Mo Twister, ibinunyag kung bakit sila naghiwalay ni Angelicopter

DJ Mo Twister revealed the reason why he has already had enough of his relationship with Angelicopter.

During the episode of “Good Times with Mo,” the controversial DJ who’s now based in US, said that there was a big difference between his lifestyle and Angelicopter’s.


“There’s a strong personality and a non-strong personality. And the strong personality tends to win, and I’m okay with that,” he said.

“Now, when she said [we’ve been] having a hard time since January, I don’t know if it goes as far back as January, but it’s been a couple of months,” he added.

He even hinted that Angelicopter was a habitual drinker.

“I don’t live the lifestyle that she lives; I don’t drink. That’s not fun for me.” he said.


“And if I see it all the time, that’s not a life I want,” he added.

In another episode of the podcast, Mo also disclosed some of the problems he encountered with Angelicopter, which even resulted for his co-hosts to be removed from the show.

According to Mo, Mara was removed from the show after the latter called him for a ‘career advise’ at midnight.

“What got her removed is that the call was so late. So there is an impression that we have this thing. And by the way, I mean, it’s not like I went to another room and said hold on, no. I’m openly having this conversation in front of everybody,” Mo said.


“From that moment, she’s gone, off the show,” he added.

The reason Mara was removed from the podcast
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