“Hindi lang Pilipinas!” Filipinos are also cheering for Timor-Leste to get SEA Games medal

While the Philippines is dominating the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, the Filipinos are cheering another nation and wishing for their success in the upcoming matches.

The day 2 results of the SEA Games shows Timor-Leste in the last ranking with zero total medals. Photo: SEA Games 2019 APP

On social media, many comments from Filipinos cheering the participants of the Timor-Leste because the said country is not yet getting a single medal since the SEA Games started.

“Timor Leste we’re cheering for you! it’s just the start of SEA Games, your athletes still have a good chance of bringing home medal(s)  just keep the spirit, Filipinos are rooting for you,” Emjay Eve said.

“You can do it Timor-Leste! Go for gold! Love from the Philippines,” Gabz Cacho commented.

“Nice to see that we Filipinos are now rooting for Timor Leste at least to have a medal, mas masaya pag lahat masaya. Southeast Asian, Walang iwanan… We win as one!” Rom Cor remarked.

Another netizen made a lengthy post to express his support to Timor-Leste saying that SEA Games is about unity and not about having competition with each other.

“I’m a Filipino by heart and soul… I support my Filipino Athletes.. but one thing that captures my heart, its the fighting spirits of Timor-Leste (East Timor) that really showcase the true sportsmanship even without the medals, I admire they’re desire and passion to still play continuously,” netizen Wilven Allere said.

“Together with the thousands of Filipino sports fans, We/I salute #TIMORLESTE Athletes and all those delegates & athletes from the 10 SouthEastAsia countries who compete with their heads up high and without complaints and play with their big hearts with a smile,” he added.

“30th SEA Games is all about diversity and multi-national talents. There is no competition in between as they came on the same mission and vision so in the hearts of ALL TRUE Pinoys they are all Winners,” he also said.

Timor-Leste is the newest member of the SEA Games, only debuted in 2003, one year after it gained its independence.

In the 2017 SEA Games held in Kuala Lumpur, Timor-Leste got a total of three medals.




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