Atty. Jude Sabio expresses disappointment, ready to testify against Trillanes: “Pinutol na niya na yung binibigay niya sa akin monthly”

Atty. Jude Sabio who filed the complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte before the ICC is now changing his tune and now expressing his interest to testify against former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

In his column in the regional newspaper Mindanao Goldstar Daily, Sabio admitted the alleged involvement of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in the production of the controversial “Bikoy” videos aimed to destroy the reputation of President Rodrigo Duterte, the first family and other pro-administration politicians.

Peter Joemel Advincula claimed that he’s the hooded man on the Bikoy videos.

“In the meeting at the hotel lobby, I told Sen. Trillanes to refrain and desist from Bikoy, because it is just a trap, apart from the dire lack of funds even for the ongoing ICC case. Jo ann also told him: “Sir, wag mong itutuloy yan, babagsak ka nyan at di ka na makakabangon,” Sabio wrote in his column.

At first, Sabio was clueless that Trillanes was involved in the Bikoy videos, however, he realized the former Senator is possibly part of the said propaganda because they tried to recruit him as the lawyer of Peter Joemel Advincula.

ABS-CBN also contacted Jude Sabio and confirmed that he’s considering to testify against Trillanes over his involvement in producing the “Bikoy” videos.

During the interview, Sabio who’s having financial problems, claiming that Trillanes stopped sending monthly allowance to him which amounted to 50,000-100,000 pesos since the former Senator left his office.

Sabio also revealed that Trillanes didn’t pay the 700,000 billing for his legal service to whistleblower Edgar Matobato who claimed that he’s part of President Duterte’s vigilante group.

According to him, he’s also having a hard time working as a lawyer after he filed an ICC complaint against President Duterte.

“Kailangan ko yung pera eh, 700,000 (pesos) para maka survive ako… paano ako maka recover nito? for the past two years, limitado ang movements ko… hindi ako makapag practice ng pagka abogado ko for a long time,” Sabio said.

However, Trillanes denied the accusations of Sabio, saying that the lawyer offered his service for free.



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