Sister Mananzan calls for people power after seeing the election results: “Talagang mapanlinlang ang eleksyon na ito!”

Sister Mary John Mananzan expressed her disappointment over the result of the election after 10 allies of the Duterte administration entered the magic 12.

During the rally held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City (PICC) on May 17, the activist nun, together with other critics of the Duterte administration rejected the result of the election.

Along with other opposition supporters, Mananzan also believed that the election was cheated in favor of the Duterte administration bets.

“Napagkayarian namin, na talagang mandaraya, talagang mapanlinlang ang eleksyon na ‘to. At ang cheating na ito ay hindi lamang nangyari sa araw na ‘to kundi matagal na, magmula pa noong nage-endorse si Duterte sa kanyang mga kasama sa Senado na gusto niyang ilagay doon, at saka ‘yung mga buying of votes na napakalawak at saka parang nilelegalize pa kung sabing “okay lang kung para sa transportasyon.” Mananzan said.

“At saka ‘yung mga red-baiting, ‘yung sasabihing “ayan, wag niyo iboto ‘yan dahil ‘yan ay komunista,” she added.

Mananzan also captured the attention of the netizens because of her statement, urging the people to join them in rejecting the result of the election and show the power of the opposition in the streets.

Ako, I’m really calling for People Power. Kung wala tayong maaasahan sa gobyerno, sino ang ating aasahan? Tayo po mismo,” she said.

“Kaya po let’s go, and again, ibalik natin ang magic ng People Power,” she added.

Mananzan is a well-known activist who’s also a veteran of the first People Power revolution which ended the Marcos Administration.

Facebook page, Now You Know also shared the statement of Mananzan on social media which gathered support from some netizens who saw it.

“Wow Sr. Mary John we’d love to join you for people power.” Babot Weedon said.

However, some followers of the said page also discouraged Mananzan to call for another revolution.

“Just encourage people to pray for peace sister not for the People Power.PEACE for our country and in the whole world.” Laila Mae Thompson remarked.

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