Tito Sotto on SOGIE bill: Can a trans woman apply for maternity leave?

Senate President Tito Sotto asked a question to his followers, amid the criticisms he received on social media because of his stance on SOGIE equality bill.

In a twitter post, Sotto asked if a trans woman can be eligible to take maternity leave like a biological female.

Maternity leave is a 105-day paid leave given to working mothers so they could rest and take care of the newborn child.

“Can a man who feels he is a woman apply for maternity leave to be equal to biological women?” Sotto twitted.

Sotto said in another interview that SOGIE bill would give disadvantage to real women.

“If you are a man, you will never be a woman, no matter what you do, because you cannot reproduce. You cannot give birth; you do not have ovaries. You will never be a woman. So this, to me, the SOGIE bill is a bill against women’s rights, and it’s giving transgender rights,” he said.

He also said that SOGIE bill is unconstitutional because it’s against “women’s rights, academic freedom, and religious freedom”.

The Senator is known for expressing his opposition against SOGIE bill which became a hot topic after a trans woman was blocked from using a restroom designated for female.

He even said that SOGIE bill has no chance to pass the Senate.

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