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Agriculture Sec. Piñol slams 4ps: “Tinuturuan ng 4ps maging tamad ang mga Pilipino”

Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol slammed the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) during his visit to South Cotabato on Wednesday, explaining that this program only teaches Filipinos how to become unproductive.

Piñol his speech during the sidelines of distribution of Post-harvest facilities in the town of Tupi, couldn’t stop himself from criticizing 4Ps, insisting that the system on this program must be changed.

He claimed that most of the beneficiaries of 4Ps are only in their house, not working and just waiting for the money that they would receive from the government.

The worst part is the money that some of the beneficiaries receive are only being used to fund their gambling expenses, according to the agriculture secretary.

He said that the reforms that he proposed would change the system of 4Ps and its fund would only be used to give livelihood programs to its beneficiaries.

Piñol believed that this reform would avoid its beneficiaries to become lazy as they need to work to earn profit from the funds that they received from 4Ps.

He said that livelihood program such as poultry and farming would be the best alternative from the current conditional cash transfer (CCT) scheme of the government to fight poverty.

“Instead of giving it out in the forms of dole-out every month, why don’t we start a livelihood program using that money so that the 4Ps beneficiaries would be contributors to agriculture production instead of them not being able to participate right now,” Piñol said.

Piñol is planning to ask the congress and senate to help him to implement this reform because he believes that the 70-B funds of 4Ps are only wasted because of the current system.

Despite some lawmakers opposed Piñol’s proposal, the agriculture secretary is ready to debate with them to prove that the current system of 4Ps is a failure.

Vice President Robredo on arresting bystanders: “Hindi krimen iyong pagtatambay”

Vice President Leni Robredo questioned the move of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to arrest nighttime loiterers around Metro Manila.

In her statement, Robredo asked the PNP to explain why they’re arresting people just because they’re a bystander.

She believed that being a loiterer is not a crime and the police must only arrest them if they violated any law.

“Ano iyong dahilan kung bakit pinapaaresto? Kasi hindi naman krimen iyong pagtatambay. Kung may krimen na ginawa talagang may karapatan para hulihin,” Robredo said.

“Pero kung tumatambay lang, hindi iyon krimen at walang dahilan. Kung hindi naman nakakaabala sa iba, kung hindi naman gumagawa ng masama, walang dahilan para ipaaresto,” she added.

Last week, cops arrested hundreds of loiterers around Metro Manila for violating the local ordinance.

Some of them were caught drinking outside during nighttime, having no proper clothing and minors violating the curfew ordinance.

“Kung wala namang ginagawa dun, kino-caution, sinasabihan lang naman natin eh, pero kung may violation ng ordinance yun ang dadamputin natin,” NCRPO Chief Guillermo Eleazar said.

But, Senator Kiko Pangilinan opposed the recent actions of the PNP saying that loitering have been already decriminalized during the former Aquino administration.

“Republic Act 10158 has decriminalized vagrancy, amending Article 202 of the Revised Penal Code,” he said in a statement on Monday.

President Rodrigo Duterte told the police to become strict when it comes to loiterers, saying that “they are potential trouble for the public.”

Meanwhile, Malacanang defended the decision of Duterte, saying that he only wanted a strict implementation of city ordinances as part of government’s fight against criminality.

“It is more of crime prevention; hence, the President’s remarks are for the police to ask those who stay late at night in the streets to go home.  Now, should they be arrested if they refuse? The President as a lawyer knows that if no crime has been committed, there is no basis for arrest. But just the same, he would rather that those loitering should go home so that those people with bad intentions are thwarted,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a statement.

Senator Pangilinan reminds PNP: Legal na ang pagiging tambay ngayon!

Last week, hundreds of bystanders also widely known as “tambays” has been praised by many netizens because they believe that people should stay at home during nighttime.

But Liberal Party President and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan seems didn’t like the operations conducted by Philippine National Police (PNP) against some bystanders, pointing out that loitering was already decriminalized during the former Aquino administration.

“Para po sa mga tagapagpatupad ng batas, hindi na po krimen ang tumambay, o mag-loiter. Republic Act 10158 has decriminalized vagrancy, amending Article 202 of the Revised Penal Code,” Pangilinan said in a statement.

He also reminded the cops that their salary was already doubled by the government, so they should do their job more carefully and follow the law.

“Doble na sweldo ng mga pulis, sundalo, at lahat ng uniformed personnel ng pamahalaan. Gampanan niyo naman ang inyong tungkulin sa taumbayang pinagmumulan ng inyong kabuhayan at kapangyarihan. Maglingkod nang maayos at nang ayon sa batas.” he said.

“Kayo ang tagapagpatupad ng batas, alamin ito at ipatupad nang tama. Kayo ang dapat manguna sa pagsunod ng batas at hindi pasimuno sa paglabag dito. Sumunod sa batas at hindi sa utos na lumabag dito.” he added.

Pangilinan is not the only one who opposed this new order of President Duterte, Akbayan party-list representative Tom Villarin also criticized the arrest of some bystanders because it imitates the situation during the martial law period.

“Nothing wrong with fighting crime being a responsibility of government. But if you go down to going after tambays and having them thrown in the Pasig River, then something must be afoot now that President Duterte views common crime being a national security threat,” Villarin said in a statement.

On June 13, President Duterte said called the loiterers as “potential trouble” and said that the streets should only be used by law-abiding citizens.

He warned the loiterers, not to go out in their homes during nighttime because they might face arrest, or else worse than that.

“‘Pag hindi kayo umuwi, ihatid ko kayo doon sa opisina ni ano—Pasig. Ako nang bahala. Ilagay mo lang diyan. Talian mo ‘yung kamay pati—ihulog ko yan diyan sa…”

Several days after the statements from Duterte, hundreds of ‘tambays’ faced arrest in different parts of Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, the Palace defended Duterte’s statement against the loiterers, said that the former Davao City Mayor only wants a stricter enforcement of city ordinances to fight criminality.

“The President’s remarks are for the police to ask those who stay late at night in the streets to go home. Now, should they be arrested if they refuse? The President as a lawyer knows that if no crime has been committed, there is no basis for arrest,” Roque said in a statement.

President Duterte maintains his promise against Tanim-Bala: “Ipapakain ko talaga yung bala sa taong gumawa nito”

President Rodrigo Duterte maintained his promise that he would force the people behind the bullet planting scheme in Ninoy Aquino International Airport which widely known as “Tanim Bala” to eat their own bullets.

In the post of Presidential Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go, he informed the netizens to not worry about the alleged latest incident of tanim bala.

The Bullet found on the luggage of Ms. Moran Photo: Facebook

Go said that they already tasked the concerned agencies to investigate the case of Mrs. Bumanglag-Moran within 24 hours.

The right hand of the President also vowed that Duterte itself would force the involved airport personnel to eat bullets if they’re proven guilty.

“Sinabi na ng Pangulong Duterte noon, na pag nangyari pa ito, ipapakain niya yung bala sa taong gumawa, and I assure everyone, he will really do it.” Christopher Bong Go said in his post.

Christopher Bong Go’s response on the latest alleged tanim bala incident

He also urged the people not to hesitate to report alleged tanim bala scheme to the government.

Netizen Kristine Bumanglag-Moran on June 15 said in her Facebook post that she was victimized by “Tanim Bala” in NAIA, however, she was not forced to cancel her flight because of the new policies of the government against the infamous modus.

Meanwhile, Department of Transportation (DOTr) said Sunday that the security personnel who checked the luggage of Ms. Bumanglag didn’t commit any irregularities during the inspection.

According to them, the luggage of the government employee was still wrapped in plastic when they discovered the bullet via x-ray operator.

They also found out that the father of Ms. Bumanglag is a retired Marine while her brother is working as a cop.

Statement of DOTr 

DOTr also assured that the people would never be victimized by tanim bala again because of their new measures that would prevent the scam.

“Note that since the Duterte administration took over, not a single passenger has missed a flight due to a piece of ammunition. Not a single passenger was asked to pay any amount to anyone, which is what the “tanim bala” scheme is all about.” DOTr said in their statement.

Veteran journalist reveals that PRRD is going to expose immoral priests and nuns

A veteran journalist believes that the Catholic Church in the Philippines is in a panic because of President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to drop a big revelation against priests and nuns.

In his Facebook post, Jay Sonza, claimed in a short Facebook post that the Catholic Church wants to talk with Duterte because the President is on the verge of revealing the dark secrets of the biggest religion in the Philippines.

He said that President Rodrigo Duterte might publicly name the priests and nuns who are having an affair with some people, a thing that strictly forbidden in the Catholic Church.

This is what he said:

some bishops and priests are reportedly asking for an urgent dialogue with the president.

this, after the chief executive allegedly warned that he will soon exposed and name bishops, priests and nuns who are married, have live-in partners, girlfriends and/or boyfriends, bore sons, daughters or children to different women and men.

why am i not surprise with this? the president has access to any and all information classified or not.
OMG! what an explosion, if in case…

Sonza revealed the information several days after Malacanang said that they’re open to “talk” with the Catholic Church amid the killings of the some of their priests.

Before, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that one of the priests who got killed is having an affair with many married women and one of the angry husbands might be ordered the assassination.

He also said that the government should not be blamed for the killing of the priests.

“Look at the matrix. Why would you not be killed? You had an affair [with a wife]of a vice mayor, a police officer, a soldier, a business tycoon. You would really get killed,” Duterte said in Cebuano.

“Then, why blame me? His fellow parish priest is married to a member of the NPA there in Cordillera… It was the NPA who reported first about his death,” Duterte added.

Some netizen expressed their thoughts on the post of Sonza, saying that Duterte is already trying to inform the Catholic Church that they cannot interfere with government affairs.

” Perhaps PRRD just wanted the Catholic Hierarchy to stop interfering with the Government and finally respect the separation of State and Church. CBCP should stop politicking and instead stick their nose on moral and values revovery of their faithfuls.” Mon Pascual Torres said in his comment.

“We should not really be worried and fuss with the sins of our priests. They are just human beings. What we should be concerned with is our continuous relationship with God one on one to also save ourselves.” Lydia S. Astorga said.

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Bong Go refuses bank waiver dare by Trillanes: Ayoko ng pirmahan, gusto mo saksakan ng ballpen?

Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go during an interview with reporters on Saturday, indirectly responded to the dare of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who challenged him to sign bank waiver.

It seems that Go was annoyed because Senator Trillanes terms in the one-on-one challenged that he offered to the opposition politician.

Go rejected Trillanes’ challenge for him to sign a bank waiver, instead, he asked the opposition Senator if he wants a ballpen-stabbing fight.

He said that instead of speaking in public against the government, Trillanes should accept his man-to-man challenge.

“Ball pen lang pala ang gusto mo. Waiver na naman? O saksakan ng ballpen ang gusto mo? Gusto mo saksakan? Kahit saang kampo, puntahan kita,” Go said of Trillanes’ dare in an interview with reporters.

“Tanggapin muna ni Trillanes ang hamon ko sa kanya, kaysa dada siya nang dada. Ang hamon ko sa iyo, one-on-one, sa Tagalog, ‘mano-mano.’ Walang kasamang amo, at baka lalo ka lang maduwag,” he added.

The Special Assistant of President Duterte said that he would only sign a bank waiver if Trillanes would defeat him in his challenge first.

“‘Pag natalo mo ako, pwede ka ng maghamon at kung meron kang makitang billion sa akin, sa ‘yo na,” Go said.

Last week, the word war between Bong Go and Senator Trillanes became intense after the latter claimed that the assistant of the President is lying to the people that he doesn’t want to run for senator while his supporters are putting alleged campaign materials around the country.

In response, Go challenged Trillanes into a one-on-one and mocked the Senator who’s a former Navy Officer for his two failed coup’ attempt.

Kung gusto mo one-on-one na lang tayo. Basta one-on-one na lang tayo. Bahala na kahit anong one-on-one. Kahit saan, bahala ka na kung saan,” he said.

“Tanim bala?” Government employee complains after a bullet has found in her luggage during an airport inspection

Is the infamous “tanim bala” is back in NAIA?

Netizen Kristine Bumanglag-Moran, a government employee, shared on her friends how she was almost victimized by the tanim bala scheme which already victimized hundreds of passengers since 2015.

In her post, she said that the bullet had been found in her luggage at Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3 gate 2.

When her luggage passed the X-ray, one of the officers asked her bags to be opened.

Photo: Kristine Bumanglag-Moran Facebook 

She was shocked when the officer discovered that there’s a bullet in the front pocket of her baggage.

Because of this, she started to panic and yelled at the airport employees, introducing herself as a government employee like them.

Photo: Kristine Bumanglag-Moran Facebook 

“Mga ******* kayo! Hindi pa pala tapos etong palabas nyo! Ako pa ang na timing-an niyo! Nagta-trabaho ako sa gobyerno tulad niyo! Mga ***** kako kasama ko ang naak ko na kaka-discharge lang sa hospital tapos ang nanay ko na senior citizen,” the angry government employee told the airport staffs.

After she introduced herself as a government employee, an airport police officer approached her and asked her about the problem, and she informed the authorities that she’s not going to tolerate what happened during that day.

A senior airport police officer also talked to her, instructing her to put her complaint in the logbook.

They also asked for her ID, but she refused, instead she presented her mother’s senior citizen ID.

In 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to end the alleged bullet-planting scheme in NAIA and he warned the airport employees that if the modus has been repeated during his term, he would not hesitate to shove bullets in their mouth and fire them all.

“Kayong nasa NAIA, pag may tanim pa dyan, lahat kayo alis,” Duterte said in an interview.

Source: [1]

“Scripted?” Senator Antonio Trillanes allegedly rehearsing his statements against President Duterte

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has been known for his fierce statements in his press conferences against President Rodrigo Duterte.

It seems that the opposition Senator is well-prepared during his appearance in public as he was videoed while trying to rehearse his statements before a press conference.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte posted a video of Senator Trillanes allegedly being given a bit of advice by some media personnel during his speech against the President.

“Ano ayusin natin?” Trillanes asked the press.

When the media told Trillanes that there’s something wrong in what he said, the Senator asked the press to repeat the recording.

“Take two, take two, with feelings,” he added.

Of course, the Davao City Mayor who challenged Senator Trillanes in a word war several days ago made a sarcastic message against the fiercest critic of her father.

“Take 2 kasi hindi narecord ang script ko. Wala ako talent fee kung hindi ako sumunod sa script. And oh, by the way, I’m running under the Magdalo partylist. And wala ako time kung hindi ako bayaran para sa presscon ko.” Inday Sara said in her Facebook post.

Senator Trillanes last week released a chain of criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte and his family.

But the Presidential family, including Inday Sara and Pulong Duterte didn’t show that they’re afraid with the accusations of the opposition senator and they posted several social media messages against Trillanes to convince the people that he was lying.

List of Barangays in Metro Manila and nearby province that possibly be hit by the the “Big One” earthquake

While everyone is afraid of the possibility that a magnitude 7.2 earthquake will hit Metro Manila in the future because of the West Valley fault, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) released the list of places that could be affected by the said natural phenomenon.

In 2016, PHIVOCS warned the residents of Metro Manila to be ready in case that the West Valley fault started to move that might cause a big earthquake called the “big one”.

PHIVOCS predicted that “Big One” could affect millions of residents in Metro Manila and near provinces.

The West Valley Fault according to Philvocs is moving every 400-600 years and the last time it moved was recorded on 1658 or 357 years ago.

According to a study, the rehabilitation will cost P1.8 to P2.3 trillion.

However, the agency clarified that no technology in the world can predict an earthquake.

“There is no reliable technology in the world that can confidently predict the date, time and location of large earthquakes. What we do is prepare earthquake scenarios of hazards and impacts to be used as a guide for mitigation, preparedness, and response,” Phivolcs said.

Here is the list of the Barangays that located near the fault:


Metro Manila

Quezon City:

  • Bagong Silangan
  • Bagumbayan
  • Batasan Hills
  • Blue Ridge B
  • Libis
  • Matandang Balara
  • Pansol
  • White Plains
  • Ugong Norte
  • Loyola Heights
  • Pasong Putik Proper (Pasong Putik)
  • Payatas

Marikina City:

  • Barangka
  • Industrial Valley
  • Malanday
  • Tumana

Pasig City:

  • Bagong Ilog
  • Ugong

Makati City:

  • East Rembo
  • Pembo
  • Rizal
  • Comembo

Taguig City:

  • Bagumbayan
  • Bagong Tanyag
  • Upper Bicutan
  • Central Bicutan
  • Lower Bicutan
  • Maharlika Village
  • Pinagsama
  • North Signal Village
  • Central Signal Village
  • South Signal Village
  • Ususan
  • South Daang Hari

Muntinlupa City:

  • Alabang
  • Bayanan
  • Buli
  • Cupang
  • Poblacion
  • Putatan
  • Sucat
  • Tunasan

Outside Metro Manila


  • San Jose Del Monte City:
    • San Isidro
    • Ciudad Real
    • San Roque
  • Norzagaray:
    • San Lorenzo
  • Doña Remedios Trinidad:
    • Camachin
    • Kabayunan
    • Sapang Bulak
    • Bayabas
    • Camachile
    • Pulong Sampalok


  • San Pedro:
    • Calendola
    • Gsis
    • Sampaguita Village
    • San Antonio
    • San Vicente
    • Riverside
    • United Bayanihan
  • Biñan:
    • Biñan (Poblacion)
    • Malamig
    • San Francisco (Halang)
  • Sta. Rosa:
    • Sto Domingo
  • Cabuyao:
    • Casile
  • Calamba:
    • Canlubang


  • Gen. Mariano Alvarez:
    • San Jose
  • Carmona:
    • Bancal
    • Cabilang Baybay
    • Lantic
    • Mabuhay
  • Silang:
    • Carmen
    • Inchican



  • San Mateo:
    • Ampid I
    • Dulongbayan Ii
    • Guinayang
    • Guitnangbayan Ii
    • Malanday
    • Maly
    • Santa Ana
  • Rodriguez (Montalban):
    • Burgos
    • Macabud
    • San Jose
    • San Isidro
    • San Rafael (Rosario)

Duterte orders SAF to disperse Kadamay members: Kung kailangan pumatay kayo para i-implement ang legal na regulasyon, gawin ninyo

President Rodrigo Duterte was angered by the new occupation made by urban-poor group Kadamay in the housing units for uniformed personnel in Rodriguez, Rizal this week.

If Duterte became soft to the members of Kadamay before after they occupied some housing units in Pandi, now the President gave an ultimatum to them that if they would not stop capturing houses made for soldiers and cops, they might face a violent dispersal.

“I will give you until noon tomorrow, umalis kayo (leave) and I will order the Special Action Force (SAF) to go in,” Duterte said to Kadamay during his speech yesterday.

The President said that he would not hesitate to kill the members of the urban-poor group if that’s the only choice to disperse them.

““Sabi ko sa pulis kunin ninyo uli. Kung gusto ninyo ng away sabihin ko sa pulis, bigyan mo ng away, kung magkamatayan, ‘wag kayo mauna pero kung kailangan pumatay kayo para i-implement ang legal na regulasyon, gawin ninyo,” Duterte said during his speech.

He also said that he does not care how many members of Kadamay would be killed and he only wanted to maintain peace and order in the vicinity of the government housing units.

“Mamatayan? Lima, anim, pito, wala kong pakialam,” he said.

In his ultimatum, he gave the members of Kadamay to vacate the housing projects until 12 noon, June 15.

“Umalis kayo by 12 [noon tomorrow]. Pag hindi, sabihin ko ang police, with a riot, back-upan ng SAF. Makamali kayo mag-gamit ng armas, kung mamatay kayo, ‘yun ang dapat para sa lahat,” he said.

Duterte also expressed his anger to the members of the left where Kadamay belongs because they’re burning an effigy of the Presidente during their rallies, but seeking help to the government at the same time.

“Iniihian niyo yung mukha ko tapos sinusunog niyo yung [mukha ko] ngayon hihingi kayo ng tulong? P***** *** *** problema niyo na yan,” he said.

In June 13, 500 members of Kadamay attempted to occupy some housing units built for uniformed personnel in Rizal.

Later on, some Kadamay members have voluntarily retreated from occupying the vacant houses.

Some of them thought that the housing units were already awarded to them by the Rodriguez Local Government Unit, however, when they arrived they realized that they’re only going to occupy the houses that they don’t really own.