tell us, because we, too, want to see the face of the “outrageously evil” murderers. Tell the police. Help bring them to justice. That is your civic duty.

It is very disturbing and plainly disappointing that the Catholic Church chooses to side with the forces that conspire and scheme to bring down the duly-elected president who enjoys unprecedented popular support.

Archbishop Villegas. Isn’t this what the Bible says?

“Every person must obey the leaders of the land. There is no power given but from God, and all leaders are allowed by God. 2 The person who does not obey the leaders of the land is working against what God has done. Anyone who does that will be punished.

3 Those who do right do not have to be afraid of the leaders. Those who do wrong are afraid of them. Do you want to be free from fear of them? Then do what is right. You will be respected instead. 4 Leaders are God’s servants to help you. If you do wrong, you should be afraid. They have the power to punish you. They work for God. They do what God wants done to those who do wrong.

5 You must obey the leaders of the land, not only to keep from God’s anger, but so your own heart will have peace.”
Romans 13.

But wait, there’s more!
Romans 13:6 says something that’s tailor made for you.

“6 It is right for you to pay taxes because the leaders of the land are servants for God who care for these things. 7 Pay taxes to whom taxes are to be paid. ”

Not only do you have to obey the president you disdain. You have to pay taxes, too.
For the Bible tells us so.

The death of Father Nilo has become a national news and even some senator wants to investigate the crime because they believe that there’s some “pattern” between the death of the priest and the verbal attacks of President Duterte against the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, Philippine National Police already arrested the suspect behind Father Nilo’s murder, who’s identified as Adell Roll Milan.

Milan was identified as a former drug user and hitman.

However, some critics of the government believe that Milan is only a fall guy and urged the opposition politician to dig deeper into the case.

Source: Ethel Pineda