Angelicopter, nagsayaw sa gitna ng pagpapakita ni DJ Mo ng kanyang mga kalmot sa mukha

Angelika Schmeing, a.k.a Angelicopter, downplayed the huge revelation made by her former partner, DJ Mo Twister.

Mo went viral on social media after he revealed the scars on his face from his separation from Angelicopter.


Good Times With Mo fans said that the DJ didn’t intend to show the photo to his subscribers, and he thought that it would not flash on the screen.

According to them, Mo only wanted to show the photo to his co-hosts, Alex Calleja and Sam Oh.

A day after the revelation, Angelicopter uploaded a video while doing what appeared to be a celebration dance.

Some fans speculated that she uploaded the said video to show that she was not affected by Mo’s statements against her.


It can be recalled that DJ Mo revealed that Angelicopter “dumped” him during their wedding anniversary.

“I got dumped on our third-year wedding anniversary. That day…I don’t think she knew it was our wedding anniversary,” he said.

Mo also said there was no chance for them to reconcile, and they were planning to sell the properties they were sharing in the upcoming months.


Meanwhile, netizens were waiting for Angelicopter’s side on the issue.

DJ Mo refused to answer when asked if a third party was involved in the separation.

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