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Beautiful university student caught selling illegal drugs worth 1 million pesos

Netizens have been saddened by the arrest of an alleged illegal drug dealer in Cebu City Yesterday after they saw that the suspect is still young and beautiful.

According to the news report of SuperBalita Cebu, the drug dealer, identified as Riza Mae Cabigon, 18, a student of a University in Cebu City has been arrested by the authorities in a buy-bust operation.

The operation, which led by Police Superintendent Christopher Navida in Barangay Duljo Fatima resulted to the arrest of Cabigon who possed a mass amount of illegal drugs also known as Shabu with a street value of 1,003,000 pesos.

Unlike the other drug suspects, the arrest of Cabigon received many reactions from the netizens saying that the drug dealer has still a potential if ever that she didn’t entered the illegal drugs business.

The alleged drug dealer Riza Mae Cabigon (left) and the shabu that the police confiscated to her (right)
Photo: SuperBalita Cebu

Some even defended the drug suspect, saying that she deserved a second chance.

” Sometimes people has gotta do what they gotta do in order to live and in order to survive. We don’t know what battle she is fighting, we don’t know what she is going through and we don’t know the exact reason on why she needs immediate money.” Netizen Honey Angelu Maylan Mirafuentes said.

“But one thing is for sure, we shouldn’t judge her for her choices after all justice was already served so instead of shaming her, jumping into conclusions that she’s selling drugs to live an extravagant life, why don’t you just pray for her and wish for her own betterment? Everybody deserves a second chance and it is not too late for her to change. And for those people who are pushing her and telling her that she could’ve sold herself, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.” she added.

However, some netizen also slammed the people for expressing their sympathy to the drug dealer saying that the people should not give their sympathy to a criminal despite it good looks.

“Double standars kayo, nakakahiya basta gwapo o maganda, kung ano man ang problema o sitwasyon, he law is the law and no one should be above it., we all have issues and problems but hindi tayo pumasok sa pagbebenta ng droga. be a good citizen. Better safe than sorry.” Netizen Ian Javier said.

“Govt really needs a strong influence on the youth, better guidance and leadership and proper rehab not just for users but for pushers.” he added.

The suspect is not detained at the Cebu City Police precinct and the authorities are now preparing to file charges against her.

MMDA gumagastos ng isang bilyong piso kada taon para malinis ang maduduming estero sa Metro Manila

The garbage problem in Metro Manila has resulted in a billion of pesos expenses to the government as they need to clean the waterway to avoid the future disaster like what happened in 2009 during the typhoon Ondoy.

According to the article of ABS-CBN news, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spent P1-B just to maintain the cleanliness of the rivers and drainage along the National Capital Region.

“Ang budget sa paglilinis ng estero, approximately, [pati] sa flood control nasa P1 billion… Ang mandato ngayon, cleaning lang dahil hindi hawak ng MMDA ang relocation ng mga informal settlers,”  MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia said during the interview.

Some people believe that even the government workers clean the drainage every day, the garbage problem in the Philippines would not be solved because of the undisciplined informal settlers who chose to live beside the waters.

The houses of the informal settlers don’t have any proper comfort room, so their waste is being dropped along the river.

Even the trash collectors in Metro Manila said that the people are still not practicing proper waste disposal.

The government is doing their efforts to relocate the informal settlers in different provinces so they can rehabilitate the rivers along Metro Manila easily.

They also urged the residents near the canals to help the government in cleaning their place.

Estero De Magdalena Photo: Scoopnest

Social media users have been disturbed by the photos taken at Estero De Magdalena in Tondo, Manila showing the serious problem of the National Capital Region in the garbage.

They were saddened that despite what happened in Ondoy, some people were still not disciplined and doesn’t care if another big flood happened because of the improper waste disposal.

When Ondoy struck in 2009, most of the places in Metro Manila has been flooded and the government blamed the garbages which blocked the floodways for the disaster.



Blogger questions Alejano’s claim that PH can go to war with China: “Eh kayo nga nung nag kudeta laban kay GMA hindi kayo manalo nalo”

“Naka shabu po ba kayo?”

This is what pro-Duterte blogger and International relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot asked Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano for saying that the Philippines is capable of engaging war with China.

Sasot can’t believe how the former Navy officer could say that the Philippines has the force to declare war on China which ranked as the world’s number three in terms of Military Strenght.

She asked Alejano to explain how the Philippines could win a war with a big nation.

The blogger even suspected that the lawmaker is using illegal drugs and it already gave him hallucinations.

“Seryoso po kayo? Kakaiba itong si Alejano no… nag deteriorate na ba yang shabu? ganyan na ang iniisip.” Sasot said during her live video about the statement of Alejano.

She also said that the army quickly crushed Alejano together with his group Magdalo when they launched a coup d’etat against the Arroyo administration.

“Eh kayo nga po noong nag launch kayo ng kudeta laban kay GMA siya nga lang hindi kayo manalo-nalo sa China pa?” She said.

Sasot pointed out that the Philippines didn’t win any war against any country alone.

“Ano na bang gera ang napalalunan ng Pilipinas as a republic ha.. we never fought a war.. we fought a war along with another power but we never won a war on our own,” she said.

She asked her followers if Alejano already need to be put in a mental hospital.

Sass also said that Alejano’s mate, Trillanes didn’t succeed in his alleged back-door negotiations with China before.

On Thursday, Gary Alejano claimed that the Philippines is capable of declaring war with China, however, he believes that the Chinese can’t afford to go to war because of the possible negative response of the international community.

“What’s the use of the armed forces if you’re not going to use it? We are strengthening the armed forces and that’s the message to the international community on how they should treat us,” Alejano said during an interview with One News’ Convo.


Jake Ejercito calls Mocha Uson “Garbage”

Actor Jake Ejercito also expressed his anger to Mocha Uson after the Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary featured Ninoy Aquino in her blog to defend President Rodrigo Duterte.

Ejercito, son of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, posted on Twitter a photo of a snowy mountain with the caption “Mocha Uson is garbage” as a way to criticize Uson.

Ejercito is one of the showbiz personalities who joined team Kris along with Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Pokwang and Agot Isidro.

The tweet of Ejercito received mixed reactions from her followers.

Some said that Mocha has her right to criticize any public figure, while some said that the official made a below-the-belt blow against the Aquinos.

Some even pointed out that the real “garbage” can be found in Manila where his father Erap is working as a Mayor.

Mocha didn’t respond to the tweet of Ejercito.

The issue between Mocha and Kris Aquino started when the talk show host used her social media account to criticize the public official for “disrespecting” her father.

This issue gained a nationwide coverage and thousands of netizens engaged in a debate with each other.

Even President Rodrigo Duterte apologized to Kris Aquino, but he didn’t force Mocha to say sorry to the talk show host because he respects the communication assistant secretary’s right to freedom of expression.

“Who am I now to (stop her). I do not control my (workers) she has invoked a sacred right, yan pa ang sacred, that’s guaranteed under the constitution,” Duterte said.

Yesterday, Mocha urged her followers to move on and unite.

“Move on na po tayo. Lahat tayo ay niloloko ng isang drama queen. Sinubukan tayong i-divide para sa sarili niyang pang- interes. SOLID TAYO! Walang bibitaw!” Mocha said in her post.


Dela Rosa reveals that nurses and doctors being used by drug lords in illegal drug transactions in Bilibid

Bureau of Corrections Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa revealed one of the reasons why several drugs lords jailed at the Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa could still continue their illegal drug business despite the tight security.

He said that medical practitioners are being contracted by the drug lords to be their messenger to the outside world.

Photo: City Government of Muntinlupa

According to Bato, one drug lord, Amin Buratong who’s already inside the Bilibid for one year was still able to manage his illegal drug business.

There’s also a case that a physician intentionally declared a drug personally as mentally challenged to cover up their conspiracy.

“Imagine pati iyong mga nurses, mga doktor nagagamit ng mga drug lord. Mayroong ida-diagnose na bu-ang, bu-ang kuno. Iyon pala ipapa-diagnose na bu-ang para tuloy iyong kaniyang negosyo sa droga,” the BuCor chief said.

He believed that the medical professionals are either bribed or threatened to follow the drug lords of the Bilibid prison.

In his visit to Leyte Regional Prison, he also warned the inmates not to continue their illegal drug business or else, they might face death.

“Alam ninyo kung ano ang pinaka ayaw ko, pinakaayaw ni Presidente yung droga. Iyong sige negosyo pa diyan, baka mamatay kayo. When I say mamatay, pwedeng namatay sa sakit…Kaya ihinto na ninyo yan,” Dela Rosa concluded.

Despite the tight security in the Bilibid Prison, the national penitentiary has been labeled by several inmates as the Shabu capital of the Philippines.

According to the investigation, the Bilibid drug lords could transact ₱15 billion worth of illegal drugs during the last two years of the Aquino administration.

One of the people blamed on the proliferation of illegal drugs in Bilibid is former Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima who allegedly helped the drug lords to continue their drug business in the National Penitentiary.

Source: UNTV

“Tabi Mocha at Kris!” Kitty Duterte slams a vlogger for criticizing her Tatay Digong!

It seems that not only Kris Aquino and Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson are engaged in a social media war.

Amid the Kris vs Mocha issue which reached the national headlines and made thousands of netizens and several bloggers to engage in a debate, there’s an unheard battle happened on Twitter which involved the Presidential daughter Kitty daughter.

A well-known video blogger known as Angel Dei is one of the social media personality who criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for kissing an Overseas Filipino Worker during his working visit in South Korea.

To condemn the President, Angel Dei posted a tweet addressed to the people who regret voting for Duterte.

“If you ever voted or supported Duterte before but you’re regretting it now, then I’m proud of you.” Angel Dei said in her tweet.

Photo: @_angeldei

Some expressed their support for Dei who stood up against the President and agreed for what she believed.

However, it seems that Dei didn’t know that Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, the youngest of the Presidential siblings are also on Twitter, reading every tweet about her father.

In response to Dei’s post, Veronica Duterte posted a tweet which an indirect response to the vlogger’s criticisms against her father.

Kitty imitated some of the lines of Dei to make sure that the people would get that her message is for the vlogger who said that she’s proud to the people who regretted in supporting Duterte.

“If you just thought of showing your thin *** body on social media, decided to make nonsense videos and all that irrelevant stuff most people nowadays do, but you’re regretting it now and you’re planning to do something that actually helps, then perhaps I can say I’m proud of you,” Kitty said referring to Dei’s job as a video blogger.

The post of Kitty has been clearly understood by her followers on Twitter and they’re the one who mentioned Dei to the presidential daughter’s tweet.

Some also criticized Duterte for using “ad-hominem” against Dei.

Kitty didn’t respond to the criticisms threw at her.

President Duterte said before that he’s having a difficulty of having an argument with Kitty.

Meanwhile, Angel Dei clarified that she’s also praising President Duterte when the latter made a good decision.

However, she was disappointed because several of the promises of President Duterte has been broken.

Mocha Uson urges Duterte supporters to unite: ‘Lahat tayo ay niloloko ng isang drama queen’

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson urged the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte to unite and not to be affected by the recent issues which she’s involved.

In her post, she clarified that there’s no bad blood between her and Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go.

“Gusto ko lamang po sabihin at linawin sa lahat- wala pong hidwaan sa aming dalawa ni SAP Bong Go. Mahal at suportado ko po siya.” Uson said in her Facebook post.

She urged the Filipino people to move on, however she claimed that the people are only trying to manipulate by a “drama queen”.

Mocha is apparently referring to Kris Aquino who criticized her because of the video that she uploaded featuring Ninoy Aquino being kissed by her supporters before being assassinated in 1983.

She believed that Aquino only wanted to divide the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte for her personal gains.

“Move on na po tayo. Lahat tayo ay niloloko ng isang drama queen. Sinubukan tayong i-divide para sa sarili niyang pang- interes. SOLID TAYO! Walang bibitaw!”.

Several personalities and bloggers cheered Mocha Uson and Christopher Bong Go.

They also praised Uson for her decision to end all the issue and speculations by some supporters.

“Every KRISis presents both a danger and opportunity. After this, both Mocha and BG will become stronger. World peace and loving kindness! Thank you Panty!” Sass Rogando Sasot told Uson.

“Walang KRISis ang makakatibag satin acheh! Solid!” Uson responds.

“Two people who really love the country, support the President and are passionate about their work. GOD Bless You SAP Bong and Asec Mocha!” DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano told Mocha.

“Ang pakiusap ko lang naman sa mga kaDDS natin na MAGKAISA tayo!!! Wag naman tayong magwatak watak!! Wag tayong magaway away dahil lang sa maliit na bagay. Nagkakaroon ng division dahil pinasok tayo ng baliw na babae. YUN ANG KALABAN natin. HINDI SI MOCHA AT HINDI RIN SI BONG GO!!” Blogger Drew Oliver remarked.

The apology sent by Bong Go to Kris Aquino during the press conference in Malacanang on Wednesday gave speculations that the assistant of the President threw Mocha under the bus.

However, it was cleared that President Rodrigo Duterte is the one who ordered Go to apologize, he also asked Mocha to say sorry, however, the communications assistant secretary invoked her right to freedom of expression.

“Yes totoo yun, I said to Bong tell the other one (Mocha) for the incident because she works for me sa Malacañan. I asked Mocha to apologize to Kris, but there’s a verbal tussle there. She invoked freedom of speech.” Duterte said yesterday.


Blogger has a powerful message to the people who doubts Bong Go: “He knows the President like NO ONE DOES”

Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go has been criticized by several supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte amid the Kris Aquino vs. Mocha Uson issue because they believe that the man who’s also known as the ‘selfie king’ sided with the talk show host.

The criticisms started when Go said during the press conference on Wednesday that he was contacted by Kris Aquino and told him about the problems.

He told the media that Mocha Uson will apologize to Kris Aquino, however, the communications assistant secretary contradicted what Go told the media.

This gave speculations to some Duterte supporters and bloggers that Go threw Mocha under the bus.

Even blogger Thinking Pinoy criticized Go saying that Kris easily got his response, while his complaint about the victims of Dengvaxia is still not yet getting any attention.

“SAP Bong Go, ilang text ko na po sa inyo ang tungkol sa Dengvaxia pero wala pa ring nangyayari.” Nieto said.

On Friday, Bong Go wrote a message addressed to the people who doubt him for his recent statements.

He explained that he’s only doing what the President said and he clarified he don’t want to run for Senate.

“Ginagawa ko lang ang trabaho ko. Kapag inutos ng Pangulo, I will deliver. Wag po kayong mag alala, wala akong pangarap mag Senador.” Go said.

Several netizens were still not convinced by the explanation of Bong Go and continue to criticize him.

“Loyalty ko po eh sa bayan! Sana nmn bigyan nyo ng pansin ang dengvaxia victims. Sir isang txt lng ni kris aksyon agad kayo! Eh pano nmn yong txt ni TP para sa bayan din yun at sa mga batang buhay pa! Tabangi intawn ninyo sir.”  Netizen Kimwong Ortiz said.

In response, Go said that he’s always delivering all the important messages to the President.

“lahat po ginagawa namin. papa abot ko parati sa pangulo . alam ni tp (Thinking Pinoy) yan,”

However, Krizette Laureta Chu, didn’t joined the people who criticized Go and even tried to convince the others to trust the President’s assistant with her powerful message.

She said that only Bong Go has the most knowledge about the President’s decision and served the former Mayor of Davao City even before he became the leader of the Philippines.

Chu believes that Go is the most trusted man of Duterte and the presidential assistant  has a better knowledge about the President than all the Duterte supporter.

 Sir Christopher Bong Go , you would not have had the privilege of being beside THE PRESIDENT for a long long long time if he didn’t have your trust and support.

People here should remember that and not put your expectations on Bong Go, as if we know how the President works and acts and thinks. He should do this, he shouldn’t have done that. We are not on the inside. We don’t have an intimate knowledge of what’s being said in the President’s chambers. Not even the most vocal of Duterte’s supporters know how the President chooses which issues to focus on and why.

Guess who does? Bong Go.

He serves the President we trust, the President we love. He knows the President like NO ONE DOES. No one among us knows the President like Bong Go. And the President trusts no one as well as he does Bong Go.

He is the most trustworthy of all the alter egos of the President.

That should serve us well to remember that truth whenever we feel like we know better.

Bong Go was there before Duterte was President. Let’s remember that Lang.

Several netizens agreed with what Chu wrote and they said that they would still support Go if he’s going to pursue entering politics.

“The boss has spoken!” Duterte says the he respects Mocha Uson’s right to freedom of expression

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he respects what  Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson posted on her Facebook page which offended Kris Aquino and resulted to a word war between the two ladies.

During the press conference at the inauguration of the Mactan Cebu International Airport Terminal 2, the President confirmed that he sent his apologies to Kris Aquino after the talk show host informed Duterte about what Mocha did.

He also talked to Mocha about the matter, but the latter invoked her right to freedom of expression, so he decided not to force the government official to apologize.

“Yes totoo yun, I said to Bong tell the other one (Mocha) for the incident because she works for me sa Malacañan. I asked Mocha to apologize to Kris, but there’s a verbal tussle there. She invoked freedom of speech.” Duterte said.

“Who am I now to (stop her). I do not control my (workers) she has invoked a sacred right, yan pa ang sacred, that’s guanranteed under the constitution,”

Duterte said that he was not disappointed when she got disobeyed by Uson, saying that also need to respect the people from his camp as he respects the opposition.

“Kasi ako mismo, sinasabi ko na it’s your right to criticize me. As a matter of fact, any policeman who disagrees with me, because of this drug problem… You can criticize me even the garbage collector,” Duterte said.

Yesterday, Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go said to the press that Mocha “will apologize” to Kris Aquino, however, several hours after the press conference, Uson released a video saying that she’s not going to say sorry to the talk show host.

Go informed the media that Kris texted him, asking him to take some action for what Mocha did.

He was also informed by Kris that she’s going to endorse her if he really wanted to enter politics.

In her last live video about the issue, Kris Aquino also reminded Go about his promise to her.

“Nanawagan na lang ako sa isang taong nakinig sa akin… Sir Bong Go, alam kong aabot ito sa ‘yo. Hinihingi ko sa ‘yo ‘yung sinabi ko na ikaw lang ang may kapangyarihan na gawin ‘yon. Sana gawin mo, dahil umaasa ako sa’yo. Sana po pansinin ninyo,” Kris said in a Facebook live video broadcast on Wednesday

This statement from Go has been badly interpreted by several Duterte supporters, saying that the assistant of the President threw Mocha Uson under the bus in favor of Aquino.

“Stand down. The boss has spoken. And unlike you, he’s not throwing her under the bus.” Columnist Jojo Robles said in his post after hearing the statement of the president.

Mocha Uson is one of the most loyal supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte during the campaign period.

Her blog which garnered millions of followers also helped Duterte to spread his message to the public.

Columnist told Kris to defend her niece who couldn’t graduate in UP: Pasok, Kris. Awayin ang UP dahil nilalapastangan ang pamilya nyo

Veteran journalist and columnist Jojo Robles are one of the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte who came up to defend Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson from the criticisms that she received from the ‘queen of all media.’

Robles said in his post to Kris that if he really wanted to help or defend her family, the prominent talk show should also try to defend her niece.

Part of Jojo Robles’ post Photo: Screengrab from Robles’ Facebook page.

He claimed that the daughter of her sister is having a hard time in University of the Philippines, as the latter was not able to defend her thesis.

And because of this difficulties, the niece of Aquino might not finish college this year.

Jojo Robles also claimed that the niece of Kris tried to negotiate with the Department to reconsider her case, but the official refused, saying that their era has already done.

He said that if Kris really wanted to defend her family at all cost, she should also slam the University who turned down her niece.

You can read the whole post below:

Since defending your family seems to be your thing these days, how about helping one of your pamangkins in a thesis defense? Di ba matalino ka daw kasi alam mo lahat ng sagot sa “Game Ka Na Ba?”

Anyways, I learned that the daughter of ********** couldn’t graduate from UP Diliman this year because she was not able to defend her thesis. And she wasn’t able to do so because she didn’t do any work on it the whole term.

The kid tearfully asked the department to reconsider but was turned down. A department official was so incensed because Noynoy’s niece sounded so entitled.

“Hindi na panahon ng LP ngayon,” he said.

Pasok, Kris. Awayin ang UP dahil nilalapastangan ang pamilya nyo. Game na!

The post of Robles reached thousands of likes and shares from the netizens who were also angered by the recent move by Kris Aquino.

However, the original post has been deleted because of still not yet known reasons.

The issue between Mocha and Kris had already reached the national headlines and sparked a debate among netizens.

Some expressed their sympathy to Kris, including President Duterte itself, however, it didn’t make Mocha apologize to what she posted despite Christopher Bong Go, the President’s right hand said that the communications assistant secretary will apologize.

Source: Jojo Robles