Palit ulo nalang! Follower of FLM to NBI: Ako nalang ang ikulong niyo, wag na si Francis Leo Marcos

A man is willing to turn himself to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) just to save businessman Francis Leo Marcos from being detained for multiple charges.

The man who got interviewed by blogger Techram said that he couldn’t believe that the authorities filed charges against his idol, who’s known for broadcasting his philanthropic activities on social media.

“Yung taong tumutulong sa sambayanang Pilipino, kinulong pa, hindi ata makatwiran yun,” he said.

He urged Marcos to avoid paying attention to his critics, especially during the most challenging part of his life.

The man even said that he’s willing to switch place with Marcos so the businessman could continue his philanthropic activities.

“Kaya pumunta ako dito, tanong ko kung pwede ba kitang palitan diyan, para makapamigay ka pa sa sambayanang Pilipino at ng mapag patuloy mo ang inyong malinis na hangarin sa Pilipinas,” he said.

“Willing akong pumalit diyan, puntahan niyo ko dito sa Baryo namin, makikipagpalit ako diyan,” he added.

According to him, he really searched for Techram to send his appeal to the NBI who’s still holding the businessman.

“Wala kang katulad, nag iisa ka lang,” he told Marcos.

On May 19, Francis Leo Marcos was brought to the NBI office after law enforcers found multiple warrants against the self-proclaimed businessman.

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Later on, it was discovered that Marcos’ real name is Norman Mangusin and the properties his showing on social media was not his.

NBI also said that Marcos couldn’t provide any documents to prove that his wealth.

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The camp of Marcos denied all the accusations against him, saying that some people only wanted to destroy his reputation because of his ‘Mayaman Challenge’.

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NBI says that Francis Leo Marcos’ ‘Mayaman Challenge’ urges the poor to hate the upper class

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said that the ‘Mayaman Challenge,’ an online campaign led by Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos, could be considered as an act of inciting to sedition.

In the latest radio interview of journalist Raffy Tulfo, NBI Cybercrime chief Vic Lorenzo said that they filed inciting to sedition charges against Marcos because of his viral online challenge, which aimed to encourage wealthy people to help the poor amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Lorenzo explained that some of the statements of Marcos in his blog encourage the poor people to hate and criticize wealthy people.

Marcos in some of his videos criticized the upper class including his neighbors in a posh subdivision in Quezon City.

He called the rich people who refused to join his ‘Mayaman Challenge’ as selfish for not helping the people.

“Para sa mga kapitbahay ko dito sa subdivision, para sa akin makasarili kayong lahat, kayong mga hindi tumutulong sa ating mamamayan,” Marcos said.

“They’re don’t after political power, they’re are after for economic gain, yun po yung totoo niyan, if they can sabotage the economy they will because they’re big player” he also stated.

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Later on, it turned out that most of his neighbors already donated to the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Aside from inciting to sedition, Marcos is also facing charges for violating the anti-alias law for using the name Francis Leo Marcos instead of Norman Mangusin in signing documents.

It’s not yet known if the said charges were separate from the fake passport and falsification of documents.

Lorenzo also revealed that they discovered that Marcos was not telling his followers about the real amount of rice he’s giving.

“Talaga bang tumutulong siya? Kasi marami kaming reports na nareceive na supposedly ilang tons daw ang ibinibigay niya na bigas, hindi pala… ilang supot lang pala,” Lorenzo said.

“Vinerify namin ‘yung activity niya doon sa Santa Rosa, nag distribute daw siya ng tons of tons of rice, ‘yun pala sa isang fraternity lang pala niya ibinigay ‘yung mga bigas na ‘yon,” he added.

Photo: Ugac Norte Facebook

NBI said that Marcos was only giving 5-20 sacks of rice, too far from the figures that the businessman claimed.

Photo: Barangay Sto Domingo, Quezon City Facebook page

NBI also urged the supporters of Marcos to become open-minded, saying that they’re only doing their job as law enforcers and not trying to single out the self-proclaimed businessman.

“Maging open minded lang ‘yung mga supporters niya o ‘yung mga naniniwala sa kanila na tignan din nila ‘yung mga other aspects, initiative ni Mr. Mangusin,” Lorenzo said.

Yesterday, NBI revealed that the properties shown by Marcos on his videos were not registered under his name, but owned by a certain businessman.

Marcos might also endure a long legal battle as NBI kept filing new charges against Marcos who’s now facing more than 9 cases.

NBI reveals that Francis Leo Marcos is using fake name and doesn’t own the sports car or mansion he’s showing on his videos

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) revealed surprising information about the self-proclaimed businessman Norman Mangusin, better known as Francis Leo Marcos.

In an interview with Erwin Tulfo, NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo said that they gave Marcos a chance to present any document that could prove his businesses; however, he failed to provide any of it.

“Kahit yung DTI man lang wala siyang mai-present sa amin sir,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo also revealed Marcos doesn’t own the properties showed by Marcos in his vlogs, including the mansion in Greenmeadows subdivision and also the luxury cars he was using.

“Vinerify namin, hindi naman sa kanya ‘yun, in fact hindi siya ‘yung umuupa doon, tapos ‘yung sinasabi niya na bahay niya, yung pinapakita niya sa social media, hindi sa kanya ‘yung sa Quezon City,” he said.

Francis Leo Marcos flaunting a sports car in one of his vlogs

“Yung mga sasakyan hindi sa kanya, pati yung office na ginagamit hindi rin sa kanya, hindi sa negosyo niya, hindi under his name,” he added.

The said properties were first shown by Marcos when he brought the ‘Mayaman Challenge’ inside Greenmeadows, a super-exclusive subdivision in Quezon City.

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Critics of Marcos already claimed in the past that the internet personality was only borrowing the mansion and his cars from a known Filipino-Chinese businessman.

NBI gave a hint that Marcos’ legal battle could last for a long time.

Aside from violation of Optometry Law, Human Trafficking, and RA9262, the businessman could also face charges for using a fake passport, inciting to sedition, falsification of documents, and using bouncing checks.

Lorenzo said that they’re already coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs to look at how Mangusin got a passport using the name ‘Francis Leo Marcos.’

The NBI chief said that falsification of documents and violating the passport law could be filed as separate charges against Marcos.

“Pag nag apply ka for passport falsified documents, specific provision doon sa passport law na you are violating it,” Lorenzo said.

He also revealed that some individuals are already planning to file charges against Marcos for using a bouncing check and also estafa.

One of the complainants claimed that Marcos owed him/her 7,000,000 pesos.

Lorenzo said that if five or more individuals filed an estafa case against Marcos, the businessman would face another non-bailable charge.

NBI also found another case filed against a certain Lorenzo Mangusin between 2014 and 2015, whom they believe was also Marcos.

The camp of Marcos is not yet releasing a statement on the latest revelation of NBI about the businessman.

Marcos was put under the custody of NBI on May 19 after the law enforcers discovered a bunch of old warrants against him.

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Gladys Gueverra to celebrities calling for ‘mass testing’: Anong gagawin niyo sa mga positive, ilalagay sa supot?

Singer and Comedian Gladys Gueverra shared her thoughts on the posts of some of her colleagues in show business urging the government to conduct ‘mass testing’ in the country.

In a Facebook post, Gueverra questioned why celebrities and other netizens were pushing for the ‘mass testing’ while, in reality, all COVID-19 vaccines were still on testing trials.

She asked that if ever the government conducted mass testing, how the Philippines would handle all the people found positive from the virus.

“Ano ba kase ang magagawa rin ng Mass testing? Matanong ko lang. eh kahit mag Mass testing, kung wala pa naiimbentong Vaccine, ano gagawin? Isusupot yung mga infected? I mean, diba? Ite-test mo lahat, para ano? Para lang malaman sino na mga infected? hala! Eh yung mga 1st world country nga di maapula yang lintek na virus na yan. Eh ano ga ang gagawin nila???? Diba? Ikaw palagay mo?” Guevarra asked.

“Baka ba pag nalaman natin kung sino mga infected, pwede na lumabas, tapos ihiwalay yung mga pila at nakalagay. Pila ng mga Infected at Pila ng hindi infected. Ganire ba? At pag nagpa MASS TESTING, maglalabas ulit ng malaking halaga ang gobyerno para sa kits? At maghihintay tayo ng matagal sa results? Imbes na yang pondo nakakatulong ngayon sa pagkain sa pangkalahatan, lalo mas mga nangangailangan? Diba? Gets nyo? Ako di ko gets. Kaya ko i-gets, pero parang d ko ma-gets. Gets?” she added.

The post of Guevarra received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Following her Facebook post, Guevarra published a live video to give more explanation about her side on the issue.

“Kung mag mass testing ba tayo ay kalakihang pondo nanaman ang ilalabas ng gobyerno para sa mga kits na ‘yan?” Guevarra said.

She pointed out that even big countries like the USA and UAE were still looking for the vaccine.

Guevarra asked if it’s better for the government to wait for the vaccine instead of spending the money of the people to conduct a mass testing.

“Sana nga magkaroon nalang ng vaccine na mismong pampagaling na nitong COVID… So ang iniisip ko nga, bakit kinakailangan pa ng mass testing, diba pag nag mass testing pa, bibilhin pa ng government ‘yung [testing] kits na ‘yon,” she said.

“Tapos kailangan mo ring i hold, syempre ‘yung mga taong pupunta sa testing centers, gano’n parin eh, mass gathering parin,” she added.

The celebrity also insisted that the government was doing its best to solve the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

Instead of calling for mass testing, Guevarra suggested that people should just wait for COVID-19 to be available in the world.

She also urged the people to follow the government orders, pointing out that it’s really hard to contain more than 100-M people.

Guevarra said that celebrities should not boast that they’re paying taxes, saying that it’s their responsibility to give part of their income to the government.

Chel Diokno’s group to provide free legal assistance to the teacher who offers P50-M bounty to anyone who can end Duterte

Human rights lawyer Chel Diokno’s group announced that they’re going to provide free legal assistance to the teacher who allegedly offered P50-M bounty in exchange for President Rodrigo Duterte’s head.

In a tweet, Diokno said that his group, the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), would help teacher Ronnel Mas from the case he’s facing, citing that what the government did to him was illegal.

“Tinanggap ng FLAG ang kaso ni Teacher Ronnel Mas dahil naniniwala kaming ilegal ang ginawang warrantless arrest sa kanya. Ipaglaban natin ang ating mga karapatan. The moment we stop fighting for our rights is the moment we surrender to abuse,” Diokno who’s the current chairman of FLAG said.

On May 19, Mas gained his temporary freedom after posting bail worth 72,000 pesos. The arraignment of the teacher is set on May 28.

On May 11, the teacher was caught by the members of NBI and admitted that he made a tweet putting P50-M bounty on the head of the President.

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After Mas, several individuals in different parts of the country was also caught by the law enforcers for posting messages against the President.

Before speaking about Mas, Diokno previously criticized the move of the law enforcers against a salesman who called President Duterte ‘crazy’.

READ MORE: Chel Diokno slams authorities for hunting down Duterte’s critics: “Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan”

“Hindi trabaho ng PNP protektahan ang Pangulo sa opinyon ng taumbayan. Ang trabaho nyo e protektahan ang taumbayan,” Diokno said.

Before being detained by NBI, Francis Leo Marcos helps woman sleeping under rain to start a new life

Francis Leo Marcos fans were saddened by the news that their idol was put under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for multiple charges.

A few days before he faced the biggest challenge of his life, Marcos received praise on social media after he helped a woman who has been spotted by a netizen sleeping under the rain.

READ MORE: Businessman and Philanthropist Francis Leo Marcos nab by the members of NBI

On May 15, netizen Steffie Han, a resident of Barangay 93, Pasay City asked the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development after she saw a woman living in bad condition.

The woman, who’s still unidentified as of writing was spotted sleeping along the streets without any protection from the weather.

“Nanawagan po ako sa dswd na bigyan pansin ang isa pong matanda dto sa lugar nmin umulan umaraw po nanjan lang siya.. nkakausap naman po siya pag tinanong siya kung gutom sumasagot naman po siya.. hnd niya po kayang maglakad matanda na po siya, una pinansin siya ng mga taga barangay nmin pinapaalis po siya.. Inaabutan po nmin siya ng pagkain tlgang hindi niya lang po kayang tumayo.. sabi ko po sa barangay official sa amin na sana may kumuha sknya at dalhin sa dswd ang sabi lang po ng mga taga barangay sa akin hnd nila kayang paalisin,” Han wrote.

Marcos is one of the individuals who saw the story posted by Han on the internet so he vowed to help the woman to start a new life.

The businessman showed how his team rescued the woman and gave her new clothes.

Han and another resident of Barangay 93 confirmed the actions of Marcos’ team and thanked the businessman for rescuing the woman.

“Mam update ko lng po c nanay maipamili napo nmin cya ng mga gamit at pag kain maraming salamat po sa inyong tulong.. Maraming slamat din po sa lahat ng nagpaabot ng tulong kay nanay pagpalain po kayo ng poong may kapal.. Maraming salamt po sir FRANCIS LEO MARCOS,” Jhoy Crizaldo said.


Meanwhile, one netizen asked residents of Barangay 93 because he found a resemblance between the woman and his mother.

It’s not yet known if Ceniza and the woman met already.

Comedian Pokwang slams government for not doing mass testing: “Sana 2022 na! Sarap na bumoto ulit!”

Comedian Marietta Subong, better known as ‘Pokwang’ criticized the government for not doing mass testing amid the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

In a tweet, Pokwang expressed disappointment after Malacañang announced that they’re going to do expanded testing instead of mass testing.

She wished that it’s already 2022 presidential election so she could vote for new leaders of the country.

Pokwang with former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. Photo:

“Totoo po ba walang magaganap na mass testing?? as in WALAAA???
so kami na po bahala sa buhay namin ganeerrnn??? matira matibay nalang talaga? salamat po sa pagmamahal ha…. wooooo sana 2022 na!!! sarap na bumoto ulit!!!” Pokwang said.

The tweet of Pokwang raised the eyebrows of the supporters of the government, telling her that doing mass testing was not cheap and almost impossible to do in the country.

“With all due respect ma’am, no country has done mass testing bcoz its not that easy & its not cheap. Even China, sa Wuhan lng cla nag test ng madami since may 2nd wave but not the entire country itself. The govt is doing their best kaso wala po talagang sapat na budget ang Pinas,” netizen @TheMudzilla said.

“Ung mga nakaraang administrasyon po ba may nagawa, ikompara na lang po natin kung anong buhay mayron tau pag puro kurakot, ndi po kasalanan ng pamahalaan ang nangyayari ngaun, sana konting pang unawa lang po, wag pairalin ang init ng ulo, just saying po idol,” @pagal_ricky said.

Instead of responding to her critics, Pokwang called them ‘trolls’ and just decided to block them.

“Keysa ma stress ako sa mga trolls na ito tuloy Lang paayuda ni Mamang!!!” she said.

“Ito Ang isa sa tinatawag na new normal, DEDMA, AT BLOCK!!! BWAHAHAHAAHAAHAA NAPAKA SARAP GAWIN!!!!” she added.

Pokwang also said that she might name one of her critics of he/she doesn’t stop criticizing her.

Twitter: @pokwang27

On Tuesday, the Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that they’re conducting expanded testing instead of doing mass testing.

“This is not indiscriminate testing kasi pag sinabing mass testing, iisipin ng mga tao buong populasyon ng Pilipinas ang ite-test, which is not the case,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said.


President Duterte says he’s going to let Gen. Sinas stay in NCRPO: “He is a good officer, he’s an honest one,”

President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that it’s his decision to let National Capital Region Police Office chief Debold Sinas stay in his position after the mañanita controversy on his birthday.

During his televised address, Duterte said that it’s really hard to replace Sinas for now as he’s a competent general.

“Ako yung ayaw na malipat siya. He is a good officer, he’s an honest one. Hindi niya kasalanan kung may mangharana sa kanya sa birthday niya,” the President stated.

According to him, he felt that Sinas should not be replaced just because his colleagues surprised him on his birthday.

“‘Yung hindi naka-mask, syempre may merienda iyan, alangan naman kainin nila pati mask. Edi tangalan talaga nila, kainan ‘yun eh,” Duterte said.

“Hindi ako sang ayon… pinag aralan ko ‘yung merit, e kailangan ko ‘yung tao, mas kailangan ko ‘yung tao dito sa trabahong ito, marami yan sila.. they’re all competent, but you know, seniority, it is his time to be there, and I don’t believe in firing him dahil kinantahan siya ng “Happy Birthday”. Mañanita nga,” he added.

However, Duterte expressed jealousy about what happened to Sinas, saying that no one visited him during his birthday last March.

Duterte also believes that the General would refuse if he was informed about the Mañanita.

“Noong birthday ko walang kumanta sa akin, ako lang mag isa, all by myself.. alam niyo ako nalang ‘yung kumanta sa sarili ko, ‘happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me’, well kanya kanya lang ‘yan, I’m sure kung alam niya na bibisitahin siya, hindi siya papayag,” he said.

“Nandyan na rin, Mañanita, sabihan mo na ‘the law is the law’ akin na ‘yun, it’s my responsibility, but I will not order… he will stay there until further orders,” he added.

Sinas faced a tremendous amount of criticisms after photos during his birthday were uploaded on social media.

The general was already facing charges for allegedly violating social distancing rules and failing to wear a facemask.

He shared that the controversy put his morale to the lowest but now he’s already recovered.

“Low morale, siyempre nandiyan ‘yan. But I recovered and I show sa mga tao ko na that’s part of the game, that’s part of leadership… Part sa trabaho ‘yan, part sa batikos ‘yan, ‘di ba,” he said.

LOOK: NBI takes mugshot of ‘Norman Mangusin’ also known as Francis Leo Marcos

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) took a mugshot of businessman Norman Mangusin, also known as Francis Leo Marcos, giving more evidence that the self-proclaimed businessman was not using his real name all this time.

In the photos circulated on social media, it showed that the placard being held by the internet celebrity identifies him as ‘Norman Mangusin a.k.a Marcos, Francis Leo y Antonio”.

Marcos was invited to the NBI central office because of his alleged violation of the Republic Act 8050, also known as the Optometry Law.

In his past videos, the businessman admitted that Francis Leo Marcos and Norman Mangusin are the same people.

However, Marcos insisted that he never intended to use the name “Francis Leo Marcos”.

“Another issue is Norman Mangusin and Francis Leo Marcos… They asked if it is the same person, I said ‘yes, I was once Norman Mangusin, and I am Francis Leo Marcos,” he said.

“I know myself I am Norman, until suddenly my mother told me that, ‘hindi ko kayang nahihirapan ka, ikaw ‘yan, karapatan mo ‘yan, you a Marcos and this is your name, Francis Leo Marcos, ano pong karapatan ko na kontrahin ang aking ina?” he added.

According to him, his mother was so inspired by the family of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

A photo of two passports showing how the businessman allegedly changed his name was also circulating on social media since April.

In 2013, the certificate of candidacy for Senator of the businessman shows that he’s already using the name, Francis Leo Marcos.


Meanwhile, Francis Leo also denied that he’s part of the powerful Marcos clan of Ilocos, mentioning his mother again as the culprit and his connection with former first lady Imelda Marcos is a ‘privilege communication’.

However, in his past Facebook post, Marcos claimed that his father is Pacifico Marcos the youngest brother of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

Photo: Francis Leo Marcos Facebook page

He then edited the caption of the photos a few days after he admitted his real connection with the Marcoses.


Veteran journalist Manuel Boy Mejorada also showed evidence that Marcos pretended to be part of the Marcos family, citing that he declared that his father is Pacifico Marcos in his passport application.


Despite this surprising revelations, his followers shrugged it, saying that it’s more important that Marcos was helping the poor.


Francis Leo Marcos speaks after being nabbed by NBI: “May mga tinamaan lang siguro sa challenge ko!”

Self-proclaimed businessman and philanthropist Francis Leo Marcos spoke to the members of the media after being caught by the National Bureau of Investigation because of his alleged violation of the Republic Act 8050, also known as the Optometry Law.

According to Marcos, he’s using his wealth to distribute free reading glasses to the needy in different parts of the country.

Before becoming famous on social media, it was reported that Marcos led a group called “Perlinian Group-Marcos Foundation” that’s known for giving optical care to the masses for free.

Marcos said that a group of eye care professionals in Baguio file charges against him because they’re losing profits because of the optical missions led by his foundation.

“Basta kumita ako, nagbibigay ako ng optimum eyecare program sa ating mga kababayan, Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao, nakarating na ko ng Maguindanao, nakarating na ako ng Cagayan, dulo ng Pilipinas,” Marcos said.

Marcos insisted that he’s innocent and never did anything illegal during those optical missions.

“Wala ho akong ginawang hindi maganda, puro pagtulong lang lamang mo sa ating mga mamamayan,” he stated.

Marcos suspected that the reason why his case was brought up is that many powerful people wanted his reputation to get destroyed because of the ‘Mayaman Challenge’.

“Talagang may tinamaan doon sa Mayaman challenge ko, at talagang gusto po akong pabagsakin,” he said.

Marcos also claimed that he’s also a complainant, asking NBI to find the people pretending to be him on social media.

In some videos, it shows the optical missions launched by Marcos’ foundation.

Marcos repeatedly claimed many times that some wealthy individuals were upset by his ‘Mayaman Challenge’ because unlike him, they chose to stay at home keeping their money instead of helping the poor.

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The businessman even received a complaint from his neighbor after he roamed around their posh subdivision while calling them to go out and help the needy.

READ MORE: Francis Marcos apologizes to his posh subdivision neighbors: “Tumulong din naman po pala sila, hindi lang nila pinagkalandakan katulad ko”

Despite his philanthropic acts, Marcos’ identity was questioned by netizens, journalists, politicians, and even a scammer.

READ MORE: Xian Gaza accuses Francis Leo Marcos of hiding his real identity: “Nagpagawa siya ng pekeng birth certificate!”