Reporter annoys Albalyade after comparing Bikoy appearance in IBP to his camp crame presscon: “What is political on this?! Tell me!”

Philippine National Police chief General Oscar Albayalde showed his annoyance to a question of a reporter on Thursday after the latter tried to compare Peter Joemel “Bikoy” Advincula appearance in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) to the press conference held for the self-proclaimed whistleblower at Camp Crame.

During the press conference yesterday, the reporter mentioned the previous statement of Malacanang about Bikoy’s appearance in the IBP saying that the organization should be “apolitical” and avoid letting their place use for political propaganda.

The question was quickly answered by Albayalde, asking if the reporter wanted to point out that PNP allowed their facilities to be used to spread political propaganda.

He explained out that there’s a difference between the appearance of Advincula in the IBP and Camp Crame and pointed out that Advincula should be held by PNP no matter what because of his previous cases.

Albayalde said that it’s their role to give everybody their right to defend themselves.

What is political on this?! Tell me! Ang nagsalita dun, hindi kami. We are a police officer! He’s asking for a custody! Nag surrender po siya sa amin! This is not a political exercise! This is part of freedom of speech of anybody! This is part of democracy,” Albayalde said.

“Bakit?! Pinipili na natin dapat kung kanino magsalita at kung kanino lang dapat magsalita?! We are a police force! We protect and serve everybody! Not somebody lang, but everybody, all the Filipino people.” he added.

Albalyade insisted that all the stories revealed by Advincula came from him and they didn’t give him any script to follow.

He also said that they’re going to investigate if Advincula is now telling the true stories.

“Siya po ang nagsabi non, hindi kami. So let him prove his statements.. that is part of his statement, not ours. Wala kaming sinasabi sa kanya at hindi namin siya tinuruan whatsoever, unlike nung sinabi niya na tinuruan siya before,” he said.

“That is the truth according to him! Not according to me! Hindi galing sakin yun, sa kanya galing yun! I’m not saying that what he all says here is the gospel truth!”  said.

Advincula during the press conference claimed that he was only tasked to make statements against the first family and its allies by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and other members of the opposition.

He also said that the people behind the production of “Bikoy” didn’t pay him the P500,000 that they promised to him which prompted him to tell the truth.

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