Kapamilya viewer writes open letter to ABS-CBN: “My respect for you is totally lost because of your very biased reporting”

A loyal Kapamilya subscriber for many years writes an open letter to ABS-CBN criticizing them on how they reported terrible things about former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The open letter has been recirculated on social media four years after netizen Uriel Emmanuel Soriano originally wrote it to tell the television network giant that he already lost his respect to them.

Soriano accused ABS-CBN of releasing twisted reporters about President Duterte, putting the former candidate in a bad light.

He mentioned how the television network twisted the statements of President Duterte about Pope Francis and his controversial jokes.

Soriano also said that releasing the psychological test results of Duterte showed that they don’t care about confidentiality.

The netizen urged ABS-CBN to deliver their news reports fairly next time.

You can read his whole post below:

“I am a Kapamilya viewer for all my life. I’ve been faithfully watching your shows every night because they are made with such quality that it’s totally entertaining and fun to watch. I also made it a habit to watch TV Patrol because of your accurate and truthful news, especially when our former Vice President and Kabayan Noli de Castro delivers them in his trademark style,”

“But now, my respect for you is totally lost. Wanna know why?”

“Because of your very biased reporting. In your pathetic attempts to tarnish the image of our beloved Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, you went as far as to violate the rule of confidentiality by presenting Duterte’s psychological tests results as public information. Not only that! You even willingly violated the principle of fairness and equality!”

“You are supposed to be the vanguards of responsible, fair, impartial and truthful journalism! But, what happened now? You deliberately twist reports involving our Mayor in your attempts to tarnish his image! Your headlines in your reports about him are such that they show him in a bad light! For example, when he allegedly cursed the Pope, you only showed the part of the video where he said “P****g i*a, umuwi ka na!” which led to many people misinterpreting him as being rude to the Pope, when he was actually cursing about the way the government handled the traffic situation during the arrival and stay of Pope Francis in our country (He was stuck for many hours in traffic that he has to pee in a bottle while inside the car!) and, although the curse was uncalled for, we really cannot blame him for it!”

“You have violated this very principle by totally disregarding the good traits of our Mayor and highlighting his bad traits. You only showed reports which can be used as potential tools for political mudslinging. You failed to understand his motivations behind every deed and every word he says. All because you have become a tool of those ambitious presidential candidates in their pathetic attempts to tarnish the good image of our Mayor.”

“You are supposed to be independent, not affiliated with any political, corporate, or cultural interests. Right? But it’s obvious that you have journalists who are affiliated with presidential candidates, and that constitutes a conflict of interest which affected the way you report on certain individuals (e.g.: showing Roxas and Aquino in a positive light while showing Duterte in a negative light). Why are you protecting them? Because you’re afraid to risk losing their alliance? Or because you are protecting your personal interests?”

“ABS-CBN, please stop all the black propaganda and deliver your news reports fairly and impartially!”

“Yours truly,

Uriel Emmanuel Soriano
Concerned Kapamilya”

The open letter which created in 2016 has surprisingly gone viral this year amid the talks about the possible closure of ABS-CBN.

As of writing, it already reached 3,000 shares on social media.

Veteran journalist challenges Poe to invite Mel Tiangco, Erwin Tulfo, Willie Revillame on ABS-CBN hearing: “Magpakatotoo ka!”

A veteran journalist challenged Senator Grace Poe to invite known personalities who have an issue with ABS-CBN on the senate hearing they’re planning.

On a Facebook post, Jay Sonza, who’s a former host in one of the shows of ABS-CBN, gave a list of people that Senator Poe should invite if she wanted to know more about the issues being faced by the network.

“Kung talagang serious kang malaman ang mga kabulastugan ng abs-cbn Sen. Grace Poe- Llamanzares, imbitahin mo ang mga sumusunod na resource persons:
1. Mel Tiangco
2. Angelique Lazo
3. Ruth Abao
4. Izza Reneva-Cruz
5. Erwin Tulfo
6. Jay Sonza
7. Korina Sanchez-Roxas
8. Gel Santos-Relos
9. Group 103 forcibly terminated cameramen, cablemen, lightmen, vtr men, driver.
10 Group 457 forcibly dismissed employees.
11. Group 209 forcibly retired employees.
12. ten thousand employees without mandatory social amelioration coverage.”

He also urged Poe to invite TV host Willie Revillame in the hearing who received a P127-M copyright infringement case from ABS-CBN after he left the network.

Meanwhile, Sonza and Tiangco are former hosts of a now-defunct talk show host in ABS-CBN titled ‘Mel and Jay’ that became controversial after they suddenly transferred to GMA.

The two known journalists faced an issue with ABS-CBN in 1995 after Tiangco was suspended without pay by the television network for appearing in a detergent commercial without the company’s approval.

Sonza resigned from the television show, while Tiangco went on indefinite leave. Later on, the two journalists decided to cancel their contract with ABS-CBN.

In 1996, Tiangco and Sonza reunited in GMA-7 on their new talk show “Partners Mel & Jay”.

ABS-CBN didn’t let the two hosts go out easily as their complaint against Tiangco and Sonza reached the Supreme Court.

However, the Supreme Court favored Tiangco and Sonza, saying that there’s no evidence that GMA-7 tried to tempt the two journalists to leave ABS-CBN.

In 2013, Tiangco talked about his tiff with ABS-CBN when a reporter asked if she wanted her life story dramatized.

“Naku, baka hindi puwede! Kasi yun ang pang-aapi sa akin ng ABS CBN. Pero pwede ba yun? Baka idemanda tayo!”

“Kasi sobra ang panlalait sa akin. Sobra ang pagtapak sa akin. Dini-describe ko nga nun na, feeling ko, para akong ipis nun.” she added.

Now, among the former tandem, Sonza is the only one remaining vocal against ABS-CBN, while Tiangco is still working in GMA-7.

After Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a quo warranto petition before the Supreme Court against ABS-CBN, Sonza even asked his former network why people should sympathize with the broadcasting company.

“ABS-CBN. You’re asking for understanding, support and sympathy? Naawa ba kayo sa libong kawani na sapilitan ninyong tinanggal sa trabaho at kinasuhan pa?” Sonza asked.


Speaker Cayetano tells ABS-CBN: “Wag kayong mag alala hindi mag off air ang inyong show”

House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano assured ABS-CBN that their followers can still enjoy their shows even if their franchise reached its limit in March 2020.

In an interview with the reporters, the House Speaker said that this is not yet the right time to talk about the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN, as many people are still hot-headed about the issue.

Instead of debating about the fate of ABS-CBN, Cayetano asked the netizens to have a soul-searching.

According to him, if they launch a hearing now about the ABS-CBN franchise, it will consume all the energy of the 18th Congress.

“Pustahan tayo, lahat ng anti, pipila makapagsalita. Lahat ng pro, pipila para magsalita. Kaya kung gusto ko mag-grandstand lang, ay papatawag na ‘ko ng hearing kaagad,” Cayetano said.

“The who’s who of the Philippines, lahat ng celebrities, basketball players, media, mag-aattend kayong lahat e. Pero is it the right timing? Tanungin niyo. Tayo ba lahat nasa right frame of mind ngayon o may mga init ng ulo pa?” he added.

He insisted that the ABS-CBN franchise is not an ‘urgent’ thing in Congress because it can still operate until March 2022 as they wanted to tackle more important bills.

“Don’t get me wrong, napaka importante ng franchise ng ABS-CBN, hindi lang sa 11,000 empleyado, importante ito sa buong bansa, sa demokrasya natin, pero hindi ganon ka urgent, bakit? Kasi hanggang march 2022 pwedeng mag operate eh,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano also explained that the reason why ABS-CBN franchise won’t expire on March 30 is because of the publication date of the previous renewal of the broadcasting company in the Official Gazette.

Cayetano confirmed the same thing in a previous interview, telling ABS-CBN not to worry because they are not going to close down in March 2020.

“Huwag kayong mag aalaala dahil hindi mag-o-off the air ang inyong show pero sa ngayon napakaraming inaasikaso ng Kongreso,” he said.

The House Speaker told the reporters when is the right time to talk about the franchise of ABS-CBN.

“When the time comes, but definitely before March 2022. Possibly, in May, if we have enough time and we have cooler heads and with all the issues. Worst case, after SONA,” said Cayetano.





Former ABS-CBN cameraman tells lawmakers how his colleagues invited to a feast expecting promotion, only to be told they are fired

A former cameraman of ABS-CBN narrated to the lawmakers during a congressional hearing how he and his colleagues were badly treated by their ex-company when they tried to fight for their rights.

During the hearing, Journalie Payonan, who introduced himself as a ‘talent’ of ABS-CBN despite being a cameraman, recounted that they filed a case against the broadcasting company before the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) together with his 103 colleagues.

According to him, being a ‘talent’ is very different from regular employees as he said that his colleagues, Val Cuenca, his co-cameraman, are receiving a bigger salary than him.

As a talent, Payonan said that he’s only receiving 14,000 pesos as salary.

Payonan told the lawmakers that their complaint already reached the Supreme Court after they won their case in the Court of Appeals.

The former cameraman also shared a story to prove how they were badly treated by the company, saying that his colleagues were invited to a hotel by ABS CBN Chairman Emeritus Gabby Lopez for a feast only to be told that they’re going to lose their jobs.

“Yung ibang kasamahan namin, pinatawag sa apat na hotel, pinakain ng masarap, may security guard para lang sabihin lang na ‘wala ka ng trabaho’, yung iba halos mabaliw kasi akala nila promotion eh,” Payonan told the lawmakers.

He also revealed that he started working for ABS-CBN in 1996, but discovered that he did not have any contribution to SSS until 2002.

Payonan then filed a case against ABS-CBN and suddenly they were given the right benefits for them like SSS, Phil health and Pagibig.

When a curious lawmaker asked Payonan if he tried to ask his superiors why they’re not getting regularize, he said that he already tried it only to receive a sarcastic response.

“Baka hindi ka magaling,” Payonan said while quoting his former superior.

He expressed disappointment to the response of the said ABS-CBN official, saying that they took advantage of his talent for 13 years only to be told that he’s not good.

Aside from Payonan, Christopher Mendoza, Jun Benosa, Eric Adriano and Alain Andres Pardo also went to Congress to share their story against ABS-CBN.

The testimony of Payonan has been recorded by blogger ‘Banat by’ and already received 850,000 views as of writing.


Lacson to Espenido after being included in ‘narco list’: “Anong nangyari?”

Senator Panfilo Lacson expressed his concern over his former colleague Police Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido after the news broke out that the famous and controversial cop was included in the ‘narco list’ of President Rodrigo Duterte.

On a statement, Lacson narrated his days together with Espendio, who’s part of former President Joseph Estrada’s PAOCTF.

He witnessed the ‘integrity’ and ‘dedication’ of Espenido during those days, that’s why he’s surprised when he heard the news about his inclusion to the narco list.

The Senator sent a short message to Espenido to express his concern about what’s happening.

“I remember then PO1 Espenido during our PAOCTF days as someone who consistently performed his duty with integrity and dedication. At least that was how I knew him in the many instances that he faced those challenges. But that time, he was just a non-commissioned officer at the bottom of the salary grade of police personnel. Rising from the ranks, he held several positions of higher authority until his relief recently,” Lacson said.

“This morning, I sent him a text message with a simple question: “What happened?” He has not replied, unlike before, when he would even text me with early morning bible quotes,” he added.

According to Lacson, if the accusations against Espenido are correct, it might be the most significant sign that the Oplan Tokhang of the government is failing already as the controversial cop became the poster boy of the said campaign.

Lacson hopes that Espenido is going to clear himself from the accusations.

“Being his former superior, I hope he can acquit himself and convincingly disprove this very serious allegation against him. Otherwise, he is just one of the many others I personally knew to have succumbed to the pressure,” he said.

Yesterday, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año confirmed that Espenido was included in the ‘narco list’ of the Duterte administration.

However, they said that they’re still validating the list that’s why President Duterte is not worried about Espenido’s inclusion.

Netizen asks Angeline Quinto, Enchong Dee: “Abogado na ba ang mga artist ng ABS-CBN ngayon?”

A netizen responded to two artists of ABS-CBN, Angeline Quinto, and Enchong Dee after they defended their television network from the accusations being thrown against them.

Noel Landero Sarifa made two separate posts as a response to Dee and Quinto who are both talents of ABS-CBN.

On his Facebook post addressed to Dee, Sarifa asked if the artist of ABS-CBN is now practicing as a lawyer because they seem to be in the front line in their company’s legal battle.

“Legal Issues ang kinakaharap ng ABS-CBN. Abogado na ba ang mga artist ng ABS-CBN ngaun? Bakit kayo ang haharap ng legal issues ng inyong kumpanya?” Sarifa said.

“Ano kinalaman ng demokrasya? Baka human rights? Nabusalan na ba ang mga bibig nyo para di makapagsalita? Sinugod na ba ng mga militar ang ABS-CBN? Nakalock down na ba ang premise? Meron bang dahas at sapilitang pagsasarang nangyayari?” he added.

He then proceeded in explaining the meaning of democracy to the artist.

“Mali ata pagkaintindi mo sa word na democracy, The definition of democracy is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives in other words “ruled by the people”. Wala namang democracy sa loob ng ABS-CBN, ang mga tao ba ng ABS-CBN ang nag-appoint ng management nyo, ang nasusunod sa loob ng kumpanya?” he said.

“Anong pinaglalaban mo kung hindi naman democratic yong governance ng company mo? For your information the type of governance mayroon ang ABS-CBN is Oligarchy, a type of institution governed by small group of people,” he added.

He then insisted that the one that is weakening the democracy in the country is the companies that are trying to “influence the public to vote for the candidate they favor”.

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

On another Facebook post addressed to Quinto, Sarifa explained that the government is not rushing to close down ABS-CBN and everyone is talking about it because its franchise expiration date is already near.

He also pointed out that the government filed a quo warranto petition against ABS-CBN to tackle the alleged illegal practices committed by the broadcasting company.

To assure that the government is also doing their job to solve the other problems of the country, Sarifa listed the actions made by the Duterte administration since 2016.

“Halos lahat po ng problema ng bansa, tinutugunan na po ng Gobyerno. Kung atat ang Pangulo na ipasara ang ABS-CBN dapat hindi na sya nag-antay ng expiration ng franchise. Kaya lang sumusunod sa maayos na proseso ang ating Gobyerno. Hindi pa naman nakalockdown ang ABS-CBN di ba? Hayaan nating dumaan sa tamang proseso ang mga bagay bagay. Ang pagtalakay sa ABS-CBN Franchise is just and timely. Hindi po pwersahan,” Sarifa told Quinto on his post.

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

The two artists defended ABS-CBN days after Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a quo warranto petition against the broadcasting company.

Quinto and Dee are included in the list of artists who expressed their support to ABS-CBN via social media.

“Very few listen and even fewer are brave enough to stand their ground because of their “reputation”… now that ABS-CBN (my home for almost 15 years) is being wrongly accused of so many things… I am angry. I am sad. I am bothered.” Dee said in his post.

“Bakit po atat na atat kayo na mapasara ang estasyon na ito? Pero ang mga problema ng Pilipinas deadma kayo?” Quinto tweeted.

The franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire in March 2020, however, several lawmakers said that the company can still operate as they’re still in the process of reviewing its permit.

Robin Padilla challenges ABS-CBN/GMA superstars: “Bago niyo ipaglaban ang kumpanya unahin niyo yun tao ng kumpanya na kasama niyo sa bawat araw!”

Actor Robin Padilla wants the top talents of ABS-CBN and GMA to prove that they care for the welfare of all the workers of their network.

On a Facebook post, Padilla challenged the ‘superstars’ of the two biggest networks in the Philippines to look at their contracts and compare it to the wage being received by normal employees in ABS-CBN and GMA.

According to him, the artists should defend the rights of their colleagues before protecting the companies handling them.

“Para sa mga superstar ng abscbn at gma hinahamon ko kayo humarap ng live at ipagtanggol nyo ang mga network niyo ilabas natin ang mga contract natin at ikumpara natin sa mga kasama natin sa trabaho sa taping ipakita natin sa taongbayan ang tinatamasa natin sa mga network natin at ang tinatamasa ng sinasabi ninyong ipinaglalaban niyo na wag mawalan ng trabaho,” Padilla said.

“Gusto niyo pala itama ang mali abay umpisahan natin sa una pag usapan muna natin ang tamang sueldo benepisyo at tamang oras ng trabaho ng mga kasama natin sa taping at shooting bago niyo ipaglaban ang karapatan ng kumpanya unahin niyo yun tao ng kumpanya na kasama niyo sa bawat araw sa location at wag niyo proteksyonan lang ang regular employees paano yun mga hindi regular?” he added.

“Yun mga tao sa tent niyo at portalet buwan hanggang taon yan na kasama ninyo depende sa haba ng show niyo natanong niyo man lang ba kung sub contract ba sila ng regular employee ng abscbn at kung may overtime pay ba sila? Ilan ang laborer at sub contract ng regular employees ng abscbn? Sino sino? Yun pagkain parehas ba kayo ng kinakain ng mga crew? Tama ba sa sustansya? Ipaglaban ninyo ang agreement ng DOLE at ng FDCP sa mga network nyo at kapag nakuha niyo yun para sa mga taong nagpapakahirap talaga na kasama ninyo kahit umulan o umaraw magpuyatan man o hindi tsaka niyo ipaglaban ang sinasabi ninyong karapatan ng isang multi billion na kumpanya,” he also said.

While he’s not against the ABS-CBN franchise renewal, Padilla said that what’s happening right now is the best opportunity for all people working to the media to correct their working state.

“We have to be real this is the only chance na kayo ang maging daan para mabago ang takbo ng working state nating lahat sa entertainment industry magpagamit muna kayo sa mahihirap sa mga taong nagdala sa inyo sa kasikatan bago sa mga mayayaman,” he said.

Padilla also said that he’s ready to reveal his salaries and compare it to all people working to all broadcasting companies in the Philippines.

“Anytime ako anywhere ilabas natin mga contract natin let us compare our salaries to our kapamilya co workers at isama niyo na mga kapuso at mga kapatid. Magpalabasan na tayo para makita ng publiko let us give it to them tutal napakadrama ninyo gawin na nating teleserye punuin natin ng revelations ang isyu na ito na dapat pinag uusapan sa korte at congress. Hindi lahat sa mundo ay Showbiz at Politics one way or the other the revolution of the people has to be realized!” the actor stated.

Padilla made the said Facebook post amid the criticisms being received by the government from the artists who wanted to defend ABS-CBN.

The celebrity supporters of ABS-CBN argued that the company should not be closed because it might affect the lives of 11,000 employees that may lose their job.

Source [1]


“Pwede siyang imbitahan” President Duterte can be invited to Senate probe on ABS-CBN franchise – Gatchalian

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said that they’re ready to accept President Rodrigo Duterte as one of their guests amid their plan to launch a senate investigation on ABS-CBN’s franchise.

In an interview, Gatchalian said that the President can be invited by the Senate if he wanted to complain about the practices of the said broadcasting company.

“The committee can request to the President his opinion regarding this oversight hearing,” Gatchalian said.

“As a rule, anyone who can help shed light in the allegations pwede namang maimbitahan,” he added.

According to him, it’s not required for the President to appear personally before the senate committee and he has an option to send a letter or a counsel.

“Nakita naman natin, Presidents and Secretaries can be represented by their counsels,” he said.

When asked for clarification, Gatchalian said that they ‘can invite’ Duterte if the committee tasked to investigate the ABS-CBN franchise wanted it.

Gatchalian believes that the senate hearing could be a good place to talk about the accusations against ABS-CBN.

“So it will be neutral ground to discover and to analyze whether the allegations are true or not,” he said.

He also clarified that any outcome from their hearing would not affect the franchise of ABS-CBN because it’s still up for the Congress if they’re going to approve the franchise of the television network.

The Senator from Valenzuela is one of the lawmakers who asked to investigate the alleged illegal practices by ABS-CBN after the Office of the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto petition against the broadcasting company.

Senator Grace Poe is one of the first Senators who called for an investigation.

“Due to the gravity of the allegations and its possible effects, the committee has deemed it appropriate to lay the groundwork for a possible inquiry in the spirit of public interest,” Poe said in a statement Thursday.

Trump ‘fine’ with Visiting Forces Agreement cancellation but claims that they ‘saved’ Philippines from ISIS

U.S President Donald Trump said that he’s fine with the decision of the Philippine government to cancel the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

In an interview with the reporters at the Whitehouse, Trump highlighted his good relationship with President Rodrigo Duterte and the positive outcome of the VFA cancellation instead of criticizing it.

“If they would like to do that, that’s fine, we’ll save a lot of money. You know my views are different from other people. I view it as, ‘Thank you very much, we’ll save a lot of money,” Trump said.

The American President also narrated how the U.S helped the Philippines to defeat ISIS, claiming that they ‘single-handedly’ saved the Filipinos from the group.

“Three years ago, when ISIS was overrunning the Philippines, we came in and literally singlehandedly we’re able to save them,” he said.

“My relationship is a very good one, with their leader (President Rodrigo Duterte), let’s see what’s happens,” he said.

A few years ago, Trump considered the Philippines as a ‘most prime piece of real state from a military standpoint.”

The statement of Trump contradicted President Duterte’s claim that the American President, together with his officials wanted to save VFA.

“Ngayon, I’ll make it public. Because public official ako. Si Trump, pati yung others, are trying to save the Visiting Forces Agreement. Sabi ko, ayaw ko,” Duterte said a few days ago.

“One is that napakabastos ng Amerika. Sobrang bastos… Imagine demanding the release of De Lima under threat that we will not receive the aid at may kulatilya that all persons who had a hand in the detention of De lima will not be allowed to go to the United States. P**** i**, ano bang nasa Amerika?” he added.

Meanwhile, Malacanang responded to Trump’s statement, telling the American President ‘you’re welcome’.

“Then, he is welcome. If he said that, how can we be more popish than the pope?” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

“Maybe he (Trump) agrees with the position of the President (Duterte) that it is time that we stand on our own resources and defend our country from enemies of the state by ourselves and not rely on the help of other countries,” he added.

Former ABS-CBN worker tells current Kapamilya employees: “Hindi nyo alam kung ano naging buhay namin noon”

A former ABS-CBN worker who participated in the rally against the labor practices of the said broadcasting company ten years ago commented on the possible closure of his previous company.

On a Facebook post, Christopher Mendoza narrated how he joined the rally organized by ABS-CBN Internal Job Market (IJM) Workers Union and fought against their rights during that time when they were suddenly removed from their jobs.

He also posted some photos taken during the rally to show how they tried to stand up against ABS-CBN.

According to Mendoza, unlike the current workers of ABS-CBN, they were not informed earlier by their management when they’re going to lose their job and suddenly wake up one day being jobless.

He told the current employees of ABS-CBN that they’re fortunate that they have time to look for another job because they’re aware of the possible closure of the broadcasting company in March 2020.

“June 2010 nang ipaglaban namin ang karapatan namin bilang isang mangagawa, ano ang pinagkaiba ng 100+ na mangagawang tinangal noon at sa sinasabi ng mga artista ngaun na maraming apektado kung sakaling masara ang abs eh pare pareho namang tao,” Mendoza said.

“Kami nga biglaan tinangal samantalang kyo last year pa ng ipaalam na pwedeng masara abs so nakapaghanda na kyo real talk lang mga kaibigan hindi nyo alam kung ano naging buhay namin noon may mga anak na pinagaaral, pinapakain parating pa kapaskuhan buti na lang hindi kami pinabayaan ni God,” he added.

Currently, supporters of ABS-CBN, including their top talents who earn millions of pesos monthly said that the closure of their company may lose the job of 11,000 employees.

ABS-CBN IJM Workers Union complained about the practices of the television network giant against the people working for them.

In a statement released in 2010, Antonio Perez, the President of the ABS-CBN Internal Job Market IJM Workers’ Union during that time said that the broadcasting company refused to recognize 1,4000 workers as employees.

“Our pay slips, IDs and uniforms all bear the logo of ABS-CBN as our employer. Workers who have been in service for many years have even received necklaces and rings affirming their employment in ABS-CBN,” Perez said.

They also claimed that the network offered permanent employment to workers in exchange for agreeing to withdraw their labor complaints against the company.

In a report, it’s already common to TV networks to hire media workers as “talents”.

“Non-employees do not have the same benefits as employees. Regular ABS-CBN employees receive a monthly sack of rice, education and health benefits, leaves and overtime pay. However, IJM hires enjoy health benefits only through private health cards; they have no 13th-month pay, only incentives; and they receive a sack of rice only every two months.” The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) said in their article.