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Atty. Jesus Falcis slams Aga Mulach for criticizing Sen. Trillanes: “Artista ka lang, wala kang alam sa politika!”

Attorney Jesus Falcis slammed the actor Aga Mulach for criticizing Senator Antonio Trillanes in public and urging the fiercest critic of President Rodrigo Duterte to help the government instead of wasting his time in destroying the current administration.

Several days ago, Mulach’s video during an interview with talk show host Vice Ganda went viral after he asked Sen. Trillanes why he kept criticizing the current President.

The statement of Mulach gained different reaction from the netizens and Falcis who’s also a social media blogger compared the actor to former Communications assistant secretary Mocha Uson and ex-Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque who’s only siding on politicians who’s currently in power.

He even posted a photo of Mulach making a ‘Laban Sign’ when the Liberal Party was in power.

Falcis told Mulach that Trillanes criticisms against the government are a contribution to the country.

He also urged Mulach to keep his silence and stop criticizing Sen. Trillanes because he doesn’t know anything about politics.

You can read his whole post below:

Parang si Mocha Uson at Harry Roque, kung ano uso at may power nuon, dun sila sumasakay. Tulad nitong si Aga Muhlach.

Mga dating dilawan na ngayon eh mga anti-dilawan at anti-Trillanes. Artista ka nga lang talaga Aga Muhlach, isa kang walang alam sa pulitika.

Ang pag criticize ni Trillanes kay Duterte (tungkol sa EJK, China, dr*gs, at corruption) ay pag tulong sa bayan!

Hindi si Duterte ang kelangan pag silbihan ni Trillanes. Kaya tumahimik ka na lang kung hindi mo alam ang pinagsasabi mo.

Ayan nag viral ka tuloy. Kahit anong delete pa ng videos ang gawin mo eh kumalat na sa internet ang kab*b*han mo! Hindi mo matatago ang statements mo sa GGV.

While the opposition is urging the people to boycott the upcoming movie of Mulach, thousands of President Duterte supporters vowed that they’re going to support the actor.

The viral video was also kept being deleted on social media because of still unknown reasons.



Mayor Sara Duterte slams Rep. Tinio’s party: “how ironic for government to pay public money to people who work against the government.”

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte slammed the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) after she was accused by the said party of not giving allowances to public school teachers.

In a social media post of Radyo Ni Juan, it ACT was quoted saying: “Cebu City gives its public school teachers P10,000 a year; Cagayan de Oro City, P7,650; Koronadal City, P3,000; General Santos City, P2,000; Island Garden City of Samal, P1,500; Davao City, zero.”


The allegation has been quickly debunked by the daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte and called the ACT members as terr*rists.

“So, ACT Teachers Davao, hindi lang kayo terr*rista at sympathizer ng mga terr*rista, you are also LIARS. In December 2016 and 2017, the City Government of Davao gave gift cheques worth Php 2,000/person/year to all teaching and non-teaching employees of DepEd.” Inday Sara said in her Instagram post.

“We have copies of the budget, pictures of distribution and the liquidation with all signatures. Pahirapan pa nga magpa approve ng grant ninyo at kami pa ang nasa alanganin and you have the temerity to lie,” she added.


Inday Sara even said that she would expel ACT outside Davao if it’s only allowed.

“Kung puwede lang sana kayo iexpel outside of Davao City. I waited for your paper and yet you always keep missing opportunities for unity, because you are never sincere.” she said.

The Davao City Mayor, who’s known for being a fierce critic of the New People’s Army suggested that Department of Education (DepEd) should distance from the alleged terr*rists.

PHOTO: Youtube Screengrab

She was also wondering why the government is paying the people who are against the reforms of the President.

“DepEd should dismiss terr*rists from their ranks, how ironic for the government to pay public money to people who work against the government.” Duterte said.

Inday Sara also suggested that the Congress should expel the Makabayan bloc members and the party list system because it’s allegedly only used to fund the armed struggle of NPA.

Even Radyo Ni Juan was not safe from the tirades of the Davao City Mayor, saying that National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) should not give a permit to anti-government radio stations.

“Congress should expel the members of Makabayan bloc, the Partylist system is the milking cow of terr*rists. And why would NTC give a permit to an anti-government station Radyo ni Juan? Why is our government supporting the same people who want to overthrow it?”

Source: Inday Sara Duterte

ACT Tinio urges Duterte to disclose his Hong Kong trip itinerary: “Pera ng bayan ang pinang-shopping ni Duterte”

Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) party-list Representative Antonio Tinio urged the government to disclose the Hong Kong trip itinerary of President Rodrigo Duterte last week to prove that there’s still a transparency under the current leadership of the former Davao City Mayor.

According to Tinio, as a public official, President Duterte should disclose the information about the trip even if his travel is for personal purposes.

“Para sa akin dapat i disclose ng Malacanang kung ano ang naging buong agenda at itinerary ni Pangulong Duterte nung nag punta siya sa Hong Kong, dahil Presidente siya ng Pilipinas ang ginamit niya sa pag punta doon ay government funds and resources,” Tinio said.

The lawmaker also said that aside from Makabayan bloc, the public also demanded a transparency over the trip of the President.

“Kailangan may transparency dito, in fact kailangan may official records yung trip na yon, hindi pwedeng sabihin na private o personal trip yun, so hinihingi ng publiko ang buong impormasyon,” Tinio said.

Gabriela Rep. Emmi De Jesus also slammed President Rodrigo Duterte for being insensitive after he flew in another country while his countrymen are suffering from inflation.

She called the Hong Kong trip of President Duterte “unethical”.

“Nakakagalit din naman talaga, sa gitna ng kagutuman, sa gitna ng pagtaas ng presyo ng bilihin at tuloy tuloy na pag taas ng presyo ng langis, Presidente mo namimili sa Hong Kong pa,” De Jesus said.

De Jesus also pointed out that the store where President Duterte was spotted buying clothes can also be found in the Philippines.

She suspected that the President’s shopping in Hong Kong was only a diversionary tactic to cover his real travel agenda.

“May Uniqlo naman talaga dito kung gusto niya, tingin ko yun ang gusto niyang (Duterte) pag usapan, kasi may iba siyang agenda siguro sa Hong Kong kasi alam naman natin lahat na yung period na yun ang problema niya eh yung result ng kanyang health laboratory exam,”

Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go already denied that the Chief Executive did a shopping spree in Hong Kong.

“Hindi totoo iyan. Walang may hawak na bundle-bundle na pera. Intriga lang iyan so prove it. Wala hong katotohanan iyan,” Go told reporters in a phone interview.



Netizen rebuts Sarah Elagot’s statement that free education is a state obligation: “Libre ang pag papaaral sa inyo tapos lulustayin niyo lang dahil sa rally?”

A netizen writes an open letter addressed to Kabataan party-list Representative Sarah Elago who insisted that the free education implemented by the Duterte administration for the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) students should be unconditional.

In his post, netizen Ram MG Labra tried to rebut Elago’s statement that went viral this week, saying that the young lawmaker might be right for her first phrase that free public education is a fundamental right.

However, he believes that the second phrase of Elago didn’t receive very well by Labra and explained in his Facebook post why the lawmaker is wrong for saying that the free tuition law imposed by the Duterte administration should be without reservation.

He explained that while the government imposed the free tuition, the students who benefited from it should not waste it like doing walk out rallies against the government.

Labra pointed out like the parents; the government was also expecting that the students receiving free tuition should study well.

The netizen also reminded Elago that the money used to fund the free tuition fee of the SUCs students came from the sweat of ordinary people who some of them couldn’t afford to educate their child.

At the end of his post, he even cursed Elago in anger because instead of being thankful to the government for giving them free education, they’re still trying to destabilize the government and destroy the image of the President.

You can read his whole open letter below:

Baluktot na Kabataan Partylist

Una sa lahat, gusto kong klaruhin yong phrase mong “Hindi siya dapat may kapalit.” Tama ka obligasyon ng gobyerno ang magbigay ng libreng edukasyon, walang kontra dyan! Pero yong second sentence mo, dyan ka may nagkakasapal sa utak! Obligasyon ng magulang na paaralin ang kanyang anak, KAPALIT AY MAGTINO SA PAG-AARAL AT MAGTAPOS para sa seguridad ng Kinabukasan. Ganon din ang gobyerno! Kapalit ng paggastos ng mga eskolar ay MAGMATINO SA PAG-AARAL AT MAGTAPOS! Para kanino? Para kinabukasan ng bawat isa at sa bansa! NGAYON, anung ginawa nyo? DI KAYO NAGSITINO kundi BINUYO NYO MGA ESKOLAR NA LUMABAS SA KLASE AT MAG RALLY KONTRA SA GOBYERNO! Aber, sinong magulang na normal na halos nagpapakamatay sa pagod para lang makapagpaaral tapos kontrahin ng kanyang anak na pinapaaral? DI BA ISA KANG MAY SALTIK SA UTAK SARA! Buwes ng bayan at pera ng bayan pinapaaral sa inyo sa mga State U at Colleges. Galing yan sa mga nagtitinda ng suka, mangingisda, mga workers, magsasaka na mga halos walang pagod para lang mabuhay ang mga pamilya. Ni halos di makapagpaaral sa mga anak. TAPOS LULUSTAYIN NINYO SA PAG RARALLY? Ay talagang MGA P***** *** NINYO LAHAT! Anung walang kapalit? Meron, tulungan ang bansa pero ang gagawin ninyo WASAKIN ANG BANSA. Mga P***** *** ninyo ulit! Baka nakalimutan mong magkakambal ang KARAPATAN AT TUNGKULIN? Claim ng claim kayo ng Right pero di kayo gumagawa ng inyong tungkulin! P***** *** NINYO LAHAT ULIT!’

In his another comment, Labra also said that militant people like Elago is not helping the country anymore.

“These militante people are not actually helping our nation building. They are destroying democracy because they wanted communist system to rule. he said.

As of writing, the post of Labra reached 6,000 shares and thousands of different reactions from the netizens.

“Oo totoo ang sinasabi mo pero wag nyong guluhin ang state na nagpapaaral sa inyo yan din ang obligasyon ninyo. kaso pinagaral kayo ng estado pero hihikayatin nyo ang mga kabataan na pabagsakin ang estado na nagpaaral sa inyo. ang tawag sa inyo AHAS!” Netizen Emmanuel Roa said.

“Bakit kayo obligasyon nang gobyerno inanak kayo nang magulang nyo no sila ang dapat magpaaral sa inyo ?. Sa ibang bansa nga e may bayad ang pag aaral no. Student loan ang tawag no. Kapal nang mukha mo!” Jocelyn Landas remarked.

We should be more disciplined and responsible to our own responsibilities NOT to blame the Government. We need to work hard be kind and stay humble. We can provide our own needs. The government will not provide all your needs. Wake up!  It’s better there is more proper qualifications for every free school students the best deserving can avail only.
Because there’s still someone taking free school even the parents can afford.” Ferm Agropas suggested.


Singer Gladys Gueverra writes open letter to Duterte critics: “Enough is enough, leave the President alone & let him do his job!”

Actress Gladys Guevarra, also known as ‘Chuchay’ in television and internet publicly expressed her support to President Rodrigo Duterte whom according to her was mocked by many people because of his imperfections.

The former noontime show Eat Bulaga hosts posted her opinion about politics on her official Facebook page saying that she’s ready on the backlash of the Duterte critics just to defend the current President.

In her post, Guevarra said that she was felt ashame of some people in the Philippines who didn’t know how to respect the duly-elected President of the Philippines.

She also criticized several news networks and its reporters for writing ‘lies’ against the President for the sake of writing a sellable story.

According to her, it’s her first time to see a President being examined word-by-word by the media and his critics.

Guevarra urged the media people and Duterte critics just to leave the President and let him concentrate on his job first as the criticisms against the Chief Executive will never help the country.

You can read her post below:

“I offer no apology for what I am posting, for this is truly how I feel. This is my opinion, not a debate. If you disagree or find my opinions offensive, I’m perfectly fine with that & no, I’m not offended, feel free to unfriend me immediately.

I have lived through several Philippine Presidents prior to our current President Duterte. In my lifetime, I have never seen nor heard of a President examined over every word he speaks, humiliated by the public to the point of disgrace, slandered, ridiculed, insulted, lied to & beyond common logic, threatened with death.

I am truly ashamed of the people of MY country. I am ashamed of the ruthless, hating, Duterte haters who display themselves as to having no pride, morals, ethics nor values in Our Country’s traditions. Our Elders taught us 30, 40+ yrs ago to respect our President, whether we voted for them or not, & all these news stations & reporters who feel they have the right to carry on with obvious lies & say the things they do for a good story.

Every other President before he was elected, that took the oath of office, was left alone, wasn’t on the news 24/7, examined by their every word. ALWAYS BEING PRESSURED to do this or that & never given the time to take care of the important work this country really needs. I know he is not perfect, very different than what we’ve become in general to but ENOUGH is ENOUGH, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE & LET HIM DO HIS JOB!! None of the other Presidents in their times were spotless or perfect either. I want our President Rodrigo Duterte to succeed & try to make our Philippines great again!”

A day after her first post about the President, Guevarra defended herself from the critics who mocked her from supporting Duterte.

According to Guevarra, she’s not defending the President because she wanted anything from the government because she’s already contended with her own life and job.

She also invoked her right to Freedom of Expression as a citizen of the Philippines.

“Bilang indibiduwal, boses ko po itong sinasabi ko ang saloobin ko, dahil citizen din ako ng Pilipinas. At ikaw na nagsalita ng mga masasakit sa akin, pwede? Respeto lang po talaga. At kung napapansin ninyo, sa mga hate messages ninyo, minsan parang mas wala kayong laman. May Presidenteng nakaupo, sumunod nalang kayo, kayo rin nagpapabagal ng pag unlad natin pare-pareho eh. Just saying,”

Despite negative comments, Guevarra also received many positive comments and support from her fellow Duterte supporters.

As of writing, both Guevarra’s post reached 2,000 reactions and hundreds of shares on Facebook.

Man who lacks of money to buy milk for his children captivates thousands of netizens on social media

A netizen’s post captured the attention of the social media users and gained a tremendous amount of reactions after he narrated how he met a man who asked him for a little money as he doesn’t have sufficient funds to buy a milk for his children.

Jaive Roble a Performance Marketing Specialist shared his story on social media about his unexpected meeting with a man who suddenly asked him for money.

According to him, he quickly went emotional after he heard the story of the man who fail in looking for any job to feed his family during that day.

The man even assured that he’s not a bad guy who wanted to steal people’s belongings just to feed his family and he prefers to beg rather than doing bad things.

Roble was also been told that the man’s wife doesn’t know that he’s already begging people to earn money for his family.

Roble who’s already captivated by the discussion asked the man what his family needed, in response, he told the good samaritan that he only need to buy milk for his children.

The good samaritan decided to help. He accompanied the man to the nearest grocery store to buy not only milk but also other basic goods.

Roble also decided to buy a bigger box of milk that would last for a week so the man would get more time to look for a job instead of begging people for money.

Despite having financial problems, Roble said that he committed the good deed because he believes that the man bigger problems than him.

The man couldn’t hide his happiness after Robles helped him. He vowed that the day would come and he would repay the kindness of the good samaritan to him.

You can read Roble’s post below.

“Kapit Sa Dios”

Naglalakad pauwi, nakaheaphone pagkatawid ko sa isang intersection may kumalabit sakin, sabi, “Kuya baka may Php10 ka dagdag lang sana para pambili ng gatas ng anak ko! ? Pinipigilan ko luha ko while looking at him and listened more. “Hindi po ako masamang tao, Sir! Di ko po kayang gumawa ng masama lalong ayaw kong makulong kawawa pamilya ko.” Halatang kinakabahan. “Kanina pa po ako paikot-ikot sa construction sites para makapasok kaso wala pa hong swerte, magiging totoo nalang po ako sa inyo Sir, di alam ng asawa ko ngayong araw namamalimos lang ako ngayon makapagdala lang gatas at pagkain ng baby namin, kaya lang naman naming magtiis dalawa sa asin at suka. Kawawa lang talaga mga bata.” ? Tinanong ko sya anong gatas ng baby nya sabi, “Yung baby Sir, Nestogen, yung 160.00 lang po pwede ng pang dalawang araw. Yung 3 yrs old ko naman po Bear Brand nakabili napo ko ng diapers sir heto kinapos lang po talaga.” Sabay pakita ng 150.00 sa kamay. Hindi ako sure at that point kung bigyan ko lang ba sya ng pera at umalis na, o ako na mismo bumili ng gatas, since malapit na kami sa may Market Market so I told him, “Tara Kuya pasok tayong Market. ” “Nako Sir, baka di hu ako papasukin. ” Sabi ko, “Wag ka magalala pinagtagpo tayo ng Dios ngayong araw, magkapatid tayo, ako bahala sayo! Di gaanong marami pera ko pero lika.” Sa grocery hinanap namin yung kadalasan binibili nya, nagdesisyon akong kunin ang malaking pakete para allowance nya makadiskarte pa ng matagal-tagal at sinamahan ko na din ng manok, atay at giniling.

Walang tigil pasasalamat nya sakin. “Darating din ang panahon Sir, magkikita tayo ulit, ako naman manglilibre sa inyo!” ????????

Hanggang sa dulo, sinabihan ko sya, “Patas lang tayo sa buhay Kuya kami man sa estadong to, marami ding mga utang na hinaharap. “Mabait talaga ang Dios Sir, pinakilala po kayo sakin, anghel ko po kayo ngayon.”

Salamat sa inspirasyon ngayong araw. Swerte pamilya mo sayo. Hanap ka agad trabaho at wag na wag panghinaan ng loob. Until we meet again Jerick Reyes!

Minsan nakakapanghina ng loob ang mga problema. Today, I realized Im still blessed to have this life, do not have much right now but will get there. Kapit lang sa Dios….

The post gained hundreds of thousands of likes and shares from the netizens who are also touched by the story.

They also tagged several news magazines shows to feature the man and help him.

Some even offered financial assistance to the man, however, Roble didn’t disclose the identity of the man as of writing.


Pastor Apollo Quiboloy slams critics: “Ako ang may ari ng sanlubutan, hindi kayo pupunta sa langit ng di dumadaan sakin!”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. slammed his critics who challenged him into a debate, saying that he couldn’t argue with them.

In his statement, Quiboloy called his critics as the children of “Lucifer,” and he claimed that he already defeated the said devil.

“Ako ang pinagkatiwalaan dito (ng Diyos), tatay ninyo si Lucifer, tinalo ko dito, …hindi ninyo natalo siya eh! Tatay ninyo siya eh, tingnan ninyo hawak hawak niya ang mga leeg ninyo,” Quiboloy said in his TV apperance at Sonshine Media Network International.

(God entrusted me in this world, you’re the children of Lucifer, you didn’t even defeat him because every one of you is his children, look Lucifer holds your necks)

Quiboloy explained that he would never waste his time accepting the debate challenges of his critics because he knew that he’s the “truth” and the “only way” for every people to reach heaven in their afterlife.

“Ako na nga ang katotohanan, ako ang daan at ang buhay, pag hindi kayo dumaan sakin, hindi kayo pupunta sa langit!” Quiboloy said.

(I am the truth, I am the way and life, you will never reach even without my judgment)

The Pastor also captured the attention of the netizen when he claimed that he owned the world and the soul of every people.

“Papaano ko kayo dedebatihin niyan eh ako ang may ari ng kaluluwa ninyo, ako ang may ari ng sanlibutan,” Quiboloy said.

(How could you debate with me? I own this world and your souls)

Quiboloy offered peace to his critics and urged them to surrender themselves to the Pastor so their souls could be saved in the future.

“Pumunta na kayo sa akin, sumuko, sumurrender at magsisi kayo, at iwan ang serpent seed ninyo at sundin ang lahat ng sinasabi ko sa pamamagitan ng mga salita ng aking ama, kung hindi may kalalagyan kayo!”

(Come to me to surrender and repent, leave your serpent seed and follow all my preaches, if not, you’re going to your rightful place)

The video quickly went viral on the internet after it was uploaded by a Facebook page that supported Members Church of God International also known as ‘Ang Dating Daan’.

Some of them defended Quiboloy and some of them ridiculed the claim of the Pastor.


Duterte orders DSWD not to let Mayors handle the distribution of relief goods and cash subsidies from the national government: “Bakit di nalang idiretso sa tao?”

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he would not let the Department of Social Welfare and Development give the relief goods from the national government to the Mayors and other local officials during calamities.

This is what the President has announced during a press conference on Tuesday at the Malacanang Palace.

Duterte said that he tasked the incoming DSWD secretary Rolando Bautista, the retiring chief of the Philippine Army (PA) to do not let the Mayors handle the distribution of relief goods to their people.

According to him, he had a debate with the “acting chief” of DSWD on how the national government would distribute their help to the people.

The President said that the said “acting chief” insisted that the national government should give the relief goods to the Mayor instead of giving it directly to the peoople.

“Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Look, why don’t you just give the money directly? It is national funds. It is national relief goods.’ Kung ibigay mo ‘yan sa mayor, dahan-dahan mawala ‘yan. I know. I’ve been mayor,” he said.

Duterte believes that if the national government let the mayors handle the cash subsidies, the local politicians might only give help to their supporters.

“Tapos sabi ko, once the list is validated, kayo ang magbigay sa pera and in times of emergencies, kayo ang mag-release sa goods. Maybe the mayor will help in the distribution. Eh ‘pag debate — ‘pag debate pa,” he said.

When got informed by the DSWD that such process was not based on Commission on Audit (COA) circular, he insisted that the commission was a “different entity” that should not interfere in the decision of the executive branch.

“We run the Executive department. I do not want COA interfering of how I distribute the goods and money to the people. For as long as they reach the intended beneficiaries, COA has nothing to do with it except to audit,” he said.

“Kasi kung ibigay mo sa mayor ang bigyan niya ‘yung mga supporters niya, in times of crisis ang bigyan niya, eh partisan eh.” he added.

“So this is not a place where you have that luxury of choice. It must be given to the intended persons, who would need it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Duterte also defended his decision to appoint another military man in the Cabinet, saying that they’re doing their task very well than civilian appointees.

“Gusto ko talaga kasi isang utos lang, nagagawa,” Duterte said.

“Sometimes they cut corners but you just have to defend them because it’s your order. Hindi naman kasi magsunod-sunod ka dito. It takes you forever. Ang gobyerno is really, really, really, very slow,” he added.

‘Doctor ng Bayan’ Willie Ong files COC for Senator to follow the footsteps of Juan Flavier

Cardiologist Willie Ong is officially running in the 2019 senatorial elections.

The doctor who’s known for giving health tips on social media marked his intention to enter politics after he filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) office in Manila.

Ong is running under Lakas-Christian Muslims Democrats (Lakas-CMD) party where late Senator Juan Flavier is also a member.

According to him, he wanted to follow the footstep of Flavier who’s also a doctor by profession.

“Nakita ko ‘yung butas sa Senate, wala tayong doktor doon. Walang doktor doon na nagsusulong sa Committee on Health katulad ni Senator Juan Flavier,” Ong said in a press conference after filing his COC.

“Kapag napuntahan mo ‘yung mahirap na pasyente, maaawa kayo, matatransform kayo. Gusto natin tumulong, natry ko sa private, natry ko sa media, natry ko sa DOH (Department of Health), ito ang kailangan ngayon ng tao,” Ong added.

He also shared his platforms and he would push if he win a Senate seat.

“Ano isusulong natin? ‘Yung GOAL. ‘Yung ‘G’, Gamot. Dapat mas mura siya, or libre … Uulitin natin ‘yung cheap medicines bill. ‘Yung ‘O’, simpleng Operasyon like sa goiter, gall bladder, luslos … Gusto natin magawang package ‘yan, maoperahan natin,” he said.

“‘A’, sa Advice. ‘Yung ginagawa natin sa Facebook. Kailangan mas malawak, mas simple, mas direct … And ‘L’, Lab test. Kailangan ilibre ng PhilHealth.”

“Ang health hindi siya ganon kasimple. Sasabihin mo libreng gamot, libreng operasyon, mayroon kang complication … Kailangan marunong ka para ipasa,” Ong added.

No one expected that Ong would run for Senator, even his fans were shocked when the doctor surprised his followers on Facebook about his intention.

He only announced his intention to enter politics this month.

Before becoming a famous doctor on social media, Ong first appeared on television giving free health tips to people.

Ong also offered his help to the victims of Dengvaxia.