Netizen touched by President Duterte’s happy moments during SEA Games opening: “I saw not a head of state but a true father of a nation”

A netizen who observed President Rodrigo Duterte during the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games opening ceremony wrote a lengthy post dedicated to the chief executive.

On a Facebook post, Armand Zarris Manapat said that when he saw Duterte dancing, he realized that the President is showing transparency and described him as a “father of a nation”.

According to him, the President who’s always “misunderstood” and known for his “strong image” showed his soft side to show that he’s enjoying the proud moment of the Filipino athletes.

Here’s what Manapat said on his post:

When I saw Philippine President Duterte dancing proudly and unapologetically to show the transparency of his emotion, I saw not a head of state but a true father of a nation. He reminded me of a strict head of the family, who is always been misunderstood and criticized by his children, and even thrown tantrums at. For all that he cares is for his children to have a better future even if it takes to be hurt and shamed, and question his ways. Behind that strong image, is a selfless father who is ready to dance joyfully and remove any strong image he has created for the world, for his family, and for the nation.

Every awkward sway of his hips, off-beat dance of his hands, and not-a-care-in-the-world sing-along moments are the sweetest show of affection and support coming from a “misunderstood” father. He is ready to let his guards down. He is just watching from behind while his children take the center stage. For this is the proud moment of a loving father, seeing his children rising above their weaknesses and embracing the beauty of their imperfections. For in his heart, it is all about YOU. 

During the 30th SEA Games opening ceremony, President Duterte was spotted dancing in the song “Manila” while he’s beside Brunei King Hassanal Bolkiah.

It is considered as one of the highlights of the opening ceremony as the netizens saw that even the President couldn’t hide his happiness during the said event.

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